Former UF commit Dorsey looking for a team again


Demar Dorsey’s career with the Michigan Wolverines is over.

And it never even really started.

The Detroit News first reported Wednesday that the former Florida recruit and highly-touted Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson defensive back has been released from his letter of intent, after not being admitted to Michigan.

Dorsey’s father, Eddie Jackson, told The News that his son met academic test requirements for Michigan, but was still not admitted. Dorsey scored an 18 on the ACT and had a 2.5 grade point average.

“He signed a letter of intent but basically what happened, I guess he didn’t qualify to their standards,” Jackson told The News. “Admissions sent him a letter that they weren’t going to admit him to the school and said to disregard the other letter (of intent) and was free again to start looking at other options.”

Dorsey’s signing with the Wolverines caused a stir because of his checkered past. Dorsey was charged with two felonies while in high school. He was acquitted by a jury on a charge of robbery with a deadly weapon in 2008, and an earlier burglary charge was dismissed.

The 2010 prospect was rated as ESPN’s 12th-best prospect in the country and was one of the defensive stars at the Under Armour All-American Game in January. He originally committed to Florida in October of 2008, but remained a “soft” commitment before he and Florida fell out of sorts just before National Signing Day in February. Dorsey’s desire to visit other schools while being committed to Florida and his off-field issues contributed to Florida’s decision to part with Dorsey.

Dorsey also considered Florida State, Tennessee, USC and West Virginia as a senior and could attempt to enroll at one of those schools before the fall.


  1. Just goes to show that UF knows how to recruit good talent and siffer through the bad. He may have on the field talent, but if he can’t get on the field due to his off the field issues, what is the sense in recruiting him. Good riddins and hopefully he winds up Insane Kiffins headache. Go Gators!

  2. Why does anyone with a 2.5 grade point average in high school think they belong in college.

    If they weren’t athletes they would have no change at getting into a good university.

    The phrase is Student-Athlete not Athlete-Student.

  3. Hahaha – what you get for being a punk, Demar. You need to call Ed Ogre-on, Kiffins recruiter and see if they can bring you onboard. Maybe Bush is already funneling money to USC to support all the “walk ons” that are going to be playing there for the next 6 years.

  4. Well Mr. Dorsey, I guess you are not the greatest thing since sliced bread. As hard up as Michigan is for athletes, they wouldn’t even take you. A lesson to be learned for many young athletes that think they are pure butter, you behavior can show that your just PAR KAY. I don’t really care where he winds up with his athletic career, but he better learn that athletics is just a path to take to success its not a coverall for good character by no means. I hope many other schools begin to put character and decency about athletic ability. Good for the Academic Side of the University of Michigan.

  5. Forget Dorsey, what a head case. What is going on with Henderson and any other possible commits with USC that have not reported yet? And did Henderson ever sign his intent letter? He was waiting for to see whether sanctions were to be leveled. It looks like if a kid had not reported yet, had never signed or requested a release, then he would not have to sit a year. Might there be some Gator adds because of this?

  6. why would he be recruited in the 1st place?remember that linebacker from Miami and a beautifukl rap sheet flying on a private jet to FSU, committed to Miami,and disappeared also think gators tried . garbage in, garbage out

  7. Henderson did eventually signed after the 1st or second NCAA hearing was postponed. The father allowed him to sign, I guess Lane did the snow job on him as well. Now if they were really interested in the possible sanctions, they were interested in hardware. What does that mean ? NC’s, well buddy your best bet in that category is UF. Pack your Son up and head to the other SUN COAST where the ol Gators play!! It was really the move you should have made 1st. This kid could only quicken and sustain the NC drive, but we will get there with or without him. Its to your benefit to seek the way to the top, and don’t worry about the pride thing, you are not the first one that has fallen victim to the LK dark world!