Debuting the Recruiting Mailbag


Welcome to the first installment of my recruiting mailbag (Note: if anyone can think of a better name for my mailbag, please let me know). You can submit your questions in the Recruiting Forum on the Message Boards (a k a, the GSMB). Not many questions this week, but here we go …

According to Gatorbait, William Gholston is going to be camping @ UF this summer. I realize that just b/c a prospect is camping here doesn’t mean that he has any real interest in us. Having said that, in your opinion, are we really in the hunt for him or is he just coming down to show off his talents?
— GatorAddict

I haven’t been in contact with Gholston personally, but from what I hear from others who have, it could be hard to get him out of the Midwest. The Detroit, Southeastern defensive end impressed a lot of people at the Champaign Nike Camp last week and his stock has risen considerably since the spring, so if he does well this weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida puts some heat on him. But the word is that it’s a long shot for the Gators.

How hard are we pushing for Alec Ogletree and considering how many guys of his approximate measurements we are recruiting, what position do you think he would capture on our Defense (or Offense)?
— kryptonitecollar

From what I’ve been told, Florida is high on what Ogletree can do, but isn’t so sure that he will end up on campus. One source told me that Georgia and Miami look like they’re at the top of his list and that a dark horse could be Clemson. Ogletree has mentioned Florida as one of his top schools, but I don’t see the Gators standing out for him.

Which player do you compare Gideon Ajagbe to? I’ve read that he’s one of the best athletes in SoFLA this year! Lyden Trail being our #1 DE target, would that be accurate? If so, who would be #2 DE?
— gators3xchamps

To question No. 1, I would say that it’s kind of tricky to answer at this point. Ajagbe played running back (1,354 yards and 12 touchdowns) and linebacker (57 tackles and two sacks) as a junior. He’s a very tough runner who doesn’t possess a lot of speed for a big-time running back, but gets the job done, especially in space. While he doesn’t have the ideal speed to be a college running back, he has great speed to play linebacker. Plus, he’s a big hitter. He obviously doesn’t have the same skill right now, but Ajagbe has the potential to resemble a player like former Ohio State linebacker Marcus Freeman. They are both very quick off the line and can play the coverage role as well. However, Ajagbe is still a very raw athlete and would have to improve on some technique before you can truly make that comparison.

As for your second question, I don’t even think Trail is the No. 1 guy right now for Florida’s staff. From the people I’ve talked to, he’s got loads of potential, but might not transition to the college game as fast as some might want. The guy I think Florida — and everyone — has near the top of its list is Ronald Powell (Moreno Valley, Cali., Rancho Verde). He’s incredibly fast off the line and has tremendous strength. Powell currently has USC and Florida as his top two. Getting him away from California could be tough though.