Lynden Trail doubling as a UF recruiter


If you thought Florida’s coaches had a busy weekend with recruiting, check out Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end commit Lynden Trail’s plate. He was on campus this weekend for his official visit, but spent a lot of time meeting and greeting. Sure, he’s been to Florida before and is pretty familiar with Gainesville, but this weekend Trail used his time a bit more wisely. He was getting to know new defensive coordinator George Edwards and checking out the other coaches inside their comfort zone — away from the football field.

Trail, whom ranks as the ninth-best defensive end in the country, also did a little recruiting on the side.

“I try to recruit anybody that’s good,” Trail said.

His main target? Tampa Catholic offensive lineman Chaz Green. Trail said Florida coach Urban Meyer told him that Green was one of the guys “they wanted very badly.” So Trail, being the Florida spokesman he is, stuck to Green.

“I just let him know how great of a school Florida is,” Trail said of his conversations with Green. “Academically, we’re sound. You don’t really have to talk about the (Gator) Nation. And our performance on the field is always one of the best in the nation.”

Trail even recruited Green’s parents. His main selling point was his own trust in Meyer.

“I told them that if I were going to leave my child in somebody’s hands for the next four years, leaving him in Urban Meyer’s hands is like (leaving him with) not a regular coach,” he said. “He’s more than a coach. He’s a family guy, great husband. He’s got a great family, he’s family-oriented, which makes everybody comfortable.”

When Trail wasn’t recruiting Green, he was thinking about his future at Florida. The one thing that’s got him especially excited is chance to play alongside defensive linemen commits Ronald Powell, Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley.

Trail said he’s most excited about playing with the 6-foot-3, 310-pound Floyd. The two teamed up in an all-star game in Hawaii and Trail said he saw a nice preview of things to come when the two are on the field together.

“This is the easiest position that I could play in because Sharrif takes up not two but three people coming,” he said. “When we’re in the game, the center, the right guard and the left guard have to block him all at one time. I know that for the next four years, he’s going to be bringing two to three blocks which will set me and Ronald Powell free.”

Trail then pretty much summed up everything that national recruiting analysts have been saying about Florida’s defensive line haul of 2010.

“We’re going to be a class to be reckoned with for the next four years,” he said.