Brewster already doing work for Florida

Former North Carolina tight ends coach Tim Brewster now with Gators. [AP]

 Although it won’t become official until Florida officials say it’s official, former North Carolina tight ends coach Tim Brewster already is on Dan Mullen’s coaching staff and actively working for the Gators.

 The school won’t acknowledge it yet, but it is obvious Brewster is in Gainesville and on the staff based on his Twitter account, where he has made multiple references to being a Gator and working for UF.

 Brewster’s hiring likely will be announced once Mullen has filled some analyst position vacancies on his staff. Mullen also said earlier this month that he is considering shifting some responsibilities among his assistants.

 “I think we might shift a bit. I think we might shift certain duties around,” Mullen said on national signing day. “I might have some stuff that I’m going to shift certain duties around on our staff of what they’re doing besides what their position coach would be.”

 Mullen said he evaluates each individual coach after signing day and a significant portion of the evaluation is on how well they perform during the recruiting process.

 “It’s a major part of their evaluation as a staff,” Mullen said. “Did you do a quality job recruiting guys in your area? Did you do a quality job recruiting guys at your position? Not just the guys that we got, did we do a good job recruiting?

 “When you look back and say, did we do everything we could to get this guy? If the answer is no, then what were the mistakes, what were the issues, what did we do wrong, what could we have done differently?

 “That’s kind of how I evaluate with the assistant coaches. If there’s something we missed, then that’s what you’ve got to fix and that’s what you put as the negative aspect of what would be in the evaluation of the recruiting process of that coach.”

 Chances are that a year from now, Mullen’s newest coach likely will be receiving a glowing review in terms of recruiting. Brewster, a former head coach at Minnesota and longtime college and NFL assistant, comes to UF with the reputation of being one of the elite recruiters in college football.

 His most impressive recent recruiting victory came at North Carolina, where he lured four-star quarterback Sam Howell away from Florida State. Howell started as a true freshman for the Tar Heels this past season.

 Some of his other notable gets have been quarterback Vince Young at Texas and five-star running back Dalvin Cook and five-star defensive tackle Marvin Wilson at Florida State. Cook had been a longtime Florida commitment that Brewster flipped late in the recruiting process.

 Brewster is expected to play a key role in the current recruitment of Houston running back Zach Evans, the only unsigned five-star recruit remaining in the 2020 recruiting cycle.

 Brewster has a good relationship with Evans, dating back to when Brewster was Jimbo Fisher’s tight ends coach at Texas A&M in 2018. Evans is expected to make an official visit to UF in March.




  1. Interesting prospect. Brewster‘s debut as a Gator coach may be by filling the remaining hole at RB in the 2020 recruiting class with a 5* prospect. What a way to kick off his coaching run at UF.

    Welcome to Hogtown coach!

      • This is the natural outcome of slapping a pay wall on the Gatorsports website. I suppose they had to do it in order to survive financially. That’s what happens to news organizations that subscribe to fake news for for all but weather and sports.

        Only a fraction of readers post comments on websites. If you dramatically restrict the number of readers, this is what follows. So sad. 😔

        I’ve also noticed that any discussion of recruiting gets almost no discussion at all. I guess it’s a topic of much less interest, even though it’s proven to be the life’s blood of a championship program.

        • I took out a year long subscription back in August, but I sure didn’t expect this many people to drop out. We had some really good men involved routinely, and besides the superior format for posting comments that was the true value……the diversity, excellence, and volume of the opinions. I think an equal number of people were upset with the sneaky way it was suddenly done as the fact of the cost vs value now. Doubt that I will renew in August.

          The only saving grace…..well, I’ll tell you about that in a separate message.

        • So when assessing the prospects of a potential investment — be it buying a stock or subscribing to an online publication — it’s a good idea to think about how substitutable the product is. And that leads to another question — what differentiates the product? There are a number of good alternatives to Gatorsports. I’ve found one particularly insightful resource on FB; it does a great job addressing what some might say is a weak spot of Gatorsports, that being recruiting coverage. The content includes some serious detail on a player’s technique; video clips that support the copy; in-depth insights on why a player chose school X over school Y. (No disrespect meant here to Graham Hall, whose work I enjoy; businesses have budgets, and I assume the decision was made up high to go light on recruiting and spread coverage to other areas, be it local politics, business, etc.)

