Dorsey another Nu’Keese situation?


It looks like Florida could have another Nu’Keese Richardson situation on its hands.

If you don’t remember, Richardson was the standout receiver at Pahokee last year who had been committed to Florida for the longest time and appeared to be far from wavering. That was until then-Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin got a hold of him. Richardson ended up taking a late and surprising visit to Knoxville.

Come National Signing Day, Richardson fooled everyone by signing with the Vols.

The same thing could be happening with current Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson safety commit Demar Dorsey. Committed since October of 2008, Dorsey began wavering on his commitment to Florida over the summer. He’d tell people he was 65 percent committed to the Gators one week and then up it to 80 percent. After the Under Armour All-American Game earlier this month, Dorsey said he was 95 percent committed to Florida, but he’d still take his official visits.

One of those visits was supposed to go to Tennessee, but after Kiffin left for USC, Dorsey decided he’d visit Michigan instead. He came back Sunday still committed to Florida and even said he wasn’t planning to decommit. But that might change now that he’s no longer officially visiting Florida.

Dorsey said he’d visit Florida State Jan. 22, then head to Gainesville on the 29th. Now, Kiffin and Co. will get to entertain Dorsey on the final weekend out in Southern Cal. Dorsey told Monday that he’s canceling his official visit to Florida and will instead visit USC, a school he said he’s been interested in since the summer. Considering the Richardson incident last year, this doesn’t bode well for the Gators.

“I really don’t know how they feel about it tell you the truth,” Dorsey told Rivals about how Florida’s staff is reacting to his visit plans. “The coaches that were recruiting me at Florida are gone. Coach (Billy) Gonzales, coach (Vance) Bedford and all of them left.”

“I consider myself committed to Florida, but things are still up in the air. Signing day is Feb. 3, so …”

Gotta love the recruiting game.

Florida’s staff still has a chance to make up any ground they might lose with Dorsey out in So. Cal by arranging an in-home visit with him.

But Florida has options. They are few in numbers, but there’s always a backup plan for situations like this. The staff had to be waiting for Dorsey to begin to dip even further in his commitment percentage. Maybe that’s why UF brought Tampa Leto safety Jeremy Deering on campus over the weekend. He’s a tremendous athlete who might have more of a future on offense, but if Dorsey were to jump ship, Deering is a guy that could fill his spot in this class.

Dorsey’s appeal is his tremendous speed and height. He’s 6-foot-1, 175 pounds and looked like a beast at the Under Armour game. Deering is already bigger at 6-2, 198. However, Deering doesn’t have the speed that Dorsey possesses.

Another option could be La Canada, Calif., St. Francis’ Dietrich Riley. He’s a long shot at this point, in my opinion. He was all about the Gators, but Matt Elam hurt the staff’s chances of going hard after another safety. After Elam decommitted, the Gators made a push for Riley and he scheduled an official, but that was canceled after Elam recommitted. This one will be tough, considering it looks like he’s just been a second option all year. But Riley is still uncommitted and there are two more weeks to get him on campus.


  1. Anyone who visits USC with Kiffin is someone who has to be questioned, if not avoided altogether. After what has just transpired at UT, red flags have to be flying for a conscientious student-athlete. Visit USC….Don’t come back here should be the message!

  2. The question that is most important is how many DB recruits do we need? Dorsey was one of the most impressive players at the All Star game – he looked to be a very vocal leader. I was under the impression he was recruiting Easley and may have been one of the factors in Easley’s commit. Hopefully, he will see that Florida is the right choice.

  3. I would be VERY VERY careful about dealing with that Kiffin group. They could leave you high and dry just like they did with Nuke and with Tennessee. And then there you are…way out in Cali…Kiffin is only concerned about himself as witnessed by the way he handled his departure from Tennessee.

  4. If any of you saw this kids antics during the all star game I think you wouldnt really care if this kid ends up somewhere else. He came off as a real jerk. Talking smack and just making blatant attempts to draw attention to himself. We are all stocked up on jerks. Really dont need another one.

