Ask Aschoff 1/13


It’s almost over folks and we have some important questions to answer this week. Lane Kiffin and his departure from the SEC to USC was discussed in an earlier blog, so I stayed away from that subject for the most part. Still, good topics for this week’s edition.

On to the questions!

Robbie Andreu’s breaking news says that 11 of our 24 commits are enrolled and that 3 are expected to count back to 2009, and that UF is expected to sign the SEC max of 28. Now does that equate to 31 commits signing on Feb. 3 if three count back to 2009?
— pgagator

This has been the biggest question since Florida signed the mighty trifecta Saturday. I posted the scholarship breakdown on the message board, but, hey, not everyone has time for message boards. So, here’s the breakdown for you …

The NCAA allows for 25 scholarships to be given out each recruiting year no matter how many juniors, seniors, sophomores, freshmen or water boys a school loses. The SEC allows for schools to sign 28 players. Now, if a school signed fewer the year before, it can try and roll back early enrolled commitments to the previous year’s class.

Florida currently has 24 verbal commitments and 11 of those are already on campus. To meet the SEC maximum, Florida can only sign four more prospects to get up to 28. That’s it. Just 28. So to meet the NCAA’s rule of 25 maximum scholarships, Florida will roll back three early enrolled commitments to the 2009 class because the Gators only signed 17 in last year’s class. If they get four more commitments (and with those three rolled back), UF will finish with 25 scholarships for the 2010 class and 28 signed.

As for the maximum of 85 total scholarships on the Gators’ roster, it won’t matter on Signing Day. If the coaches want the athletes they’ve signed, they’ll make room. This happens with transfers, players leaving the program and juniors leaving for the draft. If the staff needs room, it will find some.

Do you think since we got those guys this weekend, this might be the best class ever at UF? It seems to me that we are getting a lot of top 100 recruits even with the distractions.
— collazo

I wrote about this earlier in the week, but I only wrote about the opinions of others. My opinion? No. I said at the beginning of the year that I thought this could be the best class in Florida history, until I looked at the quality of top-end skill players that Florida was actively recruiting. There is no Tim Tebow. There is no Percy Harvin. And I’m throwing out what those two guys did at UF because who knows what any of Florida’s 2010 guys will do once they get on the playing field. When you look back at the 2006 class, Florida pulled in the No.1 quarterback, wide receiver, offensive lineman and linebacker.

With the depth that Florida has, especially on offense, it was just too hard to mimic the offensive firepower that class had.

However, this class could be the best defensive class Florida or anyone has ever had. It has the best player in the country in Ronald Powell, two of the best defensive tackles in Dominique Easley and Sharrif Floyd and one of the top athletes in the country in Matt Elam. This could be the most athletic defensive class I’ve ever seen.

But the offensive star just isn’t there. I think Mack Brown and Chris Dunkley are the offensive prizes of this class and are both elite players, but unlike 2006, the top players at quarterback, wide receiver and running back are headed elsewhere. I’m not taking anything away from who they have, but guys like Kyle Prater, Marcus Lattimore and any top-rated quarterback aren’t in this class. It’s a special class and will be one of the best, but I can’t put it up there with the 2006 class.

Any real news on Seantrel Henderson? This kid is obviously the real deal. My secret hope is that he will come play football and walk on to the basketball team. Billy D could definately use the size inside – i.e. the Vanderbilt game.

I talked to a very reliable source this week and asked about Henderson’s situation and his feeling was that Florida has an “OK” shot at landing Henderson and that Ohio State and USC seem to be the leaders. The problem is that as soon as he says something about recruiting he goes silent a minute later, so it’s really hard to tell exactly what he’s thinking. Lane Kiffin is actually a very attractive name for prospects. Whether you like him or not, he’s a great recruiter and now he’ll be able to recruit in Los Angeles of all places. Henderson has already taken officials to all three finalists, so it will come down to communication between now and when he commits on National Signing Day. In-home visits will be crucial from here on out.

I will say this, Henderson and his father have a great relationship with Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio, so having both basically in charge at the moment definitely helps the Gators.

Ed, Big day on Saturday. Now what? Upon whom do you think the Gators concentrate their efforts in order to complete their class, and who do you think they can realistically hope to sway at this point? Thanks.
— Doug

The top guys that I believe are left to fill out the final four spots (or more if any recruits back out) are:

1. Jordan Hicks, LB, West Chester, Ohio, West Lakota

2. Seantrel Henderson, OL, Saint Paul, Minn., Cretin-Derham Hall

3. Ivan McCartney, WR, Miramar

4. Michael Taylor, LB, Atlanta Westlake

5. Christian Jones, LB, Winter Park Lake Howell

6. Adrian Coxson, WR, Baltimore, Md., City College High

7. Chaz Green, OL, Tampa Catholic

8. Christian Green, WR, Tampa Catholic

9. Kadron Boone, WR, Ocala Trinity Catholic

10. Matt James, OL, Cincinnati St. Xavier

I think Florida would like to get at least one more linebacker, offensive lineman and wide receiver. That’s three spots with one wild card. It’s safe to say that Taylor could commit to Florida soon, leaving three spots which Florida would gladly give to Hicks, Henderson and McCartney. But I could see many different scenarios for the final four spots. Getting any four of these guys would be a great way to end the class.


