Gainesville High player blasts UF


It appears that former Gainesville High linebacker Kevin Nelson is still upset with the Florida Gators.

In an interview with The Miami Herald, the Miami signee described Florida coaches as “grimy, two-faced and disrespectful,” after he said he wasn’t allowed into the Gators’ locker room after a game in 2009 even after former Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes invited him.

While other recruits flooded the Gators locker, Nelson was shown the door for apparently being a ‘Canes commitment at the time.

Nelson went on to tell The Herald that Florida coaches told him, “Miami hasn’t won any ACC championships since going to the ACC, and that Randy Shannon is going to leave after this year, and that I might not get any playing time.”

Calls to Nelson by The Gainesville Sun were not immediately returned Friday.

Last May, Nelson told The Sun, “It would be great (playing at UF). I think about playing for (the Gators).”

Nelson grew up rooting for both Miami and Florida, but extinguished his Florida allegiance after committing to Miami last July. He even was quoted as saying that he hoped for a UF-UM national championship last season in hopes that the ‘Canes would avenge their 2008 loss in Gainesville.

As a senior at Gainesville High, Nelson was one of the more sought-after linebackers in the state. He recorded 125 total tackles, including tackles for loss, caused two fumbles and blocked a punt. rated him the 14th-best linebacker nationally. Florida extended an offer to him, but talks between the two slowed after his Miami pledge.

Not to be outdone was Nelson’s GHS teammate and Miami cornerback Devont’a Davis, who was not offered by Florida.

Davis told The Herald, “it offended me (Florida) didn’t make an offer because I’m the best cornerback in Florida and live down the street.” For the record, Davis recorded 75 tackles and seven interceptions in 2009, but was unranked by Rivals and listed as a three-star athlete. rated him as the 114th-best corner prospect and a three-star athlete.

While both are still bothered by Florida’s actions, they both could get a chance at redemption in 2013 when the teams are set to meet in Miami. Then again, both could meet in a bowl game if the stars align just right.


  1. Florida did not get to where they are recruiting wise, including a historic #1 class this past year, by mistreating recruits. I know that UF has had problems with certain Miami recruits before (remember Willie Williams) and including at their football camps. I know alot of these kids take a visit somewhere just so they can recruit the other visiting players to their chosen school. Not saying that’s exactly what happened here but it does go on.

  2. Edward,
    I am unclear why you would publish comments like these. When I saw “Nelson” I read your blog thinking it had something to do with Reggie or David, two Nelsons who have a opinion of value.
    Who cares what some little highschool kid thinks about a team that showed him the door after he committed to another school? Good for the Gator coaching staff to tell a kid to go have a wonderful life after committing to a rival school. The kid made his bed, let him sleep in it.

  3. I previously worked for the UAA and I can tell you that I distinctly remember this kid repping UM constantly during the game he attended (even after being asked to stop). UF coaches and UAA have a very strict policy about recruits promoting other schools while attending UF home games. Because he would not stop talking about UM, he was stripped of his privileges.

    I fully understand his anger- but he should have kept his opinions about other in-state schools to himself while on UF’s sidelines.

  4. Florida coaches always recuit players with talent, respect, and character. As a Gainesville Native, Florida has recruited local talent and signed local talent for years. If these guys were truly at the top tier of their respected positions, they would have been signed by the Gators. However, there were not at the top tier of their positions and that is why they had to sign with Miami. No disrepect to local talent, but only “THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS” become Florida Gators. Period!!

  5. I’m gonna have to call BS on these recruits. Why are you even remotely interested in what goes on in the GATOR locker room, when you are a HURRICANE commit? You had ever opportunity to live amongst these players, in your hometown. And you decided to head further south. Now you wanna whine and moan, when the coaches say you can’t go into the locker room? So sorry for ya!

  6. Sorry guys, but we have mised on several local and state star – CJSpiller!!!

    Also the SEC extended invitation to UM which chose the BigEast to win championships, the made it clear. Check Miami Heral articles if in doubt. FSU and Miami, and most other schools will not accept an invitation to join the SEC as winning is difficult…

  7. There are two sides, and we’ve only heard a spurned teenager’s view. If a recruit commits to a rival, he shouldn’t be allowed on any “enemy” locker rooms. If he were undecided, with Miami even high on his list, then okay, come see behind the scenes. But he chose UM and could only have a hidden agenda at that point, and the coaches called him out on it, which embarrassed him

  8. Just another punk head case that UF doesn’t need. He’s where he needs to be, at scUM, playing for what is now a 2nd tier ACC program. While the SEC will expand, I’d be amazed to see them invite scUM. I remember a day when they couldn’t put 5,000 fans in the Orange Bowl for home games. When the Canes were good, people would show up. When they weren’t, people wouldn’t show up. They don’t have much of what I would call a hard-core fan base. However, better days are ahead for scUM after the SEC cherry picks the better ACC schools. As a result, scUM will be right where it was years ago, playing a schedule full of patsies with 2 or 3 decent opponents sprinkled in throughout the season to give them a little credibility. They should be a 1st tier ACC program once F$U, Georgia Tech, and Va Tech move to the SEC.

  9. SEC does not need another Fla school period. personally if they did I would hope to see UCF or USF for the future those programs will bring, much less as I always say about Meyer, its bot the ones we get that make him a great recruiter, its the ones he turns down, which will always lead to poormouthing,.

  10. These guys are just bitter that they have to settled for playing for the minor league….Canes! The big boys didn’t want you… get over it and go play in the minor league of the ACC! Like Tampa Dave said earlier… UF just like other schools have had problems with Miami recruits, if you want to play for the good guys, don’t talk to the minor leaguers. Why a kid from Gainesville kid would want to play for the Canes is beyond me anyway. Go Gators!

  11. Both of these guy are where they need to be in the minor leagues. Davis was upset because Urban didn’t dream the same dream he had that he was the BEST player in the state. If you were that good is it only Florida that missed out on you? What Top tier school did you get an offer from? and you spurned them for UM? Somethings truely ailing this kid. And the other one crying because he can’t have the better toy, you chose the BIG WHEEL, after being offered the Harley. Grow up if you make it at UM, good for you but don’t try and make the world feel sorry for you you are making yourself look bad and if UM fans look at your comments they will realise that you really wanted to be apart of the Gator Nation deep down.