Ask Aschoff 9/23


Last week’s mailbag got bumped with all the recruiting info last week. I took out a couple questions with some new ones I got. On to the questions!

How do you see the Andre Debose injury affecting our 2010 WR recruiting? Do you think we take another WR to play the “Percy” position in case?
Also, do you think the coaches have considered playing Demar Dorsey as a WR? His measurables are similar to both Percy Harvin and Debose.

— Nick

I don’t see Debose’s injury affecting Florida’s 2010 class because now it’s like he’s a part of that class since he’s sitting out this season. There’s no need to add an extra receiver because Debose will be ready to go in 2010.

As much as Urban Meyer and his staff likes to move guys around, I don’t think Dorsey will be a guy to convert over to offense. He’s a talented athlete, but he’ll be strictly a defensive back in college.

This question has been “touched on” before but still nothing definite. With Victor Hampton gone, and rumors of Matt Elam wavering, Jeff Luc looking toward FSU, and other things … what’s up with all this? Is it dirty recruiting or other factors? We seem to have hit a block with getting more recruits for next years class. Hate to see us lose ground.
— Kyle Turner

I wouldn’t say it’s “dirty recruiting.” It’s just still early in the recruiting process. Elam committed very early, and it’s understandable that he might want to look around. I talked about Elam with one person who said he’s pretty confident Elam will stick with Florida, but he has “people in his ear” about other schools. Elam was said to be concerned about Florida’s safety issue because of all the bodies at the position. He was in The Swamp for the Tennessee game and looked to be enjoying himself.

Losing Hampton was more of the coaches’ decision from what I’ve been told. Hampton had a few issues off the field, and after his not-so-stellar performance at Friday Night Lights, I think Florida’s staff chose to cut ties. Obviously, the coaches can’t talk about specific prospects until the letters are signed, but from what has been said to me and from what I’ve read about the situation, this was not a case of Hampton walking away from the Gators first.

As for Luc, he’s making everyone happy these days. He had a good time in Gainesville this past weekend and Gator commit Mack Brown told me he thinks Luc could commit soon. The only issue is every school he goes to seems to think the same thing after he leaves. He wants to play early and that could be tough at Florida, unless some linebackers are moved around. Luc will be enrolling early, so I’ll look for a December announcement after he takes some more visits.

My question this week is do you think RB Corvin Lamb who runs a 4.3 is going to get into this class? Is he that far down on UF’s board. And who are the next TEs that we will be looking at for next class since we lack depth? It doesn’t seem like there’s that great one like we’ve had in the past.
— Ray

Talking to Lamb last year and this spring, I was convinced that he would at least be high on Florida’s board. Every time I spoke with him he praised the Gators and talked about how Florida was his top school. Plus, he’s a decent scat-back and can play the slot. Now, Florida’s not even mentioned. With the signing of Brown, there’s no need to go out and get another running back in my opinion. Neither Florida nor Miami have offered, and the school I would look at concerning Lamb is Mississippi. Ole Miss coaches have been in constant contact with Lamb and could sneak in and get him on Signing Day.

As for tight ends, Florida will have two coming in next year in Gerald Christian and Michael McFarland. Plus, Desmond Parks should be ready to play next year as well. That’s three players at the position if Aaron Hernandez decides to go pro. Florida has offered a couple of juniors, and one guy to look at is Nick O’Leary, who is teammates with Christian at West Palm Beach, Dwyer. It’s tough to get two guys at the same position from the same school, but Florida has offered, so the staff is interested.

Are we losing any interest from Ronald Powell and Jeff Luc? I read somewhere that Powell is now leaning more towards USC and Luc has FSU as his leader, your thoughts?
— Brandon S.

I answered this question differently last week, but now that both players visited Gainesville for the Tennessee game, it’s obvious that Florida is getting more and more interest from the two. I addressed Luc above, but as for Powell I think this one will come down to the very end of the recruiting season. Brown told me Powell might commit soon, and I’ve heard the rumors about silent commitments. I don’t buy it right now. No matter how much he liked Florida this summer and Saturday, USC is a huge factor. He’s playing in the Trojans’ backyard, and it’s too hard for these kids not to stay close to home when a high-profile school is calling. More will be known after Powell takes official visits to USC and UF.

