Dorsey decommits from UF


Earlier this afternoon, reported that Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson safety Demar Dorsey was officially taken off Florida’s commitment list. Just to confirm, a source informed me that Florida’s coaches are no longer pursuing Dorsey and that he is no longer committed to Florida. Dorsey did not return calls or text messages on Wednesday.

Dorsey’s drama-filled recruitment finally came to an end for UF, and it seems that Florida’s staff didn’t want to continue playing the game that he was so fond of. He never said that he was 100 percent committed to Florida and was always open about looking around and taking visits. With National Signing Day a week away, this is a case of the staff not wanting to get punked at the last minute, which is what it appeared Dorsey was about to do.

So, to be safe, expect interest in Tampa Leto safety Jeremy Deering to pick up considerably. He’s the last safety left on Florida’s board. There is going to be some chatter about La Canada, Calif., St. Francis’ Dietrich Riley getting into the mix, but I think that bridge was burned after he decided not to visit (or was advised not to visit) when Matt Elam recommitted to the Gators earlier this month.

There’s really not much left for Florida. Believe it or not, the Gators aren’t going to get everyone they want. But Deering is a great athlete who could play both sides of the ball, like Dorsey. If he stays on defense, he’ll be more of a raw athlete, but he could still be solid.

If the Gators want to replace Dorsey straight up, Deering could be the best (and only) option.


  1. Good bye and good riddance…..don’t need act two of he Nu’Keese Richardson show. Now they can give the scholarship to someone who actually wants it for himself and not as a bargaining chip with other schools.

  2. I’m sure Deering would fit in just fine, but I would like to see another offensive player take Dorsey’s spot. Adrian Coxson and Ivan McCartney come to mind.
    Regardless who the staff decides to offer, as long as the kid wants to be a Gator, I’m fine with whatever they decide. This class is loaded any way you slice it.

  3. Coxson, Green, Hicks, Jones and of course Henderson are much higher priorities than another safety. Another WR and OL is vital to balance the class and of course another LB with everyone gone from this year and next…

  4. As a Michigan fan, I am pleased with this news. Sounds like Dorsey likes UM and FSU now. We’ll see if he goes to USC or not, but if he does, I like UM’s chances.

    Also, I think Florida will be just fine without him…

  5. Ed-Thanks for your great insight. Will the Dorsey situation hurt us with any of the other Florida recruits? He seemed to be the vocal leader at the all american bowl game in St. Pete. Plus, he and Dowling seemed to want to play on the same team.

  6. As it turns out, I don’t think Dorsey is Gator material anyway so it’s a good thing he’s going somewhere else. Florida only needs players who truly want to be Gators and be a part of the Gator Nation and do the right things both on and off the field.

  7. Kiffy can have em… this guy doesn’t seem to want to be a part of a proven program. Maybe the depth chart is a concern. I guess he wants to identify with you know who.

    Glad he showed his colors now rather than later.

  8. “We need help at OT and other slots on the o-line. Great teams start in the trenchs so if we don’t pick up some bigger guys for our front seven this class could bust in the long run.”
    by Austin Hornsby

    Who are you, Austin? Anyway…


    Thanks for the update. I had a feeling about this kid. It didn’t seem like the coaches were pursuing him as much(this is based on what I read, obviously) as the other already-commited players. Oh well. Rather now than on Wednesday. Keep up the great coverage.

  9. Seems to me the likely finish is: Coxson, Chaz Green, 1 of Hicks or Green (if not them no more LBs) and +1.

    I hear Markieth Ambles is possible. I like Sticks, but not sure how possible that is.

    Jeremy Deering is terrific. I would love for that to work out!

  10. I’m actually happy the coaches said they will not play that game. I believe playing games like Dorsey does is saying a lot about his character. Gators need team players not some loud mouth kid with a bad attitude stinking up the locker room. Be gone with you Dorsey, you and Kiffin belong to each other. And here is something Dorsey won’t be saying.


  11. I watched the UA game. this dorsey kid is a showboat. We dont want him here at UF. He has trouble written all over him. Anyway, did you notice the size of his legs….TOOTHPICKS! this kid is ripe for a tear in a ligament.

  12. I agree with the coaching staff, if you are not willing to commit why should a school especially as solid as UF be comitted to you. This kid may be awesome but when you let someone play games you only encourage other Hot shots to try the same. Either stand up and be counted or go elsewhere. I wish the kid good luck, and hopefully he learned a lesson in life.

  13. Good luck to the kid, I hope he finds everything he is looking for and doesn’t end up like Nu’Keese Richardson. There is an advantage to playing behind future NFL players in that you learn their techniques every day at practice. Maybe you don’t start games as a true freshman, but that tis not where the development is going to come from anyway (10 hours of practice per week vs 30 mintues of field time). I think Demar has made a poor choice and will have a more difficult time maximizing his potential.

  14. I say don’t let the door hit you in the behind! If you don’t want to be a part of the greatest institution of higher learning in the South, then go! I can see him in four years crying his eyes out because he doesn’t have a chamnpionship, as the Gators put their 2nd and 3rd NC Rings on! By By Demar!

  15. Well, it’s a shame, but you can’t get everybody. The kid is buying into “little Lanie’s” flash, and is not examing the lack of little Lanie’s accomplishments. Some have to learn the hard way about who is honest and has intergrity, who does not have those qualities, and who excels in bull spit. However, the kid is an impact athlete.

    What is the status of the LB from Ohio?


  16. Hey it’s high school recruiting so why not take the high school kinda angle on it: So we dumped him before he dumped us? So shouldn’t the headline be “Gators revoke offer to Dorsey”. Whatever. In Urban i trust

  17. That’s alright, Dorsey looked and talked more like a player from the “U” then UF anyway.

    So this leaves what? Four slots open going into the final weekend before signing day?

    1. LB Hicks or Jones
    2. OL Henderson or Green
    3. WR McCartney, Louis, or Coxson
    4. S Deerling

    Does this sound about right? Or is it only three after Murphy commiting? (Which is alright because Deerling probably ain’t leaning this way any how.)