Freshmen arrive, bunk up


Since Summer B starts today, I thought you would like to know who the incoming freshmen will be rooming with this summer.

Mike Gillislee is supposed to room with Desmond Parks. Two really athletic guys with a lot of potential bunking together. Both came in with a little less hype than some of their classmates as well, but should contribute this summer.

Urban Meyer is making sure that his future team leaders are getting off on the right foot. He’s got Andre Debose and Jelani Jenkins living together this summer. Both have much different personalities but are the stars of the class. Good thinking on Meyer’s part.

Ironically, some of the bigger bodies in the class will be sharing a dorm. Kedric Johnson, Xavier Nixon, Kyle Koehne and Jon Halapio will all be living together. Would not want to see the kitchen area or the bathrooms …

Also Jordan Reed and Josh Evans are thought to be roommates as well.

Word is that Gary Brown, Evans and Johnson are all on campus now and that their academic issues are not issues anymore. Still no word on who Brown is rooming with.


  1. I find it very interesting Jelani did not attend spring ball. Graduating early and playing spring ball is the contemporary thing for athletes going to big programs. With his academic skills and sophisticated parents it is even more puzzling.

    He will not be handed a job and his competition is going to be some of the best talent in the nation. There are players who not only had a chance to play spring ball, but also had spring and early summer to be a part of a great strength and conditioning program, which Jelani needs because he is such a little linebacker at the moment.

    A friend of mine met his mother. He has a young athlete and Jelani’s mother was very knowledgeable about the recruiting process. She was very sharp. It would seem Jelani’s camp would have taken note of two players in particular: Joe Haden and Omar Hunter.

    Haden, because he is from the same area and the families know each other, came in the spring and was able to get on field early due to almost default and he has never looked back. If he had waited until fall to get to UF, who knows he may have had to share time at his position, not become a freshman All American, or be one of the best corners in the country his sophomore year, and have a chance to finish his Jr. year as one of the best pro prospects in the 2010 NFL draft.

    Omar Hunter on the other hand came in late. He missed spring ball, spring training and conditioning, his body was not ready for what he took on strength and conditioning wise, he got hurt and was little to no help to the team. Other DTs were able to emerge and earn the right to either start or get a lot of playing time this season and beyond, and Hunter will spend the early part of his career sharing reps and having a much harder time making a name for himself, even though he was the prize bull of his class, like Jenkins.

    My same friend was at practice the Friday before the spring game, ironically Jenkins was there and Strong introduced him to the defense. Strong made a comment I found very interesting. He busted Jelani’s chops and called him out for the lightwieght competition he faced play in a MD Catholic school league. Strong knows Jenkins competes in a two team league, Good Counsel and DeMatha. The same DeMatha that gets thumped every time they play quality teams outside their league. The rest of the league sucks and they have no playoff system.

    I think Strong’s comments directed at Jenkins in front of the entire defense, while said tongue and cheek, was a shot over Jelani’s bow. “I am not buying the hype, with the lack of competition you faced, you are going to have to show me, and you being in street clothes at spring practice aint showing me anything.”