Q&A: Michael Taylor


Florida linebacker signee Michael Taylor has had to listen to the critics talk about his size being an issue at the college level. While he stands at around 6 foot, the former Atlanta Westlake prospect said he’s never worried about being a smaller linebacker. To him, football is “90 percent mental and 10 percent physical” and he doesn’t think he’s been impeded by his height and doesn’t anticipate it being a problem in college.

I’ll let him speak for himself: “The people I’ve hit have never complained about my size,” he said.

Check out what else he had to say about getting ready for Gainesville in June.

What have you done since signing with your Letter of Intent?
I’ve gotten bigger and I’m working out a lot. I’m excited about being a Gator now and I’m getting ready to get down there and earn me a spot. And I’m ready to be on ESPN next year, so you know it’s good. I see that I can come in and make an impact. I’m real up-tempo and I can add another element that can hype practice up and I can make the team that much better with my presence.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve wanted to work on before you get on campus?
Taking direct lanes to the ball carrier. I’m pretty good at reading (offenses). If a blocker gets up on me, I want to be better at getting around him. I want to be able to go in and nothing catch me off guard. I want to go in and be ready to play.

What weight did you or Florida’s coaches want you to be at before you report, and what weight are you currently?
Coach Urban (Meyer) told me to come in at about 220 (pounds). Coach (Teryl) Austin and coach (D.J.) Durkin told me don’t even worry about that stuff, just come in and be able to run and be in shape. So, right now, I’m about 215.

When will you report to campus?
June 21. I’m very excited.

Do you know who your roommates might be?
I’m rooming with Mack Brown. We’re real close. We’ve had each others phone numbers since the Under Armour Game. I was actually sitting with him on the plane and it was his first time flying on a plane, and he was all worried and nervous about the turbulence and everything. I just let him know that the plane is going to shake a little bit, and ever since then we hit it off and everything has been pretty cool. (Taylor said he also had to calm Brown a little during the landing as well.)

What do you think the biggest challenge will be once you get to Florida?
I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and see, and when I get down there I’ll let you know what the biggest challenge is. Right now, I think it might be time management. I don’t think it will be anything on the field. I’ll be fine field-wise.