Gators lose Luc’s verbal to FSU


What a weird weekend for the Florida Gators. They were totally dismantled by Alabama on Saturday and then got some strange recruiting news in just a few days. Florida’s had some solid momentum this whole recruiting season, but in the last few days it’s been Florida State that has gotten the best news. Even with Bobby Bowden stepping down, the Seminoles gained three good commitments — one of which was a prized prospect for Florida.

First off, FSU got verbals from 2011 Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast teammates Lamarcus Brutus and Keelin Smith. Both are defensive back prospects and both are solid athletes. But who commits to a school right after a coaching change like that? They weren’t getting much love from huge schools, but it’s a great way to start the post-Bowden era. Getting those two might have secured FSU’s biggest (no pun intended) commitment of the year.

As the Gators were watching Alabama’s offense bulldoze them, they were bulldozed by the Seminoles with the verbal commitment of Treasure Coast linebacker Jeff Luc. Talk about a punch in the face. I say that because for the longest time, Florida and Tennessee held such a lead over the rest of the pack. It seemed as though it was going to come down to those two schools in the end. But it didn’t. Luc told that FSU had been there from the start and that he couldn’t see himself not playing for the Seminoles. So, when the coach is fired and you’re not sure who will be running your defense you just commit to them? Ummm, OK. The head coaching talk around defensive coordinator Charlie Strong didn’t help Florida’s chances and maybe Luc just felt more comfortable with a sure thing at FSU.

However, Florida’s coaches are now going into overdrive mode this week. With no practices set for the next few days, coaches will be on the road talking with uncommitted and committed prospects before they return to prepare for Cincinnati. Committed running back Mack Brown said running backs coach Kenny Carter met with him Sunday, while receiver Solomon Patton was visited by receivers coach Billy Gonzales Monday night. Florida’s coaches will be on the road to visit committed players first before talking to uncommitted prospects.

Schmoozing with the non-Gators will come this weekend. A ton of uncommitted big-named prospects are expected in town for a the biggest non-game recruiting weekend of the year. The mood around campus won’t be as electric without that national championship feel, but I’m sure Florida’s coaches won’t let that affect their recruiting pitches. The loss of Luc stings right now, but Florida will have a great shot at West Chester, Ohio, Lakota West linebacker Jordan Hicks. He fell in love with Florida this year and this could be the weekend where Florida’s coaches turn the heat on Hicks. This is his final visit and he’s an early enrollee. Works out pretty well for the Gators. Tampa Catholic teammates Christian Green (athlete) and Chaz Green will make officials after deciding their FSU weekend would be an unofficial. I think this is pretty big for the Gators. The staff will have more time with two guys they weren’t as comfortable with as they were before. Tennessee is leading for Chaz Green, and Georgia has the edge for Christian Green. More time this weekend could change that.

Here is an early look a a few other prospects who are expected to be in town this weekend for official visits:

  • Mack Brown, RB, Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King (committed)
  • Matt Elam, DB, West Palm Beach Dwyer (committed)
  • Travon Van, ATH, New Berlin, N.Y., Milford Academy (committed)
  • Jaylen Watkins, DB, Cape Coral (committed)
  • Trey Burton, QB, Venice (committed)
  • Darious Cummings, DE, Titusville Astronaut (Florida State)
  • Chaz Green, OL, Tampa Catholic
  • Christian Green, ATH, Tampa Catholic
  • Jordan Hicks, LB, West Chester, Ohio, Lakota West


  1. Luc did not surprise me, I had heard he was a FSU lean from the beginning of the whole recruiting process. Would have loved to have him but Jon Bostic has a bright future in the middle. With Jelani Jenkins and AJ Jones and others we should be ok…would love to get Hicks as a future star, probably would plat next year!

  2. When a prospect makes his final choice the one thing that should dominate his thinking are life patterns. Urban Meyer has by far the best pattern of success and integrity of any coach in America. Yes playing in the SEC in front of a packed house is key if you really want to play where the best play, but even more important is to associate yourself with a school that cares about the player athletically, academically and individually…Florida is where the best go because they aren’t affraid to compete and grow as players and as better overall citizens.

  3. Sinking ship? Please. Timmy. Gone. Strong. Gone. Gonzales. Gone. Ahmad Black’s father speaking out? Black likely gone. Pouncey’s likely gone. Rainey likely gone. Don’t expect to be sniffing another SEC championship for several years with the way Bama owned you. C.U.M. has had it easy these past several years in his ability to degrade FSU in his recruiting. Not anymore. FSU is starting to recruit well again, and FU is not going to have free reign over the prized recruits in this state.

  4. These comments sound like a lot of whistling past the graveyard…

    We’ve certainly been down, but objects in your rear view mirror are closer than they appear.

