Assistant coaches still recruiting hard


With the loses of receivers coach Billy Gonzales (LSU) and defensive coordinator Charlie Strong (Louisville) I wanted to know how the recruiting visits and talks were going with the other Florida assistant coaches. Running backs coach Kenny Carter said early last week that even without those two — who were considered top recruiters for the Gators — he and the other assistants haven’t had to adjust much.

Urban Meyer spent all week recruiting, mainly in California, and is the Gators’ No. 1 recruiter. Period. End of discussion. The assistants are very, very important, but Florida has one of the best in the game. So while new relationships will have to be made, Florida isn’t missing much with Meyer at the helm. Yes, Chris Martin (California) and Jeff Luc (Florida State) were probably affected by the loss of those two assistant coaches, but Florida is still in the running for top players at defensive end and linebacker, so it’s not like this class will completely fall apart.

I mean, Carter just smiled when I asked him if he and the other assistants were having to move fast once Gonzales left for LSU.

“We got the receivers coach (Zach Azzani) the next day and we moved forward,” Carter said. “In this profession you’re going to have transition. It’s part of it, so you get another coach. There’s a long line of people that want to coach at Florida. We’re moving right along.”

Since Gonzales and Strong left, the Gators lost out on two very talented players, but picked up two solid athletes in the process. Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas cornerback Cody Riggs and West Palm Beach Dwyer receiver Robert Clark both committed to the Gators. Not bad when you get two players from two positions that just saw major movement in coaching.

But what about Carter? His name has come up in discussions concerning jobs elsewhere. There were rumors that he was ready to leave with Strong. How would recruits respond? Would other schools put the pressure on recruits and tell them Carter would be gone soon? How would Carter make his recruiting pitch to guys like prized running back commit Mack Brown? Carter was instrumental in landing him and things would get pretty interesting if he decided to leave.

All that drama I just spouted really leads up to nothing because Carter said he really didn’t have to say much to recruits about his future.

“You don’t approach them (about his job status) because I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “It’s a non-issue and if they ask me about it I tell them what the deal is and that is that I’m a Gator and I’m not going anywhere.”

News hasn’t been too great around Florida’s program lately, but it seems recruiting is still chugging along.


  1. Any news on how the Seantrel Henderson visit went? Also, Who of the top name prospects left on the board (Powell, Jeffcoat,Floyd, Henderson, etc.) do you see the Gators having a realistic shot at getting on signing day?

  2. Ed,
    What are the Gators chance in landing Sentreal Henderson into Gainesville? He is already at college level weight and talent. He would really compliment the lineup if the Pouncey twins (and Johnson) decide to leave for the NFL. I’m sure him being a frosh would not be a factor since the coaching staff decided to plug in Xavier Nixon during the latter part of the season.

  3. i’m surprise that uf hasn’t really wheeled in any top qb. Trey might be good but i’m not that confindent in him, he wasn’t even rated in the top ten as a dual qb, at least the last 5 qb’s that has been at uf was ranked in top ten when they were coming out of high school if not higher. tebow, brantley, newton, reed, and leak. the coaches were going to move reed to TE, and if that was to happen that would only leave uf with brantly and trey, that is very scary.

  4. The GATOR SCRIPT must not be sold out for a few pieces of silver.
    The script is our tradition from Shane Mathews to Tim Tebow. It was our logo thru the not so good years, the Spurrier years and now to date the Meyer era. Would FSU abandon the spear? Georgia the G? Tennessee the T? Alabama the helmet number? Notre Dame the Gold helmet? Etc for all other teams that value history and tradition?? I think not why are the Gators? A quote from Urban Meyers site, “A clean letter “F” replaces the “Gator” script on the helmet, while clean lines run throughout the uniform.”
    Is this the end of the script or for the sale of some item? If more money must be generated let it be the Floating Gator head and the ‘F’ but leave the “Gator” script on the helmet. It is our history and our tradition and should not be abandoned. If the above is true and you feel as I do write someone and let them know. I will only wear my “Gator” script apperal and nothing else.

  5. Has anyone considered the possibility of a major coup by trying to lure Tony Dungy? One of the greatest defensive coordinators in history, and a man of unquestioned character. He still has ties to the area, and I’d be willing to cough up a few more booster dollars to get a coach of this calibre, and what high school kid wouldn,t want to play defense under him?

  6. In the Class 6-A championship game, I saw two very tall and talented receivers from Merimar. One of them caught 4 touchdown passes in the championship game. Do we have any chance with either or both of these gusy?

  7. I want a NEW & GREATER GATOR logo. I want something to rival what everyone considers the #1 FB logo in the world – the Michigan helmet.

    We should aspire to GREATNESS. We can do better than recite the tired old mantra about “tradition”.

    I do NOT want “letters” or “scripts” as logos. How about we hire the best logo designers in the world and come up with a NEW EXCITING FRESH TINTILLATING logo and finally compete with the big boys of Michigan for the title of “BEST LOGO IN THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL”.

    TO ALL GATORS ACROSS THE WORLD – Aspire to Greatness and let the AD & URBAN MEYER & everyone know that we are “GOING FOR THE GOLD”.

  8. Florida will be solid at QB for a long while. They are fine thid year, and may not even need to take on next year…..DT’s and OL’s are key. Tebow will be sorely missed, but the QB position at Florida is as good as it will be anywhere else! Top 3 easy.

  9. Michigan’s helemt is the best?….That’s a “croc”. Its also a very 1980’s type thought.
    Florida doesn’t need any changes not already in the works from Nike. I do believe, like Oregon, they should have 2-3 different colored helmets to pick from during the year; — but the blue w/orange script is THE #1 brand in the land.

  10. All this termoil. It really doesnt bother me much. I feel like meyer has it in the bag and recruits know he will bring in more of the best. This program is destined for greatness and will attract recruits for years to come. Brantley will end up a great player (really wish he would have played more)and Trey will follow up just fine. We will be fine. Go Gators!

  11. For the love off God!! Please tell me the GATORS are not going w/the new helmet it is awful!! Go back to the script it works and is Awesome!! I live in Houston TX and the Rockets have not been the same since they changed their uniforms!!!

  12. The opposition will and is doing anything to create turmoil at Gator Nation.
    We must not let this cause and friction in the camp.
    We are the best, yes we had a bad day, but I think we were and still
    are the best.

    Go Gators


  13. Some “creative” designers at Nike thought they’d be clever and put an “F” on a white helmet and present it to fans as a new age/retro look. The only change fom the Spurrier football playing days is that the F is in italics.

    They Gators looked like strangers on the field with those new and updated helmets. Really lame creativity. And why ask the fans, we don’t really mean anything! The rest of the new uniform is okay, just leave the helmets alone please!!!
    Nike didn’t mess with the spears on the FSU helmet.

    SOMEBODY poll Gator fans, p.l.e.a.s.e..Sun, you listening?

  14. I agree with Matt Allen. Get rid of the script & the new age/retro “F” and put the Gator Head on either a blue, white, or Orange helmet, it doesn’t matter. The Gator Head is one of the best & most recognizable logos in college sports. Foley, let’s do it!