Catching up with Mack Brown


Florida is getting exactly what it wants in Lithonia, Ga., running back Mack Brown. He’s a big (5-foot-11, 195 pounds), athletic back that can tote the rock on every down. He’s basically everything the Gators wanted out of Emmanuel Moody that they’ve yet to get.

I caught up with the top-rated running back over the phone while I snacked on some Mellow Mushroom pizza Monday night (green peppers and onions with a lil’ Cesar salad if you were wondering).

First off, deciding to get out of the state of Georgia wasn’t easy. The decision to attend Florida over Georgia was pretty darn close. He admitted that he was tempted to commit while in Athens over the summer, but decided to hold off until after going to Gainesville. Seems things worked out for the Gators in the end.

“Well, after I went up there and everybody was coming there I thought about (committing to Georgia),” he said. “But I just thought about it a little longer and I ended up committing to Florida. It was a hard decision to chose between those two schools because I like both of them.”

It was all about comfort to Brown. He chose Florida because he just felt more at home in the ‘Ville than he did in Athens. He also realized that he could (and should) be the premier back in Florida’s offense in a couple years.

Brown then dispelled the crazy rumors floating around that he recently sustained a pretty horrific injury on the football field.

“I was hearing that I tore my ACL,” Brown said. “I was like, ‘What? I just played in a game Friday.’ ”

Case closed on that message board fabrication.

As far as official visits this fall, Brown said he’s still not sure if he’ll go anywhere besides Florida. I think he’ll at least go to Georgia, but he seems pretty set on not thinking about campus visits right now. He talked more about winning a state championship and being a team player than taking weekend trips.

Finally, Brown talked a little about becoming a Gator recruiter. He admits he’s no Trey Burton, but he does want to get involved in trying to sway some guys into coming to Gainesville with him. Most notably, Port St. Lucie, Treasure Coast linebacker Jeff Luc.

Brown wouldn’t say that Luc is committed, but Florida has certainly got a shot.

“I think there’s a good chance (Luc becomes a Gator),” he said.