Q&A: Gideon Ajagbe


For most of his recruitment, Gideon Ajagbe has had to deal with being called “raw.”

He’s got talent, but the former Coconut Grove Ransom Everglades athlete has always found himself moving around the field, so he has never really had the proper technique for a position. He can play linebacker, safety and running back. He lined up at each position throughout his high school career but probably won’t have that luxury in college.

He’s headed to Florida with a good attitude and should report in June in top shape.

What have you done since signing with your Letter of Intent?
I’ve been training real hard. (Florida’s coaches) sent me a (workout) program for me to start doing and I just finished it up last week. After that I started working with my speed coach and my agility coach. I work for two hours on speed and conditioning, then speed and agility and then I lift after for an hour. That’s what I do every week. It’s not fun, but I need that to get ready (for practice at UF). I have gotten faster. I feel like I’m more agile and I feel like I’m in better condition. I’m trying to be as ready as possible so I don’t die during summer conditioning.

I feel like I can play safety and linebacker on defense and on offense I can play running back, but I don’t know how much (Florida’s coaches) think I can play running back in college. It’s all up to them and of course I’m going to suggest the position I know how to play the best. They are the best evaluators of my talent and they can figure out where I’ll play. I’m just putting it out there that I’ll play slot receiver, I’ll play running back, I’ll play safety and I’ll play linebacker. But it’s their decision where I’ll play exactly.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve wanted to work on before you get on campus?
My overall speed. I’ve always run in the 4.4s or low 4.5s (in the 40-yard dash), but I’ve always wanted to get in the low 4.4s or the high 4.3s. I’m working with a speed coach to try and get (faster). He’s helping me a lot with my form and everything. He’s always told me I’ve had good form, but there were things that I could work on. That’s what I’m trying to do to get my overall speed better.

What weight did you or Florida’s coaches want you to be at before you report and what weight are you currently?
They said come at any weight but to come bigger than I was when they last saw me. Last time they saw me I was about 195, 200 (pounds). Now, I’m 212, 215. I figure I can put a couple more pounds on before I get up there. I’m not really worrying about trying to put too much weight on. I’m just trying to come in shape, trying to come ready. I’ve been eating as much as I can, but I’m not trying to kill myself with food.

When will you report to campus?
June 20.

Do you know who your roommates might be?
I have no idea. I’d like to room with Darrin Kitchens. I spent some time with him on my visit and he’s a good kid. He’s going to keep me focused and I’m going to keep him focused. Both of us want to play and that positive energy will motivate us and keep us on the straight path and always keep us in line. I want to have him as a roommate because he’ll always help me keep a clear mind and not try to have too much fun (off the field). We’ll always check each other.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be once you get to Florida?
Getting used to the speed of the game, the speed of practice, the speed of everything. Mostly practice because I played small division football in Miami, so the kids are a little bit slower. There are some good teams, but most of the teams aren’t that good. I’m going out there having a good game, but it’s honestly because I’m a lot better athlete than a lot of people out there. Being on the field with a whole bunch of good athletes and great athletes will be the only difference, but that changes real quick and I’ll get used to it.


  1. I’ve been impressed with every one of the player’s interviews you’ve posted Ed. Seems like they all have a team-first attitude and are ready to compete for playing time. Can’t ask for much more.