Gators have sights set on another local DT


Let’s get one thing straight. Lonnie Gosha is a man of very few words. But what he lacks vocally, he certainly makes up for with his play. The Lake Butler Union County defensive lineman has some great talent and will be one of the top defensive linemen in the state this fall. Count on it.

We spoke a little on Sunday night, and while recruiting is relatively new to Gosha, he’s getting interest from some top schools. Right now, Florida and Florida State appear to be at the top of his list. Florida has offered, but FSU hasn’t. He’s also got interest in Arkansas (which has offered), Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. He might have only two offers, but that should grow after the summer.

I think Gosha has Florida in front, but he’s waiting on that FSU offer. He went to FSU’s Junior Day last weekend and said he had a “great time.” He really liked the campus and said FSU defensive line coach Odell Haggins is a major reason why he’s so interested in the Seminoles.

“He’s good,” Gosha said of Haggins. “He keeps it real.”

I met Gosha last fall when I covered one of his games, after which the opposing coach said he game-planned his entire offense to go away from whichever side Gosha lined up.

This is one of the reasons I think he’ll become a bigger name as the year progresses. He can play inside or outside, and he said that’s what has Florida defensive line coach Dan McCarney so interested in him. The two have a good relationship and are in constant contact, Gosha said.

From Day One I thought Florida was the top school for Gosha. His eyes light up when I first talked to him about the Gators and he starting laughing when I brought up the Gators Sunday. He said he could see himself playing any position on Florida’s line in the future.

“They put a lot of defensive linemen out there (in the NFL Draft), like Florida State,” he said.

Again, not much of a quote, but he’s a good kid.

Gosha, who stands 6-foot-3, 275 pounds, had 65 total tackles and 13 sacks as a junior. He’s heading to Florida and FSU for summer camps and said he’ll “definitely” be at Friday Night Lights in July. He’s set to visit Georgia on March 20 and wants to get to Alabama, where coaches have said he could be a (much) lighter version of Terrence Cody.


  1. I think the young man is going to wind up at FSU. They are more of a force in Lake City, Live Oak area than my Gators. For the life of me I do not understand why we do not get young men like Gousha and Spiller in the past. We have missed out on some good people from Madison County in the last few years also.

    Leon is always going to FSU territory much like Alachua and Santa Fe is for the Gators.

  2. “Lighter version” of Cody? You have to be kidding! Cody is Cody entirely because of his size. He is nowehere near as athletic as Albert Hayneworth or John Henderson, but he can plug 2 gaps just because he is no big. There is no “lighter version” of that – you have to be 340+ to play like Cody.

  3. But hes not from Lake City r Live Oak. Hes from Lake Butler. And I dont ever remember a Lake Butler player going to FSU. Gerard Warren, however, was from Lake Butler and he went to Florida. As did Bennie Alexander.

  4. With Gary Brown gone plus many graduating or moving on this year(Marsh, Sanders, Antwine et al), I would think that he and Jernigan would be very high priorities on the Gator board. Urban will probably be highly involved in both of their recruitment.

  5. Florida is the place to be Lonnie. We want you to be in the Orange and Blue young man, and you said it yourself, the Gators can put you in the league. Come to Gainesville and you will never regret it.


  6. Generally, Florida has done very well with Union County kids. Like LT said, Big Money and Bennie Alexander are two names. With that said, Spiller did get away, and UF backed off of Andrew Zow when he tore his ACL. … FSU did sign DE Charles Howard from Union County early in the decade, but LT is right, there haven’t been many.

  7. I have a reliable source that say’s Lonnie is not really that good going back to last year. Maybe, he has gotten better but my source say’s he is very soft for his size and my source is from Lake Bulter. He tells me that Lonnie will be a bust if he was to come to FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But i wish him the best where ever he goes.

  8. Jason quit hating this kid has a great passion for the game of football. This is whats wrong with the world today, we believe everything we here instead of getting the facts on our own. I have a son thats a defensive lineman for GHS it surely would fuel him to have someone to say such a thing about him, Lonnie will surely take this the same way. Lonnie keep up the hard work, wish you nothing but the best.

  9. First of all, I hope Jason and his informant are wrong. Second, I hope comments like that will fuel Lonnie to become an even better athlete with a good work ethic, more heart, and the desire to be the Best DT the Gator Nation has ever seen in Orange and Blue. After you have become that ideal player and person that you want to be Lonnie, don’t turn your back on the rest of the Gator Nation because of what Jason said. I’m originally from Starke, I live in South Carolina now and hated the fact that we lost C.J. Spiller. I hope that Lonnie reconnects Lake Butler with the Gators. By the way there is a kid here at Goose Creek high school, OT that a great athlete and is considering the Gators. He is former Raiders Player and coach Art Shell’s nephew. I’m going to catch a game or two this fall.

  10. I’m definitely not hating Richard, I’m just saying what a reliable source FROM LAKE BUTLER told me, which is a person that played on the same team as Gerald Warren and the other great that are from Lake Butler. If you where to read my post I said that it could have changed now and he could be better, and I also wished him the best in his future. I maybe need to say that about your son because I’ve never heard of him before, but I won’t. Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have coached Lonnie and he is a great kid. Every kid goes through the process of learning how to be a better player. IF, Jason’s source is really that informed about him he would know that Lonnie didn’t play until he was in the 6th grade. Most of the greater players have been playing since early childhood. Give Lonnie a learning curve, and he’ll be fine. Plus, I never saw anyone else get a personal foul penalty for hitting somone too hard! Correcet call or not it’s true.