Q&A: Tyler Murphy


Florida quarterback signee Tyler Murphy seems to be a bit behind considering how well Trey Burton and Jordan Reed did as backups to John Brantley this spring, but that’s not hindering his confidence. The former Wethersfield, Conn., athlete, who could also play wide receiver, is still reporting as a quarterback and he’s spent the last few months making sure he gets a solid shot at the position this summer.

What have you done since signing with your Letter of Intent?
I have to be a little more focused on things, like staying out of trouble and making sure I’m doing well in school. I’ve been reviewing the playbook a lot, lifting and trying to put on weight to get bigger and get ready (to report to UF). I’m making sure I’m not in the wrong place at the wrong time — making smart decisions — and doing what’s best for my image and the team (Florida).

(The playbook) is a lot different. Just learning and trying to remember all the formations is tough. (Quarterbacks) coach (Scot) Loeffler is sending stuff down slowly and I’m trying to pick it up as best as I can, so when I get down there we can get going.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve wanted to work on before you get on campus?
Footwork and (throwing) mechanics. I’ve been working a lot on that and improving a lot since the day I signed (with Florida). Things are getting better. I’m getting stronger, which is helping.

The coaches still have me coming down as a quarterback and the quarterbacks (at Florida) did really well this spring. I didn’t get to see any of the game, but I was reading about it. Burton, Brantley and even Jordan all did well, which is good. The better the quarterbacks are doing, the better the team is.

What weight did you or Florida’s coaches want you to be at before you report and what weight are you currently?
They want me at 205. I’m 199, up from 188. If I have to when they weigh me in I’ll drink a lot of water.

When will you report to campus?
I should be on campus the 23rd of June.

Do you know who your roommates might be?
I’m not sure who my roommates might be, but it was talked about that I might be rooming with Mike McFarland, Chaz Green and Mack Brown. Then when (offensive coordinator) (Steve) Addazio came to visit me he said I might be rooming with Ronald Powell and Shariff Floyd — all guys bigger than me.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be once you get to Florida?
The biggest challenge is the transition of being so far from home and feeling comfortable and staying focused.


  1. Tyler, come in with your head high and your mind made up that you are going to get a spot and playing time. If you are afraid of competition you are in the wrong place and you picked the wrong school. If Urban awarded you a scholarship he saw something in you that he likes, find out what that is and perfect it and anything else the team needs from you. There are so many athletes out there that wishes everyday that they had the opportunity that you have to be that player some people obviously think you are. When you step on this campus buddy, you are home and it won’t take you long to realize that, so get ready for the real challenges.