Gators after big west coast receiver


As Urban Meyer and his staff look to make more moves over on the West coast, their eyes will definitely be on Sammamish, Wa., Skyline wide receiver Kasen Williams. The thing about Williams is that he’s not your typical wideout. He looks like he could line up a few other positions. At 6-foot-2, 197 pounds, Williams has a frame that could continue to expand before he steps on a college campus.

“He’s a big wide receiver,” west coast recruiting analyst Adam Gorney said. “He looks like he could definitely grow into a tight end. That’s how big he is.”

Gorney added that college programs will have to be careful with how he works out because he could gain too much weight for a wide receiver. He’s the type of a prospect who has the potential to grow into a linebacker or a defensive end — if he were to get taller.

He’s got good speed to go with his size, which makes him even more dangerous on the field. His film shows that he’s pretty elusive as well and is a great goal-line option in any sort of offense. Florida offered him early and would love to add a body like Williams to its offense. While Florida can never be counted out for any prospect these days, it could be tough for Florida to go into Washington and pull Williams. For one, the distance could be too much for him. Also, both of his parents attended the University of Washington and it appears the Huskies have the early advantage. His father, Aaron, played receiver at UW.

One thing helping Florida is tight ends coach Brian White, who has made major strides for the program out West. Gorney said he’d be “surprised if (Williams) didn’t go to Washington,” but that White will keep Florida in the picture for as long as he can.

“At this point, Florida has an outside chance,” Gorney said. “He’s interested in Florida, but I think that’s a courtesy. Brian White would have an opportunity to take a visit (to see Williams) and see what happens. The more I talk to people the more I hear that Brian White is really respected out (West).”

Gorney said Florida — and other schools in this part of the country — will have to compete with most of the West Coast. USC recently offered him and California, Oregon and UCLA are all in the mix.

Williams had 74 receptions for 1,209 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior and caught 53 passes for 939 yards and 13 touchdowns as a sophomore.


  1. I agree ROTAG, but it doesn’t hurt to offer him early and get our name out there. Pulling Powell and Shaw out of Cali this year may turn out to be HUGE if both pan out as expected. Maybe this kid will be another west coast pull.

  2. I agree that our priority should be particularly on in state kids along with select numbers in bordering states. But there’s no harm recruiting kids far away as long as they have a genuine interest like Powell and Shaw did. Invite them to camps such as Friday Night Lights when they have to foot their own bill. If they are willing to come out here on their own dime, I gaurantee they have interest. If you have very strong indications that he’s gonna stay near home, don’t offer an official.

  3. I just like to say “Sammamish.” The selling point for this kid is that he could be the first in his family to go to a real college!

    Lame Kitten recruits whoever we recruit, lies well enough to get some of them, and then fills in the gaps with local talent, of which Cali is rich. So he’ll probablly do pretty well, at least until the sanctions hit.

  4. The Gators are getting their foot in the door out west. I think over time they will become a serious option for west coast recruits. Meyer was at Notre Dame and understands the benefits of national recruiting. The Gators are really respected right now. Success brings success and a few really good west coast recruiting years could keep the Gators in the National championship picture for years to come. I think being able to recruit nationally goes with being considered a National “program” rather than stringing together a decade of good teams then drifting off the map. Also, it doesn’t hurt for in state players to see Florida’s reach go beyond the state borders. It will only help UF to be a serious recruiting presence out west and else where. The Gators are quickly becoming a national “brand” along with Texas, USC, Notre Dame and Alabama. This just “comes with the territory”.

  5. Hes not your normal reciever. he has been amazing sicne 7th and 8th grade. i played with him and he made impossible plays back then. he will be a star in college and then in the pros. he is #1 reciever in the country