Dooley Decimal System: How the SEC stacks up

Georgia's Kirby Smart, left, and Alabama's Nick Saban are the two coaches UF's Dan Mullen is chasing in the SEC. [AP Photo/ Jake Arthur]

We are still about 10 weeks or so away from what will likely be a virtual SEC Media Days and if you thought it was difficult to make out what Ed Orgeron is saying in person, wait until we get him on Zoom.

(Just a thought — how many people can fit on a Zoom conference call?)

 We do feel like most of the dust has settled on what the rosters will look like for SEC football teams when the season starts, whenever it does start.

You can look at the schedules when trying to come up with power ratings for each team in America’s Conference, but that is almost worthless. Who knows if any of the non-cons will even be played?

Instead, we just look at three things when coming up with the Dooley Decimal System (a lost reference on millennials, I’m sure. The Dewey Decimal System used to be the way we found library books. Now, we have Kindle.)

Oh, I got lost there for a second. Here are the three things:

Who is your coach?

Who is your quarterback?

How are your lines of scrimmage?

So here we go with the SEC Power Ratings in May, subject to change at any point. Please send all complaints to Greg Sankey.

  1. Alabama.

It feels like the Tide lost a little swag last year with the losses to a pair of Tigers, but what roster would you rather have in the SEC? And when you get Nick Saban ticked off, it’s always fun to watch.

  1. Georgia.

I know, I know. But until Florida beats Georgia, it’s difficult to put the Gators ahead of them. Look, Georgia has out-recruited Florida and the defense will be salty again. It really all comes down to quarterback Jamie Newman and how well he adjusts to the SEC and a different offensive philosophy.

  1. Florida.

You get this feeling that of all the SEC teams dealing with the social distancing, Florida will be the best prepared to come back and start this thing. This is a huge year for Dan Mullen and a real chance to get into the playoffs.

  1. LSU.

Any time you lose 14 players to the NFL draft and key coaches, you figure it’s going to be difficult. But the Tigers are used to replacing a ton of talent. I’d pencil LSU in for the Citrus Bowl right now.

  1. Auburn.

A lot of people like Auburn this season. Not me. Good, not great. Unless Bo Nix becomes the next Joe Burrow.

  1. Texas A&M.

Certainly, the schedule is more manageable than a year ago, but Jimbo Fisher has to show me he hasn’t forgotten how to call plays. It felt like he did last season.

  1. Tennessee.

OK, UT fans, no Kardashian jokes here. Tennessee may be last year’s Missouri in that people think the Vols are going to contend in the East. They might. But we are still talking about a 13-12 head coach.

  1. Kentucky.

Seriously, I don’t know how Mark Stoops keeps winning games. But he’ll get eight again this year.

  1. Ole Miss.

The new and mature Lane Kiffin could be difficult to handle at some point down the road. Probably not this year.

  1. South Carolina.

Bowl eligibility is the real goal for the Gamecocks.

  1. Mississippi State.

Mike Leach is going to be a handful for defenses eventually, but not having his quarterback on campus until practice starts is going to be a liability.

  1. Missouri.

Not buying in this year. Nah … gonna … do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.

  1. Arkansas.

I’m not sure Arkansas is going to be relevant in this next decade.

  1. Vanderbilt.

The clock is ticking on Derek Mason.

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  1. Might as well comment on one of my five. Nix the next Borrow? Nah. But I do think he will take a leap…if, of course, he gets the opportunity… and I put Auburn at 3. Which of course, means that one of the top three listed here moves down on my list. As Gator-6 knows, I am not a big fan of Fisher. But I agree with the more favorable schedule, and I put the Aggies at 5, moving one spot above LSU, who simply lost too much at the quarterback position alone. The UGA defense will undoubtedly be tough, but ya gotta be able to outscore your opponents nonetheless. I place the doggies at 4. So it comes down to this: Bama 17 – Florida 23. Wishful thinking? Well at this point having a college football season at all may be wishful thinking, so what the heck. As for the rest, I predict that each will fall somewhere between 7 (probably UT) and 14 (probably Vandy or Arkansas). Go Gators!