Union County DL Gosha picks FSU


It seems with each passing week, Florida State is adding more and more to its 2011 recruiting class. The Seminoles had 11 commits coming out of the weekend and it only took about 48 hours for FSU to get an even 12.

And he came out of Florida’s own backyard.

Lake Butler Union County defensive lineman Lonnie Gosha became that 12th man on Tuesday night. Because he is local and one of his first scholarship offers came from the Gators, most considered Florida to be the frontrunner for Gosha’s services. But after he visited FSU for Junior Day in February, it appeared that Gosha’s thoughts were solely on the Seminoles. He talked up FSU more than any other school and sounded a tad upset whenever he mentioned how he didn’t have an FSU offer. A week later, Gosha said he got that offer and it was almost immediately over.

“I already had in my mind (that he was going to commit to FSU),” Gosha said. “I had Alabama, Georgia and Florida State as my top three schools, so I just made up my mind and went on ahead and committed to Florida State.”

Florida didn’t make Gosha’s final three because of the lack of communication Gosha said he and the staff had in the last few months.

“It was cool (to be recruited by Florida), but it seemed like Florida already had the players that they wanted and as they lose some, they get interested in others,” Gosha said. “Florida State kept in contact and we just kept e-mailing each other and I kept calling them. I was always talking to coach (Jimbo) Fisher.”

Gosha said former Union County coach Andrew Zow helped him with the recruiting process. It was Gosha’s strong relationship with FSU defensive line coach Odell Haggins that initially drew him closer to the Seminoles, and Zow’s endorsement of Haggins only made Gosha that much more comfortable with FSU.

The Seminoles’ tradition and their history of playing younger guys early also enticed Gosha. He mainly lines up inside for Union County, but is much faster off the edge. Gosha said FSU coaches are toying with the idea of playing him at defensive tackle and end. At 6-foot-2, 270 pounds, Gosha said he could gain weight to stay inside or get down to 265 before he reports next year to play outside, which is what he prefers.

Now that he’s given his verbal pledge to the Seminoles, Gosha anticipates other colleges coming after him even harder. Alabama, Georgia and Florida should put more heat on him this summer and fall. Gosha said he plans to participate at FSU’s Seminole Showcase and Florida’s Friday Night Lights camp this summer.

Though he’s committed, Gosha said he will take five official visits this fall. He expects to visit FSU, Florida, Miami, Alabama and Georgia.

If Gosha’s stock continues to rise in the coming months, his recruitment should only increase. He could end up with an even tougher decision to make before National Signing Day.

“I just want to go through recruiting because this is the only time (to do it),” he said.

As a junior, Gosha had 65 tackles and 13 sacks.


  1. He has almost a year to realize if he wants to play for one of the top programs then UF is where he should go. Right near his home, the country’s finest coaches and fans. Mr. Gosha, please don’t make any rash or impulsive choices.

  2. Made the right choice Lonnie. You WILL make a difference, be respected and play for an up and coming coach. Lots of energy and enthusiasm, 365 days a year. No one wants to play for a team of fans that think the have the country’s finest fans (what is that?).

  3. With the haul of D linemen we got this year, it will be hard for any later recruit to see himself breaking into the starting lineup for at least three years. I think he’s looking at playing time, and UF probably downgraded their interest for the same reason, with th O line being more of a priority this year.

  4. If Gosha was committing to FSU instead of UF say, 3 years ago I would say he was not committing to a top program. I really don’t see UF being on top of much this year. He is still a junior and a lot could happen during his senior year on the field. Let’s hope no matter where he goes he stays injury free.

  5. Good article, one thing to harp on though. FSU does NOT have a history of playing young players. That is one thing that Bobby took heat for. He always said the best man plays but really it was seniority that was more important. That has changed somewhat since Jimbo Fisher arrived, and will continue as he implements more of his strategies and philosophies with FSU.

  6. We still DO have a big need still for D linemen when you examine who will be seniors this year. I thing we lose between 3-4 linemen so it will be very important to wrap Jernagin and a few others up. Luckily, I think this is a deep D-line class again this year. Good luck to the young man.

  7. Congrats – you made the right choice. You will be respected, appreciated and valued. You will be playing for a young energetic coach and high quality staff who is with you 365 days a year. Go Noles!

  8. Gators getting beat all over the place. Just like this upcoming season. Are you getting nervous? Are you beginning to try to put your big fat noses up in the air? I see the spelling of someones email just came into account…oooohh, that has to do with football. I cant wait for the phrase to come out of the first Gator mouth, ” I dont care who wins (that is defined as WE as in the Gators will not win), as long as someone from the State of Florida does well”. I am so ready for your 8-4 year. chomp chomp? Did I spell that right?

  9. I think Zow will be anti UF, due to some sour grrapes. So, don’t expect much support for UF coming from him. The kid is an awsome talent and we would be fortunate to have him; however, there is more than talent that plays in to the situation and I think that is why UF may have cooled on him a little. Regardless, we will have another good group come in. Jernigan is an outstanding young man and he will sway some other talent to come with him to UF.

  10. UF will pursue Timmy Jernigan who is bigger and better.
    If Gosha wants to go to F$U that’s his decision.

    Just keep in mind that F$U will most likely be searching for another coach in a 2 years when they find out that Fisher is not going to take them anywhere.

  11. Maybe he realizes he’s not good enough to play at UF. I respect that. I expect players to back off when it comes down to making a decison when they truely feel they can’t compete for plyaing time at Florida. Believe me, no player that’s the real deal chooses FSU over UF these days. I can understand if he chose a different top shelf SEC team but not an ACC team. I bet if Spiller had to do it over again he would have been a Gator. He can watch Jernigan play for the National Title one day:)

  12. Have to LOL at the Noles who think UF will be anything other than a NC contender this year.

    They all come out and say “8-4”, but ask them to name the 4 teams that will beat us, and they say “Bama, and, uh…”.

    (Personally, I think we whoop some Tide backside in Tuskalooser this year anyway. Our record against the TIde is better in Bama than it is in Florida. Strange but true.)

  13. Jimbo will not be at FSU in two years? Sorry brah, but I am pretty sure the odds are greater he is around for 20 years than Urban is at FU for 2012. Even Vegas would take those odds with the way C.U.M. is behaving lately. Ask LSU how much they miss Jimbo.

    History has proven that it is difficult to sustain success in college football. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the Gator nation, it will be awful difficult to improve upon last year. Don’t discredit the fact that FSU is now essentially a stepping stone for players to be in the NFL. With that coaching staff mixed with the product that will be on the field next year, it will be difficult to keep kids away from Tallahassee.

    But, I guess young Gosha didn’t get that memo yet. He decommitted from FSU this afternoon. Says he jumped the gun a bit. That’s understandable but he better jump on the train before it gets too full.

  14. People, please try to refrain from bashing a kid just because he didn’t pick our school. That’s something I would expect to read on a Georgia or Tennessee blog and we are so much better than that.