2021 DB Wilcoxson once again commits to Gators

Florida head coach Dan Mullen is 21-5 in two seasons as the top guy in Gainesville. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

They say the third time’s the charm, and they might be referring to Kamar Wilcoxson.

The 6-foot-1 defensive back out of IMG Academy flipped his commitment from Tennessee back to Florida in a lengthy message posted to his social media account explaining the decision.

Wilcoxson’s decision is his third such commitment to Florida, and seemingly his last according to the accompanying recruiting graphic.

Wilcoxson initally committed to Florida – the first program to extend him a scholarship offer – on Nov. 3, 2018 before backing off said pledge in April 2019. He would rejoin the program several months later, only to de-commit in March following offers from Ohio State and Tennessee.

Now, it appears Wilcoxson will “cut off communication with other schools” and remain locked in with Florida.

With the re-addition of Wilcoxson, the Gators hold commitments from 19 prospects in the 2021 class.


  1. One question: Is Wilcoxson’s family net worth or parental employment consistent with the $75K annual tuition at IMG without outside assistance, i.e. “a scholarship”?

    I sure hope Mullen and staff did their due diligence. I always cringe whenever we go after IMG players. They are a private for profit company that keeps its finances a guarded secret. In my mind, it is inconceivable for IMG’s business plan to work short of some kind of under the table dealings. Maybe some business wiz can explain it to me. Sure IMG is a well known established brand probably with deep pockets but no legit company is going to start a new subsidiary or product line that doesn’t make business sense. How can a company make any money selling an expensive product to customers who generally can’t afford it? They would have to take a loss by giving them away or deeply discounted. The players’ families have to be pretty wealthy to afford a $75K/year tuition. I am skeptical of players who attended IMG under “a scholarship” or some kind of financial arrangement because I don’t believe in no-strings-attached “free” lunches.