Florida’s Top 10 Offensive Tackles

[Courtesy of UAA]

So here was the idea. In 2006, we ranked the top 100 Florida football players on the 100th anniversary of Florida football. A lot of players have been stars since then, so let’s re-rank them. But that would mean kicking some of those players to the curb. So instead, we give you this as you try to take your minds off things — the Top 10 Gators at each position over the last 114 years of football. This is the fifth of a 13-part series.

Today — The offensive tackles.

Up next — The interior offensive linemen.

  1. Lomas Brown (1981-84) — Recently elected to the College Football Hall of Fame, Brown is the best offensive tackle, and best offensive lineman, in school history. He anchored 1984’s Great Wall offensive line, earning first-team All-American honors that year. He was a four-year starter.
  2. Jason Odom (1992-95) — Another four-year starter who garnered first-team All-American recognition his senior season. He more than held his own as a freshman starter in 1992 and he got better and better from there in an outstanding UF career.
  3. Mike Pearson (1999-2001) — The only other All-American offensive tackle in school history, Pearson was a model of consistency and reliability in his three years as a starter. 
  4. Crawford Ker (1983-84) — Strong and physically developed coming out of junior college, Ker became an instant starter for the Gators. He was the starting right tackle on the Great Wall in 1984 and was an All-SEC performer that season. He was a dominant run blocker.
  5. Reggie Green (1992-95) — While Odom started at left tackle as a true freshman, Williams did the same at right tackle the same year. Quick and agile for a big man, Green was an excellent pass blocker, sound run blocker and an All-SEC choice in 1993.
  6. David Williams (1985-88) — A three-year starter at left tackle who earned All-SEC honors his senior season. He was an athletic big man who excelled both in run and pass blocking.
  7. Mike Williams (1973-75) –– During the wishbone era when run blocking was at a premium for the Gators, Williams was the best that UF had. Quick and agile, he was also tough to get around for opposing edge pass rushers.
  8. Kenyatta Walker (1998-2000) –– A relatively little-known prospect coming out of the state of Mississippi, Walker developed into one of the best offensive linemen in the SEC. He was known for his quickness and athleticism.
  9. Zach Piller (1996-98) –– A transfer from Georgia Tech who was a physically imposing presence for three seasons, starting with the 1996 national championship season. He was a tough, hard-nosed competitor who played with relentless effort.
  10. Max Starks (2000-03) — At 6-foot-8, 350 pounds, Starks is one of the biggest players in school history — and one of the best. In his three years as a starter, he stunned many defensive ends with his athletic ability and quickness. He went on to have a 10-year NFL career.