Top 25 Gator players notes

[Courtesy of UAA]
We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 25 Gator players from the last decade. 

Just a few notes before we leave the decade behind:
* Of the 25 players, there were 17 from the defensive side of the ball. Obviously, defense dominated the decade, one that included two SEC East titles and an 11-win season, but also four different coaches and two four-win seasons.
* There were no quarterbacks on the list. It wasn’t difficult to leave them all off once we made the decision to not include current players. Will Grier played only six games. Sorry, no soup for you.
* Same goes for Dominique Easley. Yes, he was a first-round pick, but he was always injured. He played three games his senior year. He could have been a great player, but couldn’t stay on the field.
* The one that will keep us awake at night was leaving Van Jefferson off the list. If we could start over, we’d put him on it. That’s the thing about lists — they are never universally accepted as being correct.
* Just to reiterate, we decided not to include kickers because there were so many great players during the decade. Had we done a list of Most Valuable players, UF’s Eddy Pineiro and Caleb Sturgis would be up there pretty high.
You make your bed, you gotta sleep in it.