Recruits visiting for UF-UT


Here’s an early list that I’ve compiled from talking to a few kids and talking to people in the recruiting world. This isn’t a final list, there are still days left until the game and anything could change between now and then.

Matt Elam
Gerald Christian
Jonathon Dowling
Jordan Haden
Michael McFarland
Trey Burton
Gideon Ajagbe
Leon Orr
Jaylen Watkins
Mack Brown
Solomon Patton
Ian Silberman
Neiron Ball
Demar Dorsey

Ronald Powell (still not completely positive if he’ll show)
Sharrif Floyd
John Fulton
Corey Lemonier
Ivan McCartney
Chris Dunkley
Quinton Dunbar
Lynden Trail
Christian Jones
Cody Riggs
Christian Green
Chaz Green
Brandon Linder
Lamarcus Joyner
Will Hagerup


  1. Edward, Did we tell the recruits to bring ear plugs? It is going to be one of the loudest games ever with all the pre-drama that has gone on from February to date. If we have a good showing, we will have recruits that wioll beg to come to Florida. Should be very interesting.