Final big recruiting weekend


This is it.

This is the final big recruiting weekend for Florida’s staff. Starting tonight, Florida will be hosting a crop of top talent, both committed to the Gators and uncommitted. With four spots remaining in already a stellar class, this weekend could go a long way to finalizing this group.

Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King running back commit Mack Brown is expected to take his only official visit, meaning Florida has finally locked up the every-down back coach Urban Meyer has coveted since his arrival.

One prospect not expected in is Cincinnati St. Xavier offensive lineman Matt James. At the last mintue, James decided he won’t be making the trip to Gainesville this weekend, all but eliminating the Gators.

Winter Park Lake Howell linebacker Christian Jones is finally going to make it to Gainesville for a meaningful visit. He’s coming in for the weekend, but he said it will be an unofficial visit because he will only be taking official visits to out-of-state schools. Getting Jones on campus is huge because West Chester, Ohio, Lakota West linebacker Jordan Hicks seems to be slightly favoring Texas over Florida.

Florida will also be entertaining Tampa Catholic teammates Christian Green (receiver) and Chaz Green (offensive line). Florida was the leader for both prospects, but as the season unfolded they began to look at other schools. Chaz Green heavily favored Tennessee, but with Lane Kiffin headed to USC, the Vols could be out of the equation. However, this could mean that Green could visit USC to check out Kiffin and his staff at his new school. The Gators have a very good shot at turning Chaz Green back to their side this weekend. It could be a little tougher for Christian Green. He’s down to Florida State, Georgia and Florida, and from all accounts the Gators are in third place. Still, this is the time for the staff to make up some much-needed ground. Florida is looking to add at least one more receiver prospect to this class.

There will be two less-heralded, yet very athletic prospects making official visits this weekend. Tampa Leto defensive back Jeremy Deering and Homestead linebacker Darrin Kitchens will be in town. Deering, who also played some time on offense in high school, decided to visit Florida instead of South Carolina this weekend. He could be an offensive option if a couple of the bigger names don’t work out. Kitchens could be an option if Florida’s original linebacker targets ā€” Michael Taylor included ā€” don’t work out. I find it hard to believe that Taylor won’t be a part of this class, but nothing is official just yet.

Here are the committed players headed in this weekend:

  • Mack Brown, RB, Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King
  • Lynden Trail, DE, Miami Booker T. Washington
  • Quinton Dunbar, WR, Booker T. Washington
  • Dominique Easley, DT, Staten Island, N.Y., Curtis
  • Gideon Ajagbe, LB, Coconut Grove Ransom Everglades

Note: I got word last night that San Diego Mission Bay running back Dillon Baxter is looking to visit Florida at some point this month. He’s still committed to USC. Nothing is official, but I was told that Baxter, who ESPN reported has opened up his recruitment, likes the idea of possibly lining up at quarterback in Florida’s offense.


  1. Chaz Green would be a real high priority. Michael Taylor would fulfill the need for one more LB. Now, we REALLY need to secure that tall reciever and then anything else in this class would be a bonus… Any further word on McCartney or Coxson???

  2. Thankfully Meyer and crew was able to complete the staff so there is not alot of uncertainty looming in our program. Hoping we secure a couple of more recruits and maintain the current commits untl Signing Day.
    I pray Dillon Baxter becomes a Gator. He seems to flash some Percy Harvin attributes in my opinion. Plus he can be an option back if needed.
    The next 18 days will be one intense period.

  3. obviously he meant running back instead of qb for baxter,,but please enough with everyone who has some moves to be compared to percy!!! very few have percys quickness and speed and baxter is certainloy not one of them!! BTW, Q Dunbar is listed at 6’3 so there is your tall receiver!

  4. I am familiar with both Chaz Green and Christian Green. Chaz is a bum, lazy and will wash out in two years if someone isn’t there to wipe his butt for him (watch out for daddy). Christian on the other hand does not have any hands. He is slow & unskilled at the WR position and will be a 4 year bench jockey. Look somewhere else.

  5. I’m looking forward to many “Mack-Attacks” by “Touchdown-Brown” (are you listening Mick Hubert?).
    Based on what I’ve seen of Mack Brown on YouTube, his balance and lateral agility remind me of Emmitt Smith; his braun reminds me of Erict Rhett (someone else in these forums likened this characteristic of his to Mark Ingram); his speed – particularly his open field stride (gate) – remind me of Ted Ginn; and his down field “smooth-jukes” remind me of Percy Harvin!!!!
    Too good to be true?!? Maybe. But that’s what I saw!!

