Q&A: Dominique Easley


Dominique Easley doesn’t say much, but what he lacks in conversation, he definitely makes up for on the field. The former Staten Island, N.Y. Curtis defensive end earned MVP Honors at the Under Armour All-America Game this spring and figures to be in line for some playing time this fall. He could line up either inside or outside in college which makes his presence that much more special for Florida.

What have you done since signing with your Letter of Intent?
I’ve just been working out. Life hasn’t really changed. Sometimes I’m doing the Florida coaches’ workout and sometimes my own.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve wanted to work on before you get on campus?
Speed and my get off (of the line). I want to get faster (both off the line and during pursuits).

What weight did you or Florida’s coaches want you to be at before you report and what weight are you currently?
They didn’t tell me exactly what weight to be at. They told me I’m good at where I’m at. I’m at 282. There’s no personal (weight) goal.

When will you report to campus?
Either June 25th or the 22nd. I’m very excited. I’m counting down the days.

Do you know who your roommates might be?
Probably Shariff (Floyd) or (Ronald) Powell. We talk once in a whle to see how we’re doing. They’re cool, cool people. We get along and we’re friends.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be once you get to Florida?
Just adapting to the campus and adapting to a new environment — I’d say the football aspect. Studying plays and stuff like that is going to be more different for football.