Victor Hampton decommitment


According to, Darlington, S.C, cornerback Victor Hampton has officially backed out of his commitment to Florida. In an interview with Rivals, Hampton said he had tried to call members of Florida’s staff to see if the rumors about his scholarship being pulled were true, but he was unable to get a hold of anyone. While he wanted to remain a Gator, Hampton said it’s best for him to move on.

“I haven’t heard from them, it hurts me, but I’m not going to let it slow me down,” Hampton told Rivals. “If they want to drop me, there’s other schools very interested in me.”

Hampton has yet to be cleared to play at his new school after transferring from Charlotte, N.C., Independence this fall, but said he expects a decision to be made later this week.

Hampton visited Tennessee for the second time this past weekend and is now strongly considering the Vols.


  1. While I will take his word for now that he has tried to get in touch with the staff, it doesn’t make sense. I am not calling the kid a liar, but there has to be a reason that he has not received a call back. Coach Meyer doesn’t seem like the coach that will just leave a kid hanging, although I still scratch my head on the Chaz kid from the Savannah area. I believe that staff just has not gotten back with the kid and I am not trying to make excuses, allot is going on right now. Hope this gets cleared up soon for everyone’s sake.
    Is it me, or does this kid move alot?

  2. I know our depth, Edward, for some reason here in the South, worries kids about playing time. That is why kids like Brantley, Thrill Hill, Jenkins and Bostic are rare and special. I think that Coach Meyer has proved that he will play freshmen and kids just need to be concerned about showing up and competing. I mean the Gillislee kid scored his first touchdown in the first game of the year, granted at the end of the game, but still.
    Maybe it is the culture of the south, but kids sure don’t seemed to mind at USCw. I hope these kids are thinking about there total future (an Education) as well as a short term future with Football.

  3. Hi Edward,

    This question has been “touched on” before but still nothing definite. With Hampton gone, and rumors of Elam wavering, Luc looking toward FSU, and other things; what’s up with all this? Is it dirty recruiting or other factors? We seem to have hit a block with getting more recruits for next years class. Hate to see us lose ground.

  4. You guys are a bunch of downers.

    All this crying about Mack Brown looking elsewhere, and he’s the one being quoted, after the Tennessee game, as saying that Powell is close to committing and that Luc is very interested in UF.

    What if Dunk, Powell, Luc, McCartney, Chaz Green, Christian Green, Sharrif Floyd, Kenny Shaw, Will Hagerup, Seantrel Henderson, and Christian Jones will round out our class, but they all want to announce on national TV (like Bostic) or on signing day in front of their schools (a la Demps)?

    You’re just being impatient. I check in every day too looking for that next verbal commit, but it’s just not going to work that way.