Mack Brown making a speedy recovery


I caught up with Florida running back signee Mack Brown Sunday before I glued my eyes to the USA-Canada game. While Canadian — and original Mighty Duck — Paul Kariya is my all-time favorite hockey player, Zach Parise wears No. 9 oh so nicely. Hats off to the U.S. team. I hated to see them lose, but now I remember what great hockey looks like. I still think they should have busted out the Mighty Ducks jerseys a la “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” I mean Ron Wilson is the U.S. coach and he was Anaheim’s first head coach …

I was just trying to get a couple of extra tidbits for a story I’m doing on Brown, but I got a little bit more out of the conversation and figured I’d share it with the No. 1 recruiting blog fans in the country!

Brown, who suffered through a hamstring injury this season (and pretty much every high school season he’s had), first started running in mid-February after resting since the end of Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King’s regular season in November. Well, Brown didn’t waste time getting back into the swing of things. He said he ran a blazing 4.4 in the 40-yard dash last week.

Um, yeah. Just a handful of days after running for the first time in almost three months, Brown is nearly up to his top speed. He recorded a 4.38 before his senior year. Brown said he felt a little tightness, but no pain after running.

However, he’s had some trouble getting his weight to stay above 200 pounds.

“I gained 10 (pounds) and lost five,” Brown said. “It’s hard to keep (the weight) on. I live with my dad, so he doesn’t cook for me all the time.”

It might be time for him to visit the McDonald’s value menu a few more times a week.

Brown will report to UF for Summer B, so he should be in town in late June. He’s hoping his weight and hamstring issues work themselves out in time for summer practices so he can have a legitimate shot at cracking the lineup in the fall.

“I’m real excited (about getting to campus),” he said. “Hopefully I get some playing time (in the fall).

“I’m a baller. If I get a chance I’m gonna turn Gainesville out.”


  1. Sounds like a great kid. I wish him luck… Just hope the offensive coaches have learned something from last year’s fiasco…yes, I call it an offensive fiasco! Dive after dive up the middle with Rainey & Demps while a much more effective Moody stood on the sidelines. Let’s see where Brown fits in here!

  2. Good news about Mack Brown, except the inference that he has hamstring issues every season. Hopefully, Marotti and Co. can get it strengthened up and he can avoid the injury in the future.
    Ed, what’s the word on Andre Dubose? Can you give us any insight on his status?

  3. I know Mack won’t like this, but I hope they can redshirt him this year. Get completely right, into the S&C program with M&M for a year, learn the playbook, go thru a spring, and most of all pack on 10-15 lbs. Hopefully, Gillislee progresses enough where the coaches feel like they can do this and the rest of our guys stay healthy.

  4. Sounds like good news for Mack, I love his confidence in his game we need more players like him with that SWAG! I will tell you this, he will have a difficult time getting on the field this fall due to Demps, Moody, and Gillislee. I wish him good luck. Go Gators!!!!!!!!
    Ed, please give us some information on Dubose and his status for the spring. Thank you, and keep providing the great info.

  5. Mack:

    We’re thrilled to have you. Welcome to Gainesville. Work hard, do the right thing and everything else will take care of itself. “Mack Brown, Florida Gator”……has a nice ring to it.

  6. I know this article was about Mack Brown but I am curious to hear how last year’s big recruit Andre Dubose is doing. Urban was high on this guy before he got hurt. I have been hearing that Rainey will be working out in the Percy position, I am hoping Dubose gets a shot too.

  7. Hopefully he will see the long range picture and realize that Florida has his best interest involved in that they are not only looking at the Gator future, but the next level as well. You cannot rush a hamstring and you are going to lose strength in that leg by resting it, but it has to be done, period. There will be some exercises that he can do to strengthen it with a mixture of protein that will build the muscles and tendons and then rest. It is a formula that not only will take care of the pulls, but a formula that will also strengthen the Hamstring and make it better.

  8. Briefly, about Moody and Dubose All of the Gator Nation is wondering the same thing. So, you are not alone on those counts. I blog everyday and have’nt gotten an answer to either of those questions yet, not even a rumor. Now to Mack Brown, Mr Brown just make it to campus in good or reasonable health and your weight and health problems will be taken care of immediately. Just bring the talent and desire to turn Gainesville out and that future that you have always dreamed about will manifest itself. You have made the right choice in coming to Florida, now bring your share to the table and the rest will be provided for you.