          So what differentiates Gatorsports? He takes some flack now and again, but Pat Dooley’s writings redound to this site’s benefit, at least in my perception.

          Robbie? I enjoy his articles and opinion pieces (and he seems to take well the merciless but I think — I hope — good-natured abuse for his football picks!). But much of what he produces — i.e., re-caps and summaries of the most recent game — is a commodity.

          The posters? There are some good ones on here. But other sites have their share of online wags who provide a good laugh or a sharp insight.

          Beyond Pat, there’s not a lot that distinguishes Gatorsports from other alternatives in my eyes. When I subscribed almost six months ago (to the six-month sub), I was hoping Gatorsports would evolve and provide something to make me psychologically feel better about paying for something that I had long gotten for free. It certainly would make good business sense; enhancing the product would help maximize subscriber retention. Maybe I’ve missed it, but I haven’t seen anything. Little things could make a big difference — what if Pat had a mailbag that would address our questions? What if Robbie would answer comments made by posters on his articles? What if posters were ranked by the contributions, or in some way acknowledged? What about the simple use of video on the site?! My goodness. There are a lot of ways to cheaply foster more of a sense of community to a web site, and that in turn would increase the stickiness of the subscriber base. But again, I haven’t seen it.

          Apologies for the rambling, let me get to the bottom line. My six-month subscription is up soon. Having gone to UF and having competed against the Sun as a writer for the Alligator (is it still called “The Independent Florida Alligator”?), I have a soft spot in my heart for the Sun. So I will probably re-up, more out of mawkish sentimentality than anything, but likely not until August, when football coverage begins again in earnest.
          Go Gators, and good luck to Gatorsports.

          • Can’t find anything to disagree on about anything you said, PVB. I for one am glad you’re still posting. I do think
            Graham is held back for some reason, and I really like his insights when he gets rolling — definitely one of those things we need more of. For that matter, I like Robbie a whole lot too and while I discern a drive state in Dooley to insult and/or poke Gator fans in the eye pretty consistently, I would be the first to tell you that other than that he is a great sports writer — one of the best, in fact. I’ve looked at other sites too — but this is hands down the best format for comments that’s out there. It’s comparatively a pure joy in that regard.

            I’ll probably wind up re-enlisting too, what the hell. We’ve got some good guys with sharp football minds among us, not a whole lot of arrogance if any in the bunch, and the collegiality is top notch. Just wish there was more of it like last year!

  2. It was a sudden subscription req. (only), without any warning. But don’t leave us, Gator-6! You are 1 of the few educated about sports, reasonable, all the while, very entertaining (to boot) commenters here. You and St.Louis Gator are some of the gems on this site for posters/commenters. I always enjoy both of your Gator passions & sensibilities. And you 2 don’t out call out people about something Gator or sports related that you know little or nothing about. And that is priceless on-line. Go Gators!

    • Awful nice of you to say, although I can’t hold a candle to your and StL’s expertise….and of course there are a few of the old guard still here plus some fresh blood, so that’s good. And Daz, Sly, Albert and Joe Shiver still post occasionally. I guess we’ll see how it all thrashes out in a few months, but a bunch of us old timers have gotten together for an email circle off line and brother, it gets lively. Probably when it comes right down to it, I’ll keep on doing both.

  3. Cool, 6! I’m not too interactive with ”other sights” (besides standing for a ”few things” on Twitter). Hope to see and read your posts, especially when the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL TEAM KICKS UGA’s BUTTS this Halloween. Go Gators!

  4. With a lot of you guys my age or older (much much older), and living in various places far from Gainesville (me in Scotland) I wonder how many of you keep with this publication because of a nostalgic connection to the paper and writers (Pat and Robbie) who were there when we were in school there and long before the WWW. That’s part of it for me, and the fact I can get what I need as far as sports updates. There may be better sites but I get what I need here. Many of you regulars provide almost as much information (particularly on recruiting) as the writers, and entertainment too.