Elam decommits from FSU


If things weren’t crazy enough with the Matt Elam saga, he’s now decommitted from two schools in just under a week’s time. After reneging on his verbal commitment to the Gators last Thursday, Elam told reporters that he was done with recruiting and would be enrolling early at FSU following the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. He was even rejecting Urban Meyer’s phone calls because he was so upset with Meyer’s situation. But that all changed. Once Elam picked up one of Meyer’s calls, everything was normal again for the West Palm Beach Dwyer safety. The two reportedly had an emotional conversation Monday, and two days later Elam decided to open up his recruitment once again.

“I’m decomitting,” Elam said in a text to UGASports, an affiliate of Rivals.com, on Wednesday after being asked if he was still headed to Tallahassee.

“Florida is first for me right now, followed by Georgia and Florida State is third.”

Elam is expected to make his final decision Saturday, during the Army game. The way the Rivals story read, while everyone has pegged Florida as his eventual school of choice, apparently Georgia has made up some ground. I don’t see Georgia ending up with Elam, but he made an interesting point by saying Georgia has six safeties on its roster while Florida and Florida State have eight. Elam has always talked about how he wants to get on the field early in college. … Still, I’m going to go with my gut and say that he’ll end Saturday as a Gator.


  1. Ed

    Thanks for your reporting enjoy your column/blog each time I open Gatorsports.com . My question I understand it is according to the talent level of each class but could you give us an estimate of how many 4 and 5 stars are in this class and maybe last years for comparison.
    Go Gators and Thanks

  2. I hope that Elam proves on the field that he is worth the 5 star and the drama that he has trailed along. That is all I have to say about this kid although I don’t fault him on his indecision because committing to a school for the next 4 yrs of your life is not an easy decision to make.

  3. If Matt does commit to the Gatros on Saturday, it will show that Urban Meyer and Florida Continues to be the top program in the Nation. Regardless of what happens this is the place that all young student athelets should aspire to be. This is where they have the best to chance to be all that they can be! Go Gators!!!

  4. Can someone help me out here? I graduated a few years back, but I believe UF classes started yesterday. And drop/add likely ends on Friday. How can he early enroll if he won’t show up til next week at the earliest? How does he take classes?

  5. I am sure these kids go through a lot of pressure trying to decide where to spend the next 4 years of their life. However, Elam sounds like a head case. When did Georgia ever come in the picture? Great if we get him but who cares if we dont.

  6. Ed, are you still being a Doubting Thomas regarding Coach Meyer’s situation?

    I’m glad Coach is clearing the air with Elam and the others as to what’s currently taking place. Based on the way we’ve managed to convince Elam to re-consider his commitment ot f$u and have retained our verbals to-date, that’s one way of telling me that Coach is intent on coming back to the Gator sidelines later this year and meant what he said after the Sugar Bowl.

  7. dear matt
    i think you will be a gator. a great gator. hope to hear that sat at all star game.
    hadon/monroe/anderson/peirre will be gone this year. maybe black/wright also. next year jenkins/wright/black are gone. this years recruits only have findley & evans to beat out. bottom line is that you come & you will play.

  8. When he shows up to what ever school he attends and all the drama ends what then?????Is he going to have a hard time with not being called and fluffed up constantly by coaches and assistants telling him what he wants to hear?

  9. This is a step in the right direction for Matt Elam. His de-commitment from FSU definitely, shows Elam’s desires to become a Gator and play for a school that will give him a chance to showcase his abilities and talent on and off the field and more importanly, in the classroom.
    Keep following your heart Matt to come to the place where you belong, The University of Florida!
    GO GATORS!!!

  10. Ed, quick question. I know that the SEC limit for a class is 25 spots. However when I was browsing rivals.com I noticed that Auburn had 27 commits. Do they have to lose kids or is there a way around this limit that some teams are using and the Gators can use as well?

  11. I’m amped up for the Army game announcements this Saturday. With Powell and Floyd making their choices and Elam supposedly finalizing his once again, the Gators have a chance to make a HUGE splash. Hopefully, all 3 decide to come our way, but I’m not greedy. I’ll settle for two, one even. LOL

  12. Who cares how many safeties are on the roster. Compete!!!! Don’t avoid the competition, beat them out. If you have more talent than the next guy you will start regardless. I really don’t care if we get this kid.
    GO GATORS!!!!!

