Mack Brown says he’s fully qualified to enroll at UF


Florida running back signee Mack Brown wants to clear something up. Those rumors about his grades being an issue are just that — rumors.

A site suggested the former Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King athlete might still have an academic issue. But Brown told The Sun he has fully qualified to enroll at Florida for Summer B. He is expected to report to campus on June 22.

“I qualified,” Brown said. “Where is everybody getting that from?”

Brown later said that his high school grades were “not at all” a problem and that he graduated on May 22. He also retook his standardized test in March and could take another in June if he needs to.

Brown was hampered by a hamstring injury for most of this high school career, but rushed for 1,712 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior. Brown recently told The Sun that while his hamstring wasn’t quite 100 percent, he was still able to run a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash.


  1. Thats incredible for a guy who was hurt all of his career. Will he eventually need surgery would be my Q? Lord knows I we don’t need another Andre Debose and Carl Moore situation. I would rather we get it out of the way now. We would at least have him for the second half of the season. Not a bad time to bring in fresh legs to pound the rock. With no film on the guy it would be an Ace in the hole.

  2. Ed, How’s everyone else from the qualifying standpoint? Any one that’s questionable? I think Urban’s only lost maybe like one player sue to non qualification? That’s pretty amazing compared to most other schools…

  3. No one listen to don, he is an idiot. Probably likes the canes or noles and has to say something as ignorant as “keep them out of jail” to make him feel better.I think he is from grade school, his lack of intelligence really shows through on his post.

  4. Hey guys don’t hate on Don, he’s only here because he has no place else to go and he wants to know how CHAMPIONS talk. Don, we will leave the “jail” thing for you losers to worry about. I know most of you are afraid of good tough competition, so you HOPE something negative happens to the GATORS. That is the best thing you guys have and the only thing you can hope for, because you guys don’t / can’t even DREAM of defeating the GATOR NATION. OK, you can go now.

  5. Unfortunately Don is right, far to many of Urban’s boys have been on the wrong side of the law. As an alumnus I find irresponsible and a major black eye to UF. To often I am embarrassed to mention my Alma mater.

  6. Springman and Don,
    You both are categorizing an entire institution for what a few individuals have done. To me both of you have insulted Mack Brown with your generalizations. How do you think he feels knowing neither of you don’t have any idea what type person he is or what his background happens to be. Take a minute Billy Donavon signed a kid from the midwest knowing he had some pending business, is there a particular reason for the slap at Brown? If an individual makes a mistake then you are free to ride them and talk about irresponsibility and embarrassment. As I see you were irresponsible and should be embarrassed by your own actions today, THINK ABOUT IT.