Ask Aschoff 11/26


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m truly thankful for all your questions this week. It’s going to be a busy couple of days on the recruiting trail for Florida, so this is a great way to start off the weekend.

On to the questions!

Ed, Two questions: 1. Is Jeff Luc a January enrollee? 2. What is your best guess where he and Ronald Powell (DE from So Cal) will end up? Keep up the great work. You’re doing a great job.
— Ken Frier

1. Luc is an early enrollee, which means he’ll be making a decision soon. He was supposed to visit either UF or LSU this weekend, but decided against both and will stay home. He’s going to have to do something soon. There’s a chance he could officially visit on Dec. 12, which will be the second biggest recruiting day of the year after this weekend. A lot of big-name prospects will be on campus that weekend and the coaches will have a chance to really get to sell UF.

2. Ronald Powell has been to UF a few times this year. All on his own dime. He’s got to take an official so UF’s coaches can show him the prime treatment. If he can visit on Dec. 12, that would be huge for the Gators. But since he’s not an early enrollee, if he were to wait and visit in January it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I really see him as a signing day guy, but he has said he could commit at any time. It’s going to come down to USC and UF — nothing has changed. USC will put the pressure on him, but UF is in the lead. He and Urban Meyer really bonded, and once he gets his SAT score up to where he can officially visit, that might be all the Gators need.

Ed, With Charlie Weis most likely losing his job, do you think we have a chance with any of the Notre Dame commits? Especially Chris Martin? Happy Thanksgiving. :)
— Rob San Diego

Well, Weis can’t go on recruiting trips anymore, so I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen there. I think the only guy Florida is really going after who is already committed to Notre Dame is Martin. He’s a tremendous talent at the defensive end position and Meyer loves him some athletic guys up front. Martin is 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, which is just how the Gators like their ends. Meyer has taken Omar Hunter and Justin Trattou from Notre Dame in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took Martin from the Irish. Martin will be in town on Saturday, and there are some who feel he could completely reopen his recruitment if all goes well this weekend.

Do you still view Chris Dunkley as a “silent” commit?
— Brandon

Oh, those “silent” commits. I consider the Pahokee receiver a strong lean to Florida. He’s just playing the game. He’s having fun by taking visits and talking the good talk with all of the coaches he meets. I just feel real comfortable saying that he will end up in Gainesville. I’ve only talked to him a couple of times, but he always talks the Gators. From others I’ve talked to, he says the same thing. I haven’t confirmed that he’ll be inside The Swamp this weekend, but I’d be shocked if weren’t sitting in the stands. He’ll probably be one of those visiting Gainesville on Dec. 12, but nothing has been made official.

Aschoff, what are the total number of available scholarships for this football recruiting cycle? I realize that they don’t necessarily use all of them but what’s the big picture on total signees?
— Alan M.

Florida has room for 25 in this class. The Gators have 18 committed, meaning they have room for seven more. How that will shape up? I think quite nicely for Florida. I don’t like making mock lists and stuff like that because there are so many changes in this game, BUT with it being Thanksgiving, I’ll list the players I think Florida is keying in on the most. This isn’t a list of players that I think will definitely be in the class, but these are the guys Florida’s staff is going after the hardest right now.

  • Ronald Powell, DE
  • Jeff Luc, LB
  • Jordan Hicks, LB
  • Chaz Green/Brandon Linder, OL
  • Christian Green/James Louis/Kenny Stills, WR
  • Ivan McCartney, WR
  • Chris Dunkley, WR
  • Chris Martin, DE

That’s eight spots and 11 names, so they won’t all make it into the class, but that’s just a group of players I think the staff is going after and has the most realistic chances of getting.