  1. I read where Taylor has committed as of tonight. If so, that takes us to 3 available spots if Dorsey, and anyone else who may be on the fence stays. My wish list would be Henderson, McCartney, and Hicks, but I’d take any combination of the 10 you listed and be happy as a lark. Anyway you slice it, Meyer and staff have done yet another stellar job of recruiting top-notch players.

  2. I believe 5* WR Da’Rick Rogers is on our final list and will come in for a visit. He would be that offensive firepower we need. Also, with the upheaval at USC, 5* QB/APB Dillon Baxter is being pursued. He also is Offensive firepower. He was raised in Jacksonville and still has family here.

  3. Ed,

    The hiring of Lane Kiffin, Monte and Ed Orgeron got me thinking if Powell and Floyd would end up changing their minds and play for USC instead on NSDay.

    Do you think that this may happen? Say it ain’t so.

    Orgeron is a master recruiter and Monte is an NFL type name kids likes to hear and play for. Powell lives in CA and he persuaded Floyd to play with him at UF. Both also had USC in the mix before their pledge.

    I hope that is not the case because I would love to have these guys on our D-line.

    What is the latest on these guys anyways.

  4. Ed,

    I certainly agree with the choices of Hicks, Henderson, and McCartney in the first three slots. I would put Christian Jones in the fourth position. I think with his size he could develop into a better inside backer. we do need a run stopper in that position.

    I think it is critical that we keep Mack Brown, how serious is his interest in taking other visits?

    Thanks for the great information, keep us posted please.

    Lsa Vegas John

  5. USC is about to get hammered by the NCAA. Orgeron will have a hard time swaying recruits that want to play for a championship.

    Davis called Kiffen a liar and a disgrace to the Raiders. Thats saying a lot when you can disgrace a team with their reputation. Too bad da’ Mouth left the Vols so soon. I wanted to see him fully disgrace himself and shame Tennessee for stooping so low. Maybe the Vols will get him back after USC gives him the boot in a couple of years. Then we get to stomp da’ Mouth one more time.
    There are two desperate programs with good players and are likely to lose a few good ones. UF is more likely to benefit on signing day.

  6. After watching QB Andrew Hendrix on YouTube, I can’t understand why we didn’t offer him a scholly (especially knowing he was leaning our way).
    He is flat-out exhilarating to watch — very Tebow-esque!! 6’3″, 225lbs., 4.8 40 (allegedly, though he looks faster — could be his H.S. competition), adequately strong arm, very accurate passer — even while scrambling, jukes defenders better than Tebow and perhaps even better than most RB’s, and like one of the things we loved Tebow so much for, he is fearless when staring down a defender — if he’s unable to juke the defender, he lowers his shoulder and punishes him!!! When he is wrapped-up by a defender, he’s difficult to bring down (though, we learned with Tebow the potential downside of that — fumbles!).
    The three things that impress me the most about him are his quickness, strength, and most of all (even more-so than Tebow), his ability to throw accurately on the run!!!
    Mark my words, Andrew Hendrix will be the next “Tim Tebow!” [SACRILEDGE, I know!!].
    (PS: Ed – In response to someone’s question about Hendrix, commenting about his speed, you described it as adequate (or something to the effect thereof). A 4.8 40 (if accurate) might suggest that, BUT, Oh what he does with it!!!).

    (The BUY-IN [strength of inspiration] + The STAY-IN [strength of body and will] = The PAY-OFF!) — {the degree of the LATTER depends on the degreeS of the FORMER [both of which the Gators lacked in the SEC Championship game against Alabama!]}.


  7. Is it me, or are we pretty thin at the QB position? I think that Brantley is going to be incredible, but if he goes down we could be in big trouble. Jordan Reed has impressed so much at QB that they have talked about moving him to TE, which leaves Trey Burton, a true freshman 3 star recruit, as our only other QB. I know the coaches liked Burton at camp where he earned an offer, but from my perspective it seems like he’s one of those guys who has potential, but isn’t a sure thing. Are the coaches convinced that he our QB of the future? If so, I’m relieved to hear that, and I’d sure like to read more articles about how great he is. If that is not the case, I’m surprised that we have allowed a hole to develop in our depth to the point that our season would be completely derailed by one injury (to Brantley). We could also be in trouble if Brantley is so good this year that he goes to the NFL (awfully premature to speculate on that, but he has looked like a classic NFL QB to me during his brief PT). In summary, this seems to be the 900 lb gorilla in the room that nobody seems to be talking about. Any thoughts?

  8. Since Demar is flirting around, aren’t we? If Dorsey decomitts who do we go after? I don’t think we get Hicks, i think he’s a Horn but I think Henderson can be swayed. We need our guys to lock up Powell, Floyd etc because Kiffin and his crew are gonna go hard after ’em. QB is slim this year but what about Bama’s QB or Notre Dames? Glad we offered the Vols kicker, we need to get a good one. Ok so who of the 10 do you think we have no shot at all with? Is it just me or is Chaz Green not wanting to be a Gator? Or is it he wants to make sure we want him with all the guys jumping on the bandwagon? What’s the deal with him, i thought he’d be all Gator but now i’m thinking maybe he’s going to go Nole?