Dorsey now a soft commit


Committed, but still looking.

Such a popular term in the recruiting world. Kids commit to a school far too early, and then when they start thinking about what they could be missing out on elsewhere, weigh their options.

Question after question after question arises and then you have conflict between prospects and schools – and of course fans. But honestly, in the end it’s all about what the prospect wants. Seeing the world outside of the bubble of your life is an amazing opportunity, so I say take as many visits as you want. I’m not necessarily a fan of committing and then taking visits, but whatever makes a teenager happy is his business.

Which leads me to Lauderdale Lakes, Boyd Anderson cornerback Demar Dorsey. Dorsey was the fourth commitment for the Gators in the 2010 class and when he pledged last fall. He said the Gators were the overwhelming favorite from the beginning.

“Since I was little I would always tell my mom, ‘Mom, I’m gonna be a Gator because I’ve always been a Gator fan and I wish I could go to the Gators,’ ” Dorsey told The Sun back in October. “I knew they were going to offer me since my 10th grade year, so I was like, if Florida offers me I’m gonna take it.”

Of course, things have changed since then. Dorsey said during the spring that he was starting to worry about the depth in Florida’s secondary and that it may affect his commitment status. The Gators have since received four commitments from defensive backs and Dorsey now considers himself a “soft” verbal to Florida.

But Dorsey said this week that he’s still committed to Florida and that the bodies in the secondary aren’t an issue. He just wants to make sure Florida is the right place for him.

“I really don’t have any worries (about Florida’s depth chart) right now. I’m just keeping my options open just in case anything goes wrong,” he said.

“The guys they got right now are probably good enough to leave before their senior year, so (the depth chart) doesn’t really mean all that much.”

Dorsey said he spoke with coach Urban Meyer, receivers coach Billy Gonzales and cornerbacks coach Vance Bedford earlier in the week and most of the their conversations revolved around him being ready for when he gets on campus. The roster wasn’t mentioned much, but Dorsey did say that each coach assured him that they are aware of the skills he possesses and that he shouldn’t worry about the other defenders in his class or from past classes.

Dorsey said he’s looking at USC, Tennessee and West Virginia and plans to camp at each school this summer. He’s also expected in Gainesville for Friday Night Lights later this month.

The interesting thing about Dorsey’s decision to look around is that he is adamant that Florida’s depth chart is a non-issue. In fact, when asked how he felt after the Gators got a handful of pledges after his commitment, he said he actually felt even more proud to be a Gator.

“It didn’t push me away. It made me feel like Florida must be a great place if everybody that talks to Florida is committing there,” he said.

Dorsey said he’s even been recruiting a little bit for Florida. Most notably, he’s gotten into the ear of Miramar receiver Ivan McCartney, whom ranks as the eighth-best receiver in this year’s class.

If Dorsey were to decommit from Florida, he said he would do so before his high school season starts, but made it clear that he hasn’t made any headway in that decision.


  1. Myself, I have always beleived, and continue to, that early commentments are to no one’s benifit. Expecially beyond the next year’s class.

    I even read that a thirteen year old has commeted to Tennesse without having played a single game, Solely on the merrits of his bloodline. Who can know what is what will happen the next four years. It is nonbinding anyway, so why go through the pretense?

    The way things are now, the coach that has offered him, may not even be there at that time. If not, do they then pull the offer?

    I think the sanest approach is to not go beyond the current group of seniors. Once they are signed, then and only then proceed to the next class. As to the rest, let them prove themselves on the field first.

  2. Dorcey is good enough to play albeit not much the first year. Go with your dream and you will see the reality of it with a BCS Championship ring on your finger. Stick that bling in the face of any NFL recruiter and the fact that you played for the greatest Coach Urban Meyer and defensive Coach Charlie Strong in college football. If you have skills they will be brought out and nurtured there. If you don’t you can be assured of taking your Diploma and continuing your life as an educated man. “once a Gator always a Gator” That is not a dream, that is reality… Wish him the best. Thanks for the article Ed.

  3. “I’m not necessarily a fan of committing and then taking visits, but whatever makes a teenager happy is his business.”

    Not even close! You HAVE got to be kidding me. These kids need to learn the meaning of, and more importantly the meaning behind, the word “commitment”.
    Committing to things in life and then not following through affects MANY, MANY people. Life, and even college commitments, are about a LOT more than “whatever makes a teenager happy”.

  4. Well, this certainly is an odd story to come out right now. Another one just came out this week where Dorsey not only reaffirmed his commitment to UF, but said he’s actually working to enroll early. I’m not sure when people started calling prospects “soft” commits just because they take their visits. If that’s the case, then virtually every commitment is a “soft” one; as there are quite a few commitments every year who still want to take their free trips, and enjoy all the attention from the various suitors. In any event, Dorsey is only listed as a “soft” verbal commitment on Rivals. Both Scout and ESPN still just label him as a verbal commitment. Since no commitment is even binding, I think I’ll just refer to him as a commitment until/if I read that he’s decommitted.

  5. Big surprise. Only kids with character will stay steadfast after the early commit. Why does anyone waste their time thinking that any of this early commit stuff matters? They are only 17 years old! They can’t even vote yet.