Ask Aschoff 8/26


 I only got one question this week, but I decided to check out the message board and see what the buzz was. There is still continuing talk about Jeff Luc. Miami, Columbus running back Jakhari Gore’s name appeared. And Tulsa, Okla., Tulsa Central athlete Demarco Cobbs has come up in conversation. I’ll address it all. On to the question!

I have heard some rumblings lately on Victor Hampton and Demar Dorsey no longer being on Florida’s board. Is this true? If so was it UF’s decision or theirs? Who do we now go after?
— gator1law

The Victor Hampton saga is something to keep an eye on in the next few weeks. His former coach and he both told me when he first signed that it was the Independence coaching staff that pushed him toward Florida. Hampton had never visited and basically committed by word of mouth. However, every time I talked to him he always said that he’s wanted to go to Florida for a while and didn’t mind not visiting. Then came the off-the-field issues. He left Independence and is now at Darlington High in South Carolina.
When talk of Hampton’s removal from Florida’s board first arose I contacted someone who is very close to Florida’s recruiting and was told that there was a chance of him being removed because of some issues away from the football field. Naturally, I’ve reached out to Hampton, but haven’t been able to get in touch with him. What I do know is that nothing has been finalized. Some sites have taken him off Florida’s board, some haven’t. Honestly, until he says otherwise, he’s still committed.
The Demar Dorsey rumors are new to me. I talked to Dorsey on Tuesday night and he told me straight up that he’s still committed to Florida. He’s been a “soft” commit for a while, but for some reason I feel it in my gut that he’ll stay with Florida. He also has no idea what’s going on with Hampton.
If Hampton were to decommit, the front-runner to take his spot is St. Thomas Aquinas’ Cody Riggs.

Jeff Luc
I’ve said it the whole time that I think Luc is a Florida lean, but now the more that I look into it and I talk to others about it, the more I think he’s just making everyone happy. Rumors started that he was a silent to Florida, but he then denied it. Then FSU was rumored to be his school. Of course, he denied that as well. Right now, everyone thinks they’ve got him. He’s an early enrollee so something’s got to happen sooner rather than later.

Jakhari Gore
I talked to Gore during the spring when he was pretty interested in Florida. He talked quite highly about the program, but I never got the sense that he was really planning to end up in Gainesville. Miami is where his heart is and he almost committed there over the summer. He’s also got an offer from California. With Mack Brown and Travon Van (who could really play anywhere) on board, Gore won’t be in this class.

Demarco Cobbs
Cobbs is a cornerback/wide receiver prospect that really impressed at camps over the summer. I know he’s talked about Florida, but when he came out with his top three recently, he said Georgia, LSU and Alabama were his favorites. Weird, because I thought it would come down to Oklahoma and USC. USC’s probably going to get Hillside, Ill., Proviso West receiver Kyle Prater, but could save a spot for Cobbs. Tennessee is a team to watch as well. He visited a couple weeks ago and really liked it. Plus, coach Lane Kiffin is a great pitchman. I’m not sure if he’ll make it to Gainesville this fall to give the Gators a chance.


  1. If your inbox is light, I thought I’d off a two-for-one.
    #1 I”m most curious about the Defensive line situation – it appears that we are in west coast battles for both OO and Powell – where unfortunately, school proximity to home tends to win out. So, at a position where we are light on commits would we encourage an aggressive and persistent motor like Easley to evaluate all options?

    #2 Are you willing to project the Gators final class?

  2. Hey Ash, I have a question/suggestion. With all of us amateur scouts out here maybe you could tell us some high school games to go see and check out some players on UF’s board. I am in Tally(ughh) and would like to know what games I should pay attention to up here. I am sure our fellow Gators would like to know in their area what games to go see. Maybe you could do a breakdown of the state, ie if you are in Orlando go to this game and watch this player. Thanks for all you do.

  3. What recievers are florida looking to add to this class? thinking we are going to need a couple more for next year. Also there is alot of talent here in Columbus GA and area which prospects are we (UF) looking at that i need to go check out while they are still in high school?

  4. Hey Edward, thanks for everything you do, we all appreciate the info and knowledge. With only 1 question last time, I’ll do my best to give you some work.
    Where do we stand with WR Ivan McCartney and have you spoken with him? I had heard a while back he was a silent to Miami, don’t hear that as much anymore. Also, how do you see recruiting on the d-line shaping up with guys like Powell, Floyd, Lemonier, Trail, Owa? If they all wanted in, which do we take, and how many for N. Ball to be moved to LB? Finally, your thoughts on the rumor of Jordan Haden going to BC with his brother Josh if Joe goes to the NFL after this year?

  5. Ed, do you know of any announcement dates for any of the guys still on UFs board? I know I’ve read where Powell, Luc, and Dunkley would like to enroll early at whatever school they choose, which means they would need to commit before signing day.

  6. Ed,
    With the HS and College football seasons starting shortly usually recruiting slows down. Who are the big names out there that stated they would like to enroll early and therfore might announce over next few weeks? Of those, who are leaning Florida’s way?

  7. Hey Ed,

    How do I ask you your questions? Do I PM you? I wanted to know whos the next star stud QB we can get for 2011? I know you mentioned there was one guy from out of state and maybe Teddy Bridgewater, but are there any cant miss ones out there?