  5. I see this one of two ways:

    1) He’s an 18 year old from S. Florida that has someone willing to give him an expense paid trip to So. Cal. Everyone of us would go just to check out the ladies. Doesn’t mean he’ll listen to Lam-0.

    2) It’s USC, he just wants to see what he’s worth. (like Bush and OJ Mayo)

  6. Kiffins have history of flaunting convention when it comes to rules, compliance, respect. Cavalier, arrogant, No indication of being able to put anyone else ahead of themselves. Anyone, student-athlete or assistant coach or hiring athletic director, should understand what’s been apparent for a long time. If they’re the kind of company you want to keep, what does it say about you? And if you were looking to build or sustain the Florida program, would you want a guy, maybe Dorsey, who can’t see the problem of submitting his football and educational goals to a guy as untrustworthy, unscrupulous as Lane? I say, let Dorsey go.

  7. Give the scholarship to a player that wants to be a part of gator nation and win championships. We could use another lineman, LB, WR or QB in his place. He’s probably not committing Lane Kiffin but running from the competition at UF.

    Gators Rule, Kiffins a tool!

  8. Not quite sure how 65% or 80% committed works. If you aren’t 100% committed, you are not committed. I’m sure Demar is a great athlete, but it sounds like he’s playing games. The Gators have plenty of DBs and a great class working…I think they should pull this guy’s offer so they have time to replace him.

  9. I have no problem with this 18 y/o kid visiting other schools, and wavering on his verbal…that is the recruiting game…win some, lose some. But…ANY recruir who would even give Lame Kiffin and USC the time of day is a complete idiot. Just look at the track record of LK…no integrity, no class, and extremely immature. What I would like to know is who is guiding this kid, whi is mentoring him? Unbelievable!

  10. so guys lets say your commited to florida and you have a couple weekends free why not take the FREE visits and explore places you wont be attending and enjoy the experience of being a top athlete. you guys are really over reacting and could possible be pushing demar off to lane kiffin.

  11. Hey Demar! Dont let stiff competition scare you. Yea, you have a stellar group competing with you. Just focused on your own abilities and attributes. Your gift will get you playing time. If not as a defensive back, maybe as a speedster receiver. After all, dont you want to score a bunch of TDs? Dont let the Kiffins fool you. They already had proven how loyal they are with their players. Just as those athletes up in Knoxville.

  12. Hey Demar! Dont let stiff competition scare you. Yea, you have a stellar group competing with you. Just focused on your own abilities and attributes. Your gift will get you playing time. If not as a defensive back, maybe as a speedster receiver. After all, dont you want to score a bunch of TDs? Dont let the Kiffins fool you. They already had proven how loyal they are with their players. Just ask those athletes up in Knoxville.

  13. Kiffin tells these guys, that are going to be far from home, that they can get them this and that to help them make it. Then they sign, stuck far from home whith no money or support, because Kiffin knew he couldn’t do the things he saið – especially with the NCAA investigators crawling around everywhere. The young man ends up broke and desparate for money so he can join his buddies on the party scene. Thats when the trouble comes – doing whatever to get some cash. Look at Nukeese! Its sad too, because you have coaches like Kiffin telling these guys whatever he thinks will turn them, regardless of the position it puts the recruit in. That said, if Dorsey can be influence by a dirt bag like Kiffin, what will he do when that dirty agent comes snooping around? I say we should give him a “fish or cut bait” ultimatam and go ahead and fill the spot with another recruit. If he is woogy-eyed over Kiffin then he doesn’t fit into the mold. Let him go and show people that we are the UF and we don’t settle for less than 100 percent Gator.