Looking back at our 2009 class, what was the biggest “whiff” (miss) in our recruiting class? Nu’Keese Richardson? Marsalis Teague? Someone else?
— bmurphy95

This question is one that I’ve been thinking about the past two weeks. Watching all these college football games, I can’t help but wonder what Florida could have had. There have been a few kids getting some playing time, while some guys haven’t but were still big misses for the Gators. Here’s a list of six guys that I think Florida really missed out on:

1. Trent Richardson (RB) Alabama — Richardson has 18 carries for 129 yards and a touchdown this year and has a long of 35 yards. He was supposed to be that every-down back that Meyer desperately wanted to get, but he stuck with his Alabama commitment all year.

2. Greg Reid (CB) Florida State — Reid has by far been the most impressive of the group this season. In the opener against Miami, Reid was dynamic in the return game with his three kickoff returns for 100 yards. He also had three total tackles and an interception. With Joe Haden presumably out the door after this year, Reid had a chance to contribute extensively in his second year at UF.

3. Jarvis Jones (DE/LB) USC — In two games, Jones has six total tackles, including one for a loss. Jones was highly recruited by Florida and was at one time a Gator lean. He would have been a nice addition to either UF’s linbacking corps or its defensive line.

4. Aaron Murray (QB) Georgia — He hasn’t seen the field this year and will probably redshirt unless starter Joe Cox gets injured. With Tim Tebow leaving after this year and Brantley having two years remaining, getting Murray along with Jordan Reed — who might not have even made it if Murray committed to Florida — would have helped the future situation at quarterback.

5. Nu’Keese Richardson (WR) Tennessee — Richardson has four touches on offense for 38 yards in two games. He’s also the Vols’ starting punt returner and has 36 yards off four returns. Richardson was committed to UF for seven months before his Signing Day fiasco and would have been perfect for UF’s offense in the slot, especially with Percy Harvin leaving and Andre Debose now out for the season.

6. Denard Robinson (ATH) Michigan — In two games with the Wolverines, Robinson is the team’s third-leading rusher with 15 attempts for 95 yards and a touchdown. He’s also 2-for-4 passing with 18 yards. Robinson might not have played quarterback at Florida, but he’s a talented athlete who was pretty much a Florida lock for a while. He would have been another prime athletic weapon in UF’s offense.

I’m going to go with Nu’Keese on this one. He would have stepped right in at the “Percy” position with Debose out and would have shored up a crucial part on Florida’s offense. He hasn’t done much this season to really stand out, but he would have had a great chance to at Florida.


  1. You missed a couple of other whiffs from last year. DE’s Nick Kasa (de-commit) and Ryne Giddins.

    Biggest whiff was Greg Reid. He’s big time.

    Nu’keese would have been a redshirt this year. 160 pounds is not enough in the SEC.

  2. With Victor Hampton gone, the general consensus is that we will try to nab Cody Riggs. From all accounts, he is a speedster with great ball skills (similar to Greg Reid), and he has UF as his favorite. How do you feel about him and the possibility of him commiting to UF? Also, who are some guys that we may not NEED, but want because of their superior talent? Ace Sanders, etc?

  3. i know you say no more rb’s in this class, but what about casey turner at jacksonville ed white? he was the leading rusher in the city last year and is lights out this year. i know kickers are not a big need this year, but a kicker at neptune beach fletcher high has already kicked a couple of 50 + yds. i have seen him in person and he booms the ball. thanks for the updates.

  4. I don’t think NuKeese would’ve played much this year. Certainly he wouldn’t have beaten out B.James at the “Percy Pos.”, and he barely played Sat. for a depleted UT WR corps. Wouldn’t beat out B.James, Rainey or Demps as a return man, either. DeBose, and Dunkley, if we get him, would be ahead of New Keys next year, imo.

  5. What about Orson Charles? He is a beast and is already making big time plays. We lack depth at TE and he would have been perfect for our scheme and for the 2-TE set that we missed out on last year. With that said, I have to disagree about Nu’Keese. I think Reid is clearly the biggest recruit that we missed out on. I don’t think I have ever seen a freshman have such a huge impact in their first game in a big time program against their biggest rival….on defense no less.

  6. My question for you is about the chances of us getting Chris Dunkley to committ. We need big time help at this position and he is a must catch. Jaylen Watkins can also play wideout for us to get playing time early, but I don’t see that as his full time position. Gerald Christian to me is the gem of this class due to his supreme ball skills and he has the frame to be an excellent run blocker. What are your thoughts.

  7. Who were some “marginal” players who didn’t generate much recruiting attention out of HS but still ended up playing big time in the SEC, Gators in particular. My guess is there are as many of them as there are of the “big names” that didn’t live up to expectations.