Florida standout Judd Davis’ son develops app to help improve kickers’ performance

Dartmouth Big Green quarterback Derek Kyler holds for place kicker Connor Davis during the game against the Penn Quakers on October 4, 2019 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire) (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)
College athletes are finding many creative ways to get through the quarantines and social distancing they are experiencing.
Their seasons and practices and in-person schooling obviously are on hold because of COVID-19.
Connor Davis took it a step further.
The former Ocala Forest kicker and son of Gator great Judd Davis developed his own app for kickers.
“I had worked on it for the past eight months,” he said. “When I was home for a break I’d chip away at it. With the current circumstances, I figured it was time to put my head down and finish it.”
The free app is called “KickStat” and was launched at the end of March. It’s an IOS application that can be downloaded to your iPhone and used to track your kicking.
The app allows you to track a player’s field goals, kickoffs and punts by sessions of practice, shows trends, and allows kickers to take videos and download them.
Some people binge-watch on Netflix. Some create apps.
“As soon as I got to Dartmouth and got into computer science, I started looking for a project in the IOS platform,” Davis said. “One day, it just hit me that I wanted to do something that mattered to my peers.
“My dad was using a similar app for golf and I thought I could do the same thing for kicking.”
His dad was not only the Lou Groza winner (best kicker in college football) at Florida, but a pretty strong golfer.
“Yeah, I had this app where I’d load in all my stats after every round — fairways hit, greens hit — and when I got enough, compare it to the big boys,” said Judd Davis. “That’s the thing about kicking. You can kick and kick and kick and say, ‘That felt good.’ But you never know if you are missing more from the left hash or right.”
Connor Davis started researching to see if there was anything like what he envisioned out there already.
“There was one that was very old and hadn’t been updated in years,” he said. “Kicking is a much smaller world than golf. So I decided I could do it and just went down the rabbit hole.
“It pretty much happened naturally. I just wanted to apply the things I’ve used kicking, problems I’ve had personally. I had so much video, I figured it would work if I could create a singular spot for it.”
Of course, it won’t help if you have no talent for kicking. But already last week, the app had more than 100 downloads.
“I hope it’s one of those things that — as kickers start using it — they’ll start recommending it to other kickers,” he said. “I’ve gotten a lot of positive texts. I think there’s something of value there.
“I’m excited to hear more back from more guys and get feedback. I want to create as big an audience as possible.”
Davis, who made 43-of-43 extra points and 6-of-9 field goals for Dartmouth last season and was the team’s leading scorer, has been able to get out and kick as much as possible as well.
“I consider myself lucky because I have a field near my house,” he said. “I know a lot of guys who have nowhere to kick.”