A UF-Georgia feel to it


It won’t quite be Florida-Georgia, but tonight’s matchup between Lithonia, Ga., Martin Luther King and Decatur, Ga., Southwest Dekalb has the feel of it.

Gator fans are sure to be familiar with MLK. Prize commitment Mack Brown only totes the rock there. Southwest Dekalb? Well, bruising running back Kendrun Malcome and defensive end T.J. Stripling are the headliners there. But what’s so special about those two? Well, both spurned Florida for Georgia.

I’m not too familiar with Stripling and Brown’s relationship, but Brown and Malcome have been buds since middle school and now their friendly rivalry has intensified since both committed to opposing schools.
Brown got the best of Malcome and his team last year, rushing for 175 yards and a score in MLK’s 21-12 win.

Tonight should be even juicier. Those Florida-Georgia ties will hopefully let the tensions fly. Nothing violent, of course, but some jawing back and forth always helps the atmosphere. It’s sure to have at least those three going just a bit harder each play.

The winner of tonight’s game won’t have too much affect on recruiting for either Florida or Georgia, but you never know how players will feel afterward. Maybe if Brown goes off and is victorious again, either one of those Georgia commits will reconsider his decision and try to play with Brown in the future. … Yeah, not happening, but who knows.

MLK and Dekalb will play tonight at 8 at Clarkston’s Hallford Stadium.


  1. Neither Kendrun nor Mack had superstar performances. Both teams’ defenses stacked the box, played the run, and controlled the line of scrimmage the entire game. Mack did an excellent job in pass protection which contributed to two touchdowns through the air, but was unable to make any significant gains between the tackles. He was constantly being met by linebackers in the backfield but was still able to make it a yard or two beyond the line of scrimmage. Kendrun had the same issues but looked more impressive because it would take at least six guys to bring him down versus three for Mack. It was basically 1 RB VS 11 guys on defense the entire night. Although their stats were weak, considering what they were faced with, both backs did an excellent job. I would say Kendrun won the RB battle but Mack won the war because he was able to contribute to the win by being effective without the ball in his hands by drawing the defense to himself on fakes and protecting his QB.

    Kendrun Malcome 75 yards on 17 carries, 4.4 YPC
    Mack Brown 66 Yards on 20 carries, 3.3 YPC (had 32 yard TD call back due to illegal shift)

    Both of these back took a lot of punishment because they refuse to go down even when their forward progress has been stopped by three or more players. If their offensive lines continue to be ineffective, neither Florida nor Georgia will end up with a healthy running back.