  13. TJ Krickovich-
    If AU undersigned last years class, they can do Early Enroll & count them towards that last class, up to their 25.
    Also, if they know a guy isn’t going to Academically qualify, they can sign & Greyshirt for the next class. He does have to sign again, so has to be re-recruited. I’m not sure if this(GS) counts against the 25 or not, though. Ed?

  14. Is he even worht the trouble. Haden wasn’t even a defensive player, and look where he is now. Elam, will only cause trouble end up transfering, etc. The Gators don’t need shuch player, regardless of how good they were in HS. This is the big time boys!

  15. Let the kid make his decision.

    Personally, I hope he ends up in Hogtown. Urban would be very good for the kid.

    I wish him peace with his decision and the best of luck regardless of his choice!

    Go Gators.

  16. A high profile player gets plenty of media pressure for an instant response to a chaotic Florida picture painted by the same media. In the end it looks like the kid will be impressed with some Gator Cornerbacks going pro. Also doesn’t hurt to see who just got Rookie of the Year in the NFL.

    Looking forward to another strong recruiting class that fits the Gators. In the guessing game it looks like Elam is a Gator.

  17. Ed,

    I am a member with Gator Country, but I always check back with Gators Sports and the Scout Leader to get the scoop. This story is hotter than a pan-fish in a skillet, so any and all nuggets of this saga is good stuff. Keep ’em coming. Thanks for the updates and keep up the good work.

  18. i knew he would come to gville ! if he wants to win championships he’ll come on home to titletown ! if his remarks don’t tell you something then your crazy.now all of a sudden fsu is 3rd, come on .he will be in gville and evryone will see how good this kid really is.go gators !

  19. Ed, this is a classic case of why we need an early signing period for football. That way you seperate the men from the boys. Everyone would benefit because it would end alot of these “non commitable” offers these schools make and also give the players peace of mind that they have a scholarship in hand and it would end most of this kind of nonsense where schools have to keep recruiting even commited players.

  20. To GatorFan09:

    I completely agree with you. I wish Urban had kept his mouth shut also. However, I don’t know all the facts nor do I care to. But, I can imagine that Urban and his wife were stared almost to death that he may be having a heart attack and that he might DIE. I don’t know how old you are because death, your death, may be just an abstract thought in youth. But I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been. Now that the mood is set–I also think when he made that statement about resigning it was to his family and those close to him. I don’t think he ever intended for it to get out until he was ready for it to. I have a feeling he was outed by someone who overheard, that has no ethics, and needed to feel important. It was a private statement made in ‘private’. I’m sure the paramedics may have overheard some strong, emotional comments also; but they didn’t blab it.

    Just like anything else, let’s not be so quick to judge. He may not have actually made the statement publicly. He may have just been responding to it being made public.

    But I do think he should have definitely made crystal clear the circumstances and his future. But even if he had done it the next day, I think Elam had already changed his mind. Huh, kids?

  21. Bottom line is that Matt is a young person asked to make one of the most critical calls of his life. I empathize with him because I have also had to make some decisions that were hard, including where to attend college. At last he’s honest enough to not hide his conflicting feelings in a whirlind of pressure from major college coaches.

    All this 4 and 5 star stuff is overrated anyway because it in NO way measures a young person’s heart. If it did no way Appalchian State could have beaten all those star players at Michigan, or USF could have beaten all the stars at FSU.
    AND how many 3, 4, and 5 star players are busts in college football. Again, no measure of heart or team committment, just statistical individual numbers.

    Wherever Matt goes I hope that his heart is a 5 star committ to his choice of university. Whatever he decides will be the right choice. And there is more to life than football. TAKE CARE OF THE OTHER PARTS AND WINNING WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.

    Go Gators!!

  22. Honesty is the backbone of ethics. I think that it is unethical for a coach to wait until after signing day to reveal that he is going to resign, take a leave of absence, transfer to another university or the NFL until after signing day. How would you; or perhaps one of your children,like to be treated? Don’t forget that these recruits are making a commitment that has long term ramifications.

    For those of you who say that a recruit is signing on for the program has some truth, but the leader of the program manners. Just take a look at the program under Spurrrier, Zuck and Myers-big difference-right!

    Ervin Myers is getting his priorities right and so far has been ethical in the process.