UF, Burton make pitch to Jordan Hicks


If football at Florida doesn’t work out for Venice quarterback Trey Burton, he should become the Gators’ new recruiting coordinator. The oh-so athletic Burton has a knack for making plays on the football field, but he’s been making recruiting plays for more than a year now, and he might have made his biggest pitch this weekend.

Burton, along with 11 other prospects, made official visits to UF over the weekend. He clicked immediately with West Chester, Ohio, Lakota West linebacker Jordan Hicks. Rivals.com rates Hicks as the No. 1 linebacker in the country and the 12th-best prospect nationally. He’s developed much more interest in the Gators in the last few months, but the loss of defensive coordinator Charlie Strong was thought to maybe have an impact. From what I’ve been told, Hicks, who only conducts weekly teleconferences to discuss recruiting, is dealing directly with Florida coach Urban Meyer.

It’s no surprise that Burton was in charge of hanging with Hicks, and Burton said the two had a good time.

“He’s a real cool guy,” Burton said of Hicks. “I could see us being best friends if he came to Florida. He’s really chill. He’s a really good athlete and fun to be around.”

Burton didn’t say Hicks committed to the Gators, but does think Florida has a really good shot at landing him. It helps that Hicks will be an early enrollee and make a decision very soon.

Hicks has been on campus before and Burton said he didn’t have to be much of a salesman. It’s not hard recruiting for one of the top college football programs.

“There’s really no persuading (Hicks),” he said. “We just tell him the truth. It’s the best college in the nation and there are just so many stats that you can pull out (about Florida’s program) and most of them people don’t even understand what they mean. It’s unreal. What we can say compared to what other colleges can say? It’s the best place in the nation and I think he had a good time.”

The thing Burton said really impressed him and the other recruits this weekend was the mood around the program even after the loss to Alabama. Burton and a couple of prospects attended Florida’s practice Saturday and he said there was electricity in the air and that Meyer came up to him and said it was the “best practice they’ve ever had.” Players were very excited to see the Gators come out with fire despite the situation they are in.

“Everybody’s ready to redeem themselves for losing in the SEC championship game,” Burton said. “It’s not what they wanted it to be in, but they’re all still happy with going to the Sugar Bowl. It’s the biggest bowl after the national championship.”


  1. I am a long time Gator, class of”56″ before SOS we had never won the SEC much less A national Championship. The Gator nation should be very happy for this past season and New Orleans is A much better place to spend New Years than Pasadena. The Gators will compete for lots of championships in the future!!

  2. Great blog news. Recruits understanding what is is like to be on one of the best if not the best Campus in college today. It was beautiful in the 50′ and 60′ and has marticulated into one of the most outstanding colleges for any area of study much less athletics!

    Hicks would be a great player for the Gators. Jenkins, Hicks and Bostic. Possibly the three best Line Backers ever at Florida at one time!

  3. Sorry Neil, the best linebacker corp we’ve we’ve had in recent memory is Jevon Kearse, Mike Peterson, and Johnny Rutledge. The current three is all potential, with Hicks probably needing a year to adapt to the college game.

    Keep up the good work Ed. Have you heard any examples of the negative recruiting tactics other schools have been using against the Gators?

  4. Hicks would be a great player a UF. We need more linebacker’s in this class.It sure would help if Meyer hired a DC, the best one on staff is Vance Bedford. He is also a great recruiter,Ed have you heard anything about the DC job? It’s hard to recruit when you don’t have a DC in place.

  5. I hope burton has his day as a gator. He is a good example of what a gator should be. Meyer is a class act and will atract like minded recruits. Kids that arent afraid to compete for a starting position. Burtons desire to help bring good people along shows good character. I wish him the best and welcome him with open arms! Go Gators!

  6. Jack, I thought Kearse was a D-end who sometimes shifted into LB. It’s way early to be crowning Hicks and the future LB group as the best in our history. That said, our current corp of backers isn’t too shabby.
    It is fair to say that we are becoming a preferred program for any NFL aspiring defensive players. Consider who we had (pre and during the Charlie Strong era) that have gone to the bigs since the early 90’s.

  7. Hey Gators! Hey Timbow! (term of endearment). Please STOP qualifying in interviews that the Sugar Bowl is “not where we wanted to be” or “we fell short of our goal,” or some such. We already know this! MOVE ON!! It indicates your heads are not in the game – THIS game! What kind of message do you think this sends Cinncinati? It’s no doubt patently offensive to them! It subtlely implies that they’re not worthy of your “consolation prize.” Well here’s a little reminder: just like Utah last year, this is Cinncinati’s “Super Bowl,” and THEY’ll be CHOMPING at the bit to HUMILIATE GATOR NATION!!! CONSIDER: They’re playing for a #2 national ranking, which is where they WILL be if you guys don’t “show up!” BUT you guys are playing for a #2 ranking ALSO, which is probable if Alabama and Boise State win their games (and, again, IF you guys show up with your – and Gator Nation’s – self respect!!). GO GATORS! GO GATORS! GO GATORS! COME ON, GATORS, GET UP AND GO!!!
    PS: Learn from Alabama’s experience in last year’s Sugar Bowl, and your own lesson from losing to Michigan in your 2007 Bowl game!! Losing s&@%’s, and there are no more do-overs, especially for you seniors!
    PPS: Remember the bitter taste left in your mouths the night of December 5th, and, again, don’t repeat what what Alabama did last year.
    PPPS: Lastly, if all else fails, remember – you’re not only representing Gator Nation, but also the vaunted SEC!
    PPPS: Now go get this thing done, and perhaps the SEC will end up ranked #1 and #2. When has that last happened, if ever?!?!