OT Trip Thurman gets visit from Addazio


Months ago, Trip Thurman didn’t think he’d be getting much attention from a program that has won two national championships in four years. He figured he’d be floating around his comfort zone that is the northeast part of the country.

But on one cold February day, the Dover, Del., offensive lineman was shocked to learn that his coach had gotten a call from Steve Addazio at the University of Florida. The Gators’ offensive coordinator — and then interim head coach — was interested in Thurman coming down to Gainesville to check out what Florida had to offer.

Thurman made it Gainesville and came away with a lot of interest in the Gators. Since then, Thurman has attracted attention from tons of schools and even got an offer from Florida in late April.

Wednesday, Thruman and his high school coach hosted Addazio at Dover High.

“It was pretty nice,” Thurman said of Addazio’s visit. “That was the first time that I had a college coach like that come in and talk to me at high school.”

Thruman said one of the things that impressed him the most about Addazio was that there wasn’t a lot of talk about football. The three mostly talked about life and how Thurman was doing off the field. It’s been that quality in Addazio that Thurman said he’s always appreciated, even before he was offered a scholarship. Thurman said he’s always been impressed by the way Addazio has tried to get to know him as a person, not just a football player.

“It means a lot to me because a lot of other coaches will call me and offer me out of nowhere and not get to know me or my family,” he said. “But Addazio has made the extra effort to get to know me, my coach and my family and that means a lot.”

Thurman said he currently doesn’t have any sort of list of schools he favors at this point, but is “very interested in Florida.”

“It’s a good opportunity and they have great tradition,” Thurman said of Florida. “It’s a really good school. I like the coaches a lot, especially Addazio. I just like how he builds relationships before he goes and offers guys like me. When I came down this spring we had a great talk and he really likes me.”

Thurman said he plans to attend Florida’s summer camp in June and would like to participate at Penn State’s and Maryland’s camps as well.

Other schools pursuing the 6-foot-6, 302-pound tackle include South Carolina, West Virgina, Rutgers, Tennessee and Wisconsin, among others.


  1. O and D Line are going to be a huge recruiting priority this year. We’ve already got our QB so we’re gonna need some WR’s as well. Running back would be addressed with James Wilder if that’s the position he wants to play. Lookin’ good so far.

  2. It seems that Coach Addazio is well into the present method of operation to get good prospects to become Gators. Great! I hope him nothing but the very best of luck. Having been a Gator since the 50s I believe the program is better operated now than it ever was.

  3. I sure hope nobody from the NCAA sees this. We are in an evaluatin period right now and there is no personal contact other than an incidental bump allowed between coaches and prospects off of campus. you can bet that some of UF’s competition will be sending this into Indy.

  4. I’m sure Addazio would not be foolish enough to compromise this great university by breaking the rules openly for any recruit, no one individual is worth that, so I’m sure if a visit was taken it was lawful. I also agree with Longwoodgator that this is a well operated program and we are on solid ground, because we don’t have to cheat or pull unethical tricks. If this program is not attractive enough with all that it offers, then we DON’T NEED that particular recruit.

  5. There is no such thing as a “lawful visit” at this time of year. You are allowed to be on campus but do nothing more than have an incidental bump with a prospect. I am sure Steve talked to him just like 90% of college coaches do during the spring “evaluation period”. However those other coaches don’t have people gunning for them like people do UF. Most spring visits don’t make the news. As the kid himself is quoted; “That was the first time I had a college coach like that come in and talk to me at high school”. Not good. Not saying anything will come of it but I guarantee you that Jamie McCloskey is not a happy camper with this article floating around out there.

  6. Ed,
    Maybe I am not reading this right or understanding our vision. But I just keep getting the sense that FSU is out hustling us in recruiting right now. Timothy Jernigan said that they have put in the most effort, Bobby Hart fell off our radar. It seems like we are not following up with some of the players day in and day out. Have you noticed this too?

  7. Ed, any word on jadeveon clowney? I know he said he was interested in the gators a while back but haven’t heard much since. I know he liked his visit to unc but the gators have way more to offer. He is a beast from the film I have seen.