    John C

  14. Lexus dealership owner in Knoxville is openly acknowledging Kiffin left the seen of an accident where drinking with coeds was suspected. There are suggested rumors of a downtown apartment kept for Kiffin to fraternize with coeds, Vol program is under open NCAA investigation for it’s recruiting tactics and has more ammunition to work with after Orgeron contacts Vol recruits encouraging them to not attend class. In lieu of all of this and oh yeah, USC is getting ready to get the hammer by the NCAA, Dorsey wants to visit Lane and Co, OK!

  15. My take is this. it seems that he just wants to take visits. Free food, free trip, gets to see other places in the USA and for one, you don’t hear about any of the coaches being concerned. I think that there will be a conversation after the trips with the staff and an ultimatum will be presented to make sure of his thinking, but then again, the Nukeese situation is still fresh when it comes to recruiting. We wil all know shortly of what he will do. Maybe there should be a cutoff date that students need to have to notify a school of their intentions that is separate of the signing day. There should be more accountability when the school is offering a free education, a place to live and free food. Just my take.

  16. Mike Plant, I would agree with you about the idea that he just wants to go visit around, except he’s still going to take his visit to FSU, but not to us. If he just wants to take in the L.A. sites, I can understand that, but why not cancel the FSU visit if that’s the case? He looks like another one of these guys who’s looking for a reason to go somewhere besides UF. If he’s not sure he wants to be here, he should go somewhere else.

  17. These kids need to be careful with a committment to Kiffins program at USC.. His track record is one of lying, no loyalty to the school he previously worked for, no loyalty to the recruits, and simply stated a user. If you know that going in and still want to play for this guy fine. But you better be careful what you wish for. Kiffin will throw theses kids under the bus in a heartbeat.

  18. Lane Kiffin has shown that he cannot restrain himself from foolish talk. There is a biblical proverb that says, “The companion of fools will suffer harm.” If Demar Dorsey wants to suffer harm, then he should go play for Lane Kiffen.

  19. Ed,

    I’ve heard this story a couple of times and there is never a retort to Mr. Dorseys statement, “The coaches that were recruiting me at Florida are gone. Coach (Billy) Gonzales, coach (Vance) Bedford and all of them left.” Are we to assume that another coach on staff has not been assigned to this kid? It almost sounds as if no one is reaching out to him. Why is that? Or am I way off? Please respond.

  20. He’s an young kid fresh out of HS with a lot of attention on him. You can’t blame him for wanting to milk the experience for all it’s worth, I would. However still don’t know that I would go to SoCal for a visit either way. USC is under investigation as well as Tennessee and Kiffin…looks like a no win in any direction.

    Demar – UF could use you, competition breeds championships, but should you choose to play elsewhere, good luck to you in the future.

  21. Hey all you idiots, Kiffen did what was best for him and his family. This is a business and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. U.S.C is the number 1 job in the country. Add in the weather, culture, wife loves it, and its home, it was a no brainer. This does not mean he’s a bad guy or coach. Secondly, USC’s roster is full of out of states kids who dont end up broke and homeless. USC happens to be one of the top academic schools in the nation that most High school kids here in Los Angeles can’t even get into, so just getting a degree from there is worth the distance.

  22. Pray for them all. Dorsey seems like a early Dallas Baker type. It may take some hard sit downs to get him in the right frame of mind. If he sticks it out with us it will be to his benefit. I bet him anything on that I assure you.

  23. Well, anyone who came upon this column late, as I did, knows how right the majority of comments above were: this WAS one commit you’d want to stay away from, it seems. Rash of legal troubles, felony charges to go with the smack-talk and Lane Kiffen interest…got to wonder how desperate FSU has gotten that they’ve apparently jumped at the opportunity to sign a physically gifted Gator cast-off and HANG the character issues! Looks like the “Nuke” references may have been prophetic, and the ‘Noles will have no excuses if/when the risk backfires.

  24. I know i’m late lol but i was doing some investigating on line and “James” is from a USC recruiting board. USC will never be the #1 job in the country, that is Texas and Florida. USC is in a horrible part of LA with inferior facilities however 🙂 Oh yea and they are getting pounded by the NCAA…Should be even more fun in la la land.