Tebow will affect UF’s quarterback recruiting


So, Tim Tebow is changing his throwing motion in an effort to raise his draft stock this year. While Tebow looks to gain praise from his improvements, members of the media are calling out Urban Meyer for what they say has been a lack of proper coaching for Tebow in his time in Gainesville. I’m not the smartest person in the world, but being a major part of two national championships in four years, winning a Heisman — and being at three straight ceremonies — says a lot about one’s career. I think his coaching was pretty good. I’m also not so sure how much time Meyer really needed to put into developing Tebow’s mechanics. He didn’t need amazing technique to be one of the most decorated college football players of all time.

Now, I’m not saying Tebow is the best passer out there or that he should be the top quarterback drafted, but I’m just not sure that a coach would change something about a player if that player is constantly winning for you.

Regardless, the negative attention Tebow has gotten concerning the NFL Draft will always come back to Meyer. He’s the head coach and he’ll have to answer those questions. But will all this negativity have an impact on who UF recruits? Will high school athletes start to really take notice of
what scouts are saying about Tebow’s ability at the next level?

Of course they should, but will it have that much of an impact on the future? Rivals.com recruiting analyst Barton Simmons says no.

“More than anything, kids are still recognizing that system as being a system where a quarterback can be successful,” Simmons said.

“Kids still think they can come in and be productive and be a part of a pretty explosive offensive there.”

Let’s not forget what Meyer has done with other quarterbacks. Alex Smith was the No. 1 overall pick at Utah, and while his NFL career hasn’t been stellar, he’s coming off arguably his best season with the San Francisco 49ers in which he passed for more than 2,300 yards and had 18 touchdowns in only 11 games. Chris Leak led the Gators to a national championship in 2006 and is the all-time leader in passing yards (11,213) at Florida. Leak hasn’t made it in the NFL, and Simmons said the NFL might be the only area Meyer will have to prove himself to prospects.

He also thinks that Tebow is too unique a player for people to throw Meyer under the bus. He’s just totally different in all parts of the game and Simmons considers him an “exception to the rules.”

The real test for Meyer will be how junior John Brantley does this fall. He’s much more of a pure passer and is about as pro-style as you can get.

Simmons said recruits won’t shy away from Florida’s program no matter where Tebow is drafted, but watching Brantley next season could have an impact on how recruits view the quarterback coaching at Florida.

“If (Brantley) can step in and be really productive, that could be huge for (recruiting),” he said.

“A lot of prospects will have their eye on him, but in my opinion, Meyer’s proven a lot without waiting on a Brantley-type.”


  1. Florida is an elite program. Florida has become a national brand name. It has temendous national TV exposure. It has elite coaching. It has an elite strength and conditioning program as well as nutrition. It has elite facilities, including the most widely known stadium nickname in ALL of football. It has tremendous fans. It has tremendous financial support. It has top notch medical facilities and support…Now I forgot…what did you say was hurting recruiting?? Oh…I have an answer! Either someone’s false agenda (i. e. rival coach, rival fan or media member) or someone’s wishful thinking (i.e. Urban Meyers imminent departure to Notre Dame or to permanent retirement).

  2. I think one big advantage Johnny Brantley has that Tim didn’t enjoy is Scot Loeffler for a quarterback coach. Loeffler only had a spring to adjust Tim’s technique. It would have been foolish to make significant changes right before or during a senior season with a third national championship at stake. Not so with Brantley, who gets a full dose of Scot Loeffler.. While Dan Mullen was an effective, talented offensive coordinator and play-caller, Loeffler last spring became the first pure quarterback coach either of our guys have had at UF, someone who’s played the position and sees the field as a former passing quarterback can. We saw a preview of 2010 with the wide open offense and passing game in the Sugar Bowl. Can’t wait to see JB and all those fast receivers this fall.

  3. Tim completed 67% of his passes at UF, and won 2 NC’s and a Heisman! Good grief. Urban Meyer’s job is to win at UF, not to make the McSahay’s and Kiper’s of the world happy for the No Fun League.
    Rival recruiters will indeed pick up on this to try to dissuade elite QB’s from coming to UF, but all that will be blown away when Brantley lights up college FB this fall and next.

  4. This whole nonsense about Meyer somehow being “to blame” for Tebow’s mechanics, or having him “NFL ready” is totally asenine.

    Meyer’s job is to win games, the SEC, and National Championships. Seems like he’s pretty good at that.

    Also, he’s only worked with a couple quarterbacks as a head coach. As pointed out in the article, Alex Smith isn’t doing so poorly for himself.

    So who is viewed as a QB-factory? USC? how many elite quarterbacks Pete Carroll get into the NFL? OK, Carson Palmer. Ok and? and? and? who Matt Leinart??? Marc Sanchez has a long way to go to prove anything yet. There is noone else.

    This is just media-generated controversy, created out of thin air, and completely independent of reality.

  5. LOL TampaDave academics were kind of an afterthought for you, yes. And believe it or not there are more people in the world than just Gators and Gator haters. You fail to even consider that if the stated goals for the coaching staff is to make these players the best they can be, and not just _before_ they graduate, then they may well have at least partially failed at that.

  6. Firing Loeffler as “QB Coach” would solve the problem. Let’s review the Tom Brady case history shall we?

    1) High School: Tom Brady is the highest-rated QB in the Country and opts to go to Michigan not knowing that Loeffler is a bonehead.

    2) College: Brady goes steadily downhill under the “coaching” of Loeffler and eventually falls WAY behind less talented QBs in the NFL draft.

    3) Pros: New England drafts him and tells him “FORGET EVERYTHING THAT BONEHEAD LOEFFLER TOLD YOU IN COLLEGE”.

    4) Brady took their advice and is now a highly regarded QB again.

  7. What’s also funny to me about this whole conversation is that some how this same type of criticism hasn’t been alleged at Spurrier, who is widely viewed as arguably the best QB coach in college football, and the only two guys that had any success in the NFL after his coaching are Grossman, Matthews, and to a much lesser extent, Wuerffel. Not exactly a who’s who of nfl hall of fame candidates.