  6. Any chance Powell could be the power back for the Gators in 3rd and short yardage situations? He has the speed, tight end hands and monster size.

    A great quote:

    The all-star games are normally a fertile recruiting ground for committed players to recruit other players to join them at their school, but Christian hasn’t even had to sell the program.

    “Florida is basically just recruiting itself right now. I haven’t had to say a thing,” Christian said.

    Also just read that 5 star Jeffcoat is not going to visit Florida this weekend.

  7. I suspect it was UF who eliminated Matt James, not the other way around, as the article suggests. So often in recruiting when a guy doesn’t make a visit, and instead goes elsewhere(cincy?), that is the true story. Which would bode well for the Gators.

  8. I am a long-time Gator grad and fan going back to the 60’s. If you are a recruit reading this blog you need to take these comments entered above with a grain of salt. The coaching staff are the only judge of your talent that counts. Florida is a superb program and an excellent university. Gainesville is a big college town that is perfect for students and your new life for the next several years. UF will prepare you for the next level whether it is the NFL or a profession. What you will find in Gainesville are the most talented and bright people working extremely hard at what they do. In high school it is easy to excel if you have smarts or talent. At UF you will find that this is not good enough if you aim to excel. You will need to challenge yourself to work at levels you had not attained in high school. UF will help you develop to the maximum of your abilities.

  9. Great job Meyer and company. One thing that astounds me is Trey Burton is a 3 star recruit. I believe he has the albility to make an impact at the college level. Time will tell, but I am predicting great success for him at Florida.

    With John Brantley at the helm next year and the wealth of talent on this team, I think the Gators have a chance to be very, very good next year.

    We are loaded on bothsides of the ball and Meyer and company are refilling the cupboard with some really talented players.

    Can’t wait until next season. Gooooooooooooooo Gators!

  10. Iā€™m with TAMPA DAVE, any word on McCartney or Coxson?

    Ditto, Christians Green, while a great athlete, appears to be a project at WR. And yes, I have also heard that Chaz Green has tons of potential but very little work ethic which is not unusual for many of these “stud” atheltes coming out of high school.

  11. I love this class… We have 2 Derrick Harvey’s coming in at DE and the 2009 team’s weakness at WR will be 2010 strength. Andre Debois anyone… This kid has recovered 90% from his surgery and will be a serious slot receiver and always a deep threat. If our defensive line soph and jr’s don’t step up, this class of freshman could very well have a couple starts. They are that good. Reloading is the name of this game…

  12. Ken- Hendrix visited UF last week and he has reaffirmed the ND committment. From everything that I’m hearing Hicks has us trailing UT, and he grew up a Longhorn fan. Christian Green I watched in the FHSAA playoffs and he has skill but his route running would take atleast a year to develop. Chaz Green is a good OT when he wants to be, but he takes drives off and he has rubbed the UF staff the wrong way in the last two months. The three guys that I think we need most(and have the best chance of landing): (1) Coxson-WR, (2) Taylor-LB, (3) Chaz Green-OT. If we got Hicks our 2011 LB corp would consist of Jenkins-WLB, Bostic-MLB, Hicks-SLB, maybe the best corp in Gator history if they pan out! Go Gators!

  13. When I first saw how HUGE Henderson was, not to mention his high ranking, I was stoked at the possibility of him coming to Florida. OL is so critical!
    But when I watched him on YouTube, I became concerned because he seemed very slow. The fast DE’s in the SEC will eat him alive. And at 6’8″, I’m not optimistic at him becoming much faster. He might be better at DT.
    Also, I watched Hicks on YouTube, and he seems to like to tackle by jumping on top of players. While that might LOOK intimidating in high school, it won’t work in college. He should wrap-up from the waist down!
    QB’s like Tebow and RB’s like Ingram would simply “carry” him for an extra 5 – 7 yards until some other defender made the actual tackle.
    Let’s not be too enamored with stats on paper.

  14. It’s easy to get excited, but remember, projecting what 18 year old kids will do over the next 3 to 4 years is pure conjecture. For every Tim Tebow, there is a Brock Berlin or a Donald Douglas. Forget how many stars some recruiting service has assigned. Winning teams are built around guys like Ryan Stamper, Chris Doering, Rex Grossman (not even recruited) and the like, as well as the highly sought after players. Patience boys.