Gators are in for Wilder ride


Tampa Plant athlete James Wilder Jr. is one of the most coveted prospects in the state of Florida and he’s got pretty much every top program in the country after him. He’s a guy who can line up at running back or linebacker and be just as valuable at either spot. As a junior, Wilder had 1,004 yards yards rushing and 15 touchdowns. At linebacker he totaled 136 tackles and 19 sacks. So, he can pretty much do it all on the field.

Wilder has told multiple media outlets that he prefers playing running back in college and that schools that are mainly interested in putting him on offense have the early advantage. Schools that originally offered him as a running back include Miami, Alabama and Florida State. Florida originally offered him as a linebacker, but after Wilder spoke with UF coach Urban Meyer about his desire to play running back, the Gators offered him as a running back.

Regardless of where he wants to play on the field in college, Wilder’s recruitment will be one of the most publicized this year. Here is a video interview with Wilder from the St. Petersburg Times: Wilder talks recruiting


  1. J.W. II, you can’t go wrong with U.F. All of the stars are aligned for you, if you only can see. We have the best recruits in the country this year and they will be them win at least two NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Don’t be like C.J. Spiller, You are going to be a pro player at either position and any D-1 top program, but you want to leave college with at least two NC rings. I know to this day C.J. enjoyed his days at Clemson, but I know he regrets not leaving school without those 2 NATIONAL TITLES that he would have had if he went to Florida. Don’t go to school on promises, look at whats there , how will the program benefit you and can you be the piece that ensures yourself that National Championship Ring.

  2. Let him play wherever he wants! In this class, he is a MUST GET. I really believe that he could end up being the most significant offensive recruit since Mr Tim Tebow. His Dad was an absolute BEAST in college at Mizzou and in the pros with the Buccaneers. The apple did not fall far from the tree on this one!! GET HIM Urban!!

  3. If Wilder wants to be a RB, Urban will recruit him as an RB, if he wants to be an LB, Urban will pitch LB

    Urban will tell him what he wants to hear, other schools scream, blah, blah, blah.

    Bottom line the Urbanator is ruthless, whatever it takes to be on top.

    Scream all you want, he doesn’t care what people think

  4. Once he gets on campus and hits the playing field, I think he will make a definite decision as to what he wants his college career to be like. This guy obviously has the skills to do either one, but after playing against the top grade talent that he will face he’ll know if he wants to get hit or hit. of course some running backs like to deliver blows, so he may be just as comfortable there because he will still be able to deliver blows to his opponent. Give him time, first of all we just want him on campus. I’m with Urban, tell him whatever he wants to here get him on campus first. He will be an asset at either position, and we can use him at both if necessary.

  5. Sorry guys but i don’t think Meyer is just “pitching” the idea of running back here. We have a freakin army on defense as it is and after last years class, he will be a back for sure. The fact is that Florida is the school that excels at academics AND athletics. Florida has the best facilities/opportnities in the country and nobody can say otherwise. Nothing and nobody is ever a lock though and i wish him the best! All i can say is with our new quarterback Meyer will FINALLY have his guys in place for a feature back! Get ready boys, its about to get nasty! From gator girls all around the world, COME TO FLORIDA Wilder!