Ask Aschoff 12/2


I can’t believe there are only two more months of solid recruiting left for the 2010 class. With Florida getting so many early commitments, it feels like this year has gone by so fast. There are still some top prospects looking hard at Florida and some of the top players in the country are expected to fill Florida’s last seven spots. This could end up being the most athletic class in UF history if everything falls in place.

On to the questions!

Does Florida still have a shot at Sharrif Floyd? I haven’t heard much talk about him lately.
— Brandon

Word is that Floyd is a heavy, heavy lean to Ohio State. I talked to him briefly at the beginning of the year and it seemed like he was really into Florida. I honestly thought he would be a guy to commit to the Gators down the road. Since his visit to UF for the Tennessee game, all I hear is that Ohio State is the team to beat. Penn State appears to be out of the race for the Philadelphia George Washington defensive tackle. You’d think the Gators would be going after him hard with how much the staff covets having such a deep and powerful defensive interior. The Gators seem set on pursuing Ronald Powell, Chris Martin and Owamagbe Odighizuwa to finish out at defensive end. But they are coming up short inside. The Gators have New Port Richie Florida Gulf defensive tackle Leon Orr committed, but I think Florida would like to get another big body inside in this class. If Floyd is bent on OSU, look for the Gators to make an even stronger push for Detroit Southeastern’s Johnathon Hankins, who visited for the FSU game.

Any chance with Seantrel Henderson going to UF?
— LightsOut

This guy just can’t seem to find his way to Gainesville. He was rumored to be headed to town for the FSU game and didn’t make it. Now, he’s trying to get in for a December visit. If he can get on campus on Dec. 11, then the coaches will have to feel pretty good about getting some sort of positive reaction out of him. That will be the biggest recruiting weekend left in the year. With that said, I don’t see him ever making it to town and even if he does, it will be hard to get the nation’s best offensive lineman out of the Midwest. If the Gators want any shot of landing him, he’ll have to get on campus. That’s not impossible. There’s still plenty of time and now the coaches will have much more time with recruits once they get on campus. Urban Meyer is quite the recruiter in person, but I still think it’s an uphill battle for the Gators. As quiet as Henderson has been about recruiting this year, the only real news I’ve heard is that USC might be his leader, but he hasn’t confirmed it.

Hey Ed, Florida has got to target Lemarcus Joyner from St. Thomas Aquinas! This kid is the best player on the number one team in the country, so shouldn’t he be looked at as a must have? Plays both sides of the ball on a very deep and talented team, which means he has to be a stud, right? Played over 80 snaps against Byrnes this year! The best player on the number one team in the country and all we can talk about is Chris Dunkley, Jeff Luc, and a bunch of wannabes in California?
— GatorJoe

There’s been a lot of talk about Joyner and his interest in Florida recently. The last time I spoke with him was before the season and he had little interest in the Gators because the staff wasn’t recruiting him as hard as he wanted. Things have certainly changed as the fall has progressed. recently reported that Joyner is down to Florida and Ohio State, with Ohio State carrying a bit of a lead over the Gators. I know Joyner was really interested in the Gators over the summer, but when he didn’t get the attention he wanted, he shifted gears and Ohio State has been at or near the top of his list for a while. Florida has three cornerback prospects committed at the moment and are going very hard after Joyner’s teammate Cody Riggs. If Florida gets Riggs, I can almost assure that Joyner will look elsewhere. Why follow someone from your school who plays the same position? Joyner is probably a better overall prospect, who can play offense, defense and be a factor in the return game, but I just feel from what I’ve been told that Ohio State is the leader.

What are the chances we get Powell, Martin and Luc, and if not all three, which do you feel we are the strongest with?
— Ken Frier

This would be one killer trio for the Gators. I really like Florida’s chances with each one at this point. Martin just dropped Notre Dame all together and is starting over with Florida, Cal, USC, and Oklahoma as his final schools. He’s going to decide on signing day and after everything that happened this weekend, I’m going with the Gators here. Powell has been the man for the Gators since he arrived over the summer. I’m sorry, but he really is the best high school athlete I’ve seen live. Ever. He can play both tight end and defensive end and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gators tried him at both if he got on campus. This one is coming down to USC and UF, and as of now UF has the lead. Luc is the guy everyone is confused about. Every time he visits somewhere, that staff thinks they’ve got him locked up. I don’t think he really knows what he wants. UF defensive coordinator Charlie Strong will play a big part in where Luc ends up. The rumors that Strong could get a head coaching job soon don’t help the Gators. Strong and Luc have developed quite the relationship and I think he’s the reason Florida is one of Luc’s top schools. If Luc doesn’t feel comfortable at UF without Strong, Tennessee could be the school. LSU is also very much in the picture. Getting Luc on UF’s campus on Dec. 11, for an official visit will be huge for the Gators. Right now, I’d say Powell and Martin are more likely to end up with the Gators than Luc because of the Charlie Strong issue.