    You righted your ship after Zook-a-palooza. There’s little reason to believe we won’t do the same, especially now that Joyner has joined Luc as one of the “few elite athletes.”

    By the way, nice use of the $ in FSU. That’s cute and “so” original.

  5. This is one example of why, with a few exceptions, football players have the reputation of not being the sharpests knives in the drawer. And this is why they make illogical decisions such as choosing to go to FSU when FSU is in the middle of a head-coaching change and has absolutely no plan for a defensive coordinator.

  6. after seeing the non step up by 4 &5 star receivers Florida has signed in the past 2 years, forgive me if i’m not upset who goes where.Urban is a great recruiter, and we will get our share,but YOU NEVER KNOW

  7. Shoulda held off on the article to till Joyner committed. I would have liked to see what you had to say about that. Let see what you have to say when FSU snags Matt Elam. You going to call him a rat too? The “Legendary” Tebow is gone as is the aura that surrounded UF for the past 4 years. UF on the decline, FSU on the rise, knock it all you want but at the end of the day you will have to accept it. This article shows the unspoken fear that the UF fan base doesn’t have the fortitude to admit. YOUR GLORY DAYS ARE OVER!

  8. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    Christian Green is FSU’s to lose and Luc always loved the Noles.

    And you really think FSU landed 5 defensive commits without telling the kids who their DC is going to be? Really?

    Do some research buddy.

  9. Luc is a 5-star prospect…who is the best inside LB in the nation… and he didn’t have a “commitable offer”? haha you gators are soo damn ignorant…Luc commits, Smith and Brutus commit, who will both be at least 4 star prospect next year..and BOTH already have offers from LSU, OSU, and other big time teams…And now. today 5 star all world CB LaMarcus Joyner commited to FSU…so thats another one off your UF board…these kids can see that the Bowden/Andrews FSU is gone, and the NEW FSU is peeking the interest of numerous big time kids now…UF won’t have such an easy time getting Florida kids to just commit to them now that FSU is going to start competing now…and we will have a closing class that WILL include guys like Christian Jones, Christian Green, Kenny Shaw, and possible even steal Elam from you b!tches…so cry some more, cause next year Teblow, Spikes, Haden, Strong, and the rest of your team will be gonzo…

  10. I got to weigh in on these idiots. I hate FSU and they are getting just what they deserve in back stabbing, recruit lying Jimbo Fisher. It’s a shame young men fall for snake oil salesmen such as him. Fisher is the cause for FSU’s downfall not Bowden and I can’t wait until they railroad him out of town in 2 years.

  11. The only reason FSU is having any success is the lack of depth! it will take Jimbo several years to build the depth UF has – by then, the Nolios will be further in the cellar and they will run Jimbo out of town! Luc is scared of competition, just like Reed was. So, it doesn’t matter! we have plenty of depth and if we have to snatch a few next year we will still be years ahead of FSU. I believe that as soon as Luc hears the name of our new DC he will be running back – but, I would pull the offer if I was Meyer. That’s how you stop a dog from eatin’ eggs!

  12. DEC. 11th – ESPNU 150 cornerback Cody Riggs (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla./St. Thomas Aquinas) has committed to sign with Florida over Georgia and Tennessee, ESPN’s JC Shurburtt reports. Riggs officially visited the Gators, Bulldogs, Vols and Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
    4 – STAR

  13. I am an FSU grad and am amazed at how alumni (most of whom never sniffed a football uniform – during a game) from all schools (repeat all) turn on some young kids making the biggest decision of their lives to date. Seems like it is the alumni who are not the shapest knives in the drawer and need to grow up and get a life and enjoy football for what it is , a great passtime. IT IS A GAME PEOPLE. A with a brain tumor is real important , that is life. Congrats Tebow for making her night. Good for you. God Bless and keep up the great witness.

  14. Mark Stoops is the new DC. Big surprise for some of you who thought FSU had no DC. Not a surprise for those of us who knew what Jimbo was doing. You thought the recruits were coming to Tallahassee before the announcement, wait til you see what happens from here.

    Great hire, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Jimbo. Go noles!

  15. These comments so amuse me! ESPN stated on their broadcash last week how the MAJORITY of the UF bashing comes from FSU fans….NOT Alabama…NOT Tennessee…NOT Texas. For a university that is under investigation for academic fraud by their staff and students….you should watch what you say. The University of Florida has always had a tremendous dedicated athletic fan base no matter what the outcome. And yes…the Gators do have alot of depth ready to play next year…have many “silent commits” you don’t know about…and are too confident of an athletic program to feel insulted or threatened by “nobodies” who just like to flap their lips…..and FSU WILL NOT get a Commit from Elam. We are NOT crying over LUC. ESPN has it right…AGAIN. FSU should focus on themselves instead of trying to bully others out of their league.