Coaching Tebow easy, Howard says


This blog is dedicated to recruiting, I understand that, but I thought I’d change things up a little today. In honor of the opening week of college football and the final opener for the Gators’ Tim Tebow, I thought I’d get a perspective about Tebow’s time as a high schooler.

I was at the Columbia-Fort White game last Friday and instead of the obvious Timmy Jernigan-Tiger Powell shout out for Monday’s blog, I’m going the Tebow route. But no worries my faithful readers, a Jernigan update is in the works as you read this.

Columbia coach Craig Howard knows a little bit about Tebow. He was his coach back when he starred at Nease High. Now, he’s taken over at Columbia and is trying to incorporate the old spread that he ran at Nease at his new school.

He’s also trying to get his new Timmy to be like the old Timmy. But that’s no easy task. He’ll certainly have trouble mimicking college Timmy and it’s no picnic trying to be high school Timmy either. Uh, he did play a game with a broken leg …

Howard said coaching Tebow was pretty easy and naturally fun. Tebow already had the physical tools to be one of the best on the field at all times and Howard swears he was about the same size then as he is now. He also had the constant desire to get better; something Howard said is what most high school players lack these days.

“Even though as good as he was, he was always seeking improvement,” Howard said.

That charisma and fire you see every game week? Yep, that was there too. Tebow running into the special teams huddle during the SEC Championship Game was nothing new for him. He’s been doing that since before his senior prom – which he sadly didn’t attend.

That endless and palpable hype that follows Tebow everywhere? It’s been traveling around Tebow for as long as Howard can remember. He saw it when Tebow was a sophomore in high school and said Friday that he’s not at all surprised about the national exposure his former quarterback has gotten since he committed to the Gators.

“I told coach Meyer when he went there that he was more than just a quarterback,” he said, “he was going to change their program.”

Oh, and how.

Columbia senior receiver Jamaal Montague could really make a name for himself this season. Montague showed some great hands against Fort White and has some good speed to match a very nice vertical. He caught the first touchdown of the night and was quarterback Cameron Sweat’s favorite target. He would have been MVP if a botched reverse hadn’t ended the Tigers’ night. He currently holds an offer from Florida International.

Tigers’ junior defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan said Florida is his No. 1. He also said the rumors that he’s a silent to the Gators aren’t true, but it looks really good for UF.

Columbia senior running back Tiger Powell (South Florida) is a lot bigger than I expected and works as hard as anyone. He’s also the team’s punter. However, that burst of speed that I was expecting to see was lacking Friday night and I’m not sure if he has the power needed to be a bruising back. He was stopped at the goal line a lot and a late drive that could have put the Tigers up three scores ended because Powell failed to get in the end zone after four straight runs inside the 5.


  1. There are players that can change a program with talent alone (Harvin) and there are players that can make a difference just because of who they are (Brindise). Rarely do you have a guy who can make a difference with who they are and talent, We have had two in Wuerffel and Tebow. We are fortunate to have witnessed this in our program.

  2. To the GATOR NATION:

    The glory was yours in January with a much deserved National Championship. Your captain, Tebow, showed that character on and off the field is the sign of a true champion. You are now in charge of your own destiny, as is my alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin.

    I hope both teams go in their current spots into the BSC championship game in the Rose Bowl, to play for that crystal statue. Win your games outright – and may the Longhorns do the same. I think a Florida-UT matchup, if it were to happen, would be a game for the ages – matching Colt McCoy against Tim Tebow. As you all may know the Longhorns have some familiarity with the Rose Bowl. I plugged this matchup in your paper last January, and it seems to be shaping up. Not that either path is destined or easy to achieve, but I think the Longhorns look strong this season, and you all do as well.

    Good luck this season and may both teams go undefeated to face off in Pasadena! At that game, while both teams would surely want a victory, I think the game would be a good one, and would show two quarterbacks and two teams who are built on character and class. Hook’em Horns.