Matt Elam to visit Vols


Well, it’s finally happened. A star commit has Florida fans wondering. West Palm Beach Dwyer athlete Matt Elam has decided to take all his official visits this fall. Arguably the nation’s top athlete, Elam has already visited West Virginia and will now spend his weekend at … Tennessee! Looks like LaneKiffin got what he wanted out of his 23-13 loss to Florida. Kiffin reportedly spent the next few days contacting as many Florida recruits as possible and now Elam’s headed to Knoxville.

I asked Elam if it was true that his visit was official and he messaged me back, “Yep, it’s true.” Not much more was said, but I get the sense that he’s taking his five visits to have a bit of fun this fall. He committed almost a year ago and has a fantastic relationship with Urban Meyer. Meyer is actually personally recruiting him. But here’s where things get a little confusing to me. Elam is planing to visit South Florida, Florida State and Miami.Ummmmm, if you’re going to have fun with your visits, shouldn’t you maybe travel a little ways from home?

Knoxville’s a decent distance, but it’s still in the state of Tennessee. All the other schools are just around the corner for Elam — and don’t pose any serious threat to the Gators I might add. If I were him, I’d take my “fun” visits out to a couple California schools. Maybe see the prestigious traditions at Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State. Of course, I’d have to check out the city of Austin while visiting Texas.

Must be fun to have trips paid for you.

Port St. Lucie linebacker Jeff Luc is also expected in Knoxville this weekend, which begs the question: Is this a strategic visit for Elam?


  1. Wonder if they are going to do the UT WildBoyz shirtless thing for Matt and Jeff?? Neither one of those guys strike me as “second class” players who would seriously consider Tennessee and that Klown Kiffin. It’s all smoke and mirrors, or should I say fog and mirrors up there in creamsickle land.

  2. Maybe Candice they want a help a struggling program get better or have the opportunity to start early on or play with some special position coaches who have that NFL connection. Or play in a nice facility with beautiful scenery around. Why does anybody play anywhere…

    Tampa Dave, I’m sure you would get a lot of arguments in return….don’t think the name calling is needed.

    I’m from Tennessee myself and can’t think of a more beautiful place to play.

  3. When they see a dozen Gators going to the NFL next year, they may see things differently.

    Monte Kiffin is a real draw for the Vols. Tenn would never have offered Bozo the job without daddy. And look what they’re paying Monte & the boys ….probably 3 times what is paid to assistants anywhere else. Charley Strong is paid a small percentage of what Monte earns.

    I’d like to see them visit in the winter…It ain’t Florida! It’s damn cold, especially for a Floridian. Knoxville is NO Gainesville, either.
    The Auburn game might not be good for a visit either????

  4. Hey Ed! Like your stuff! Glad I listened to you on the alligator podcast! You’re nuts to say golf is the No. 4 sport. No one cares about golf — they only care about Tiger. The golf part of it is irrelevant. Later!

  5. Here we go again. Here comes lots of burned cycles worrying about what an 18 year old kid is thinking. It’s been my experience that when you fixate on a negative and worry, you find out later that you wasted your time.
    Use your energies worrying about something you CAN influence. Urban is the best. It’s like they used to say about the Bear ‘he’ll beat you with his’n and he’ll take yours, give you his’n and he’ll beat with you with your’n’.
    Chill out!

  6. Please! Matt is NOT going to UT! He is going to be a FLORIDA GATOR! He’s a good kid from a good family and I truly believe Matt is a man of his word. He can enjoy the trip, compliments of Lane!

  7. Kiffin inherited a decent “D”, but has a very lame “O” – all they can do is run the ball in a very predictable fashion. He will promise Matt Elam a starting position, which is pretty attractive to a young buck straight out of high school. Meanwhile, the ever-urbane Meyer will not make any promises – he expects his recruits to grow, develop and consistently perform over time until they become UF starters. This is the best way to build and maintain an SEC powerhouse, but it may cost us a few star recruits who are easily dazzled by silver-tongued devils like Lane Kiffin. I predict Kiffin’s stay at UT will be short, as Volunteer fans want a solid coach who will build a quality program, not a flashy snakeoil salesman like Kiffin, who is puffed up with false pride (like what has he accomplished except to steal a few Gator recruits?).

  8. None of it matters. We’ll get Elam in the end I think, and if we don’t, oh well.
    If a kid doesn’t want to be a Gator, I don’t want him on our team. There are plenty of great players out there and our staff can “coach em’ up” with the best of them.

  9. It sounds like Lane Kiffen has several of you worried – you should be. Lane will prove to be one of the best coaches UT has ever had; and, Monty Kiffen is the best defensive coordinator, period.

    These posts remind me of why there is such a rivalry between UT and the Gators. It’s not the kids playing – it’s the obnoxious fans.

    A word for Gatormiami, if you think Kiffin is such a clown, check out his wife:

    Glenn England