Grading The Gators: Solid work for 2020 recruiting haul

Florida coach Dan Mullen. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

As of 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Gators are ranked No. 8 on Rivals 247 team rankings behind No. 1 Georgia, No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Clemson, No. 4 LSU, No. 5 Ohio State, No. 6 Texas A&M and No. 7 Auburn.

Quarterback: The Gators secured their No. 1 target — four-star Eastside dual-threat quarterback Anthony Richardson — and he’s already on campus getting ready to compete this spring. Grade: A.

 Running back: Just like the early signing period, the Gators whiffed, coming up empty. Five-star transfer Lorenzo Lingard could turn out to be a huge get, but the Gators needed to sign one back and didn’t. Grade: I.

 Receivers: The Gators picked up four-star prospect Xzavier Henderson on Wednesday. Adding him with early signee Jaquavion Fraziars and five-star Penn State transfer Justin Shorter, along with tight end Jonathan Odom, needs were met. Grade: A.

 Offensive line: UF signed four, and three of them are already on campus — four-star prospects Issiah Walker and Joshua Braun and three-star recruit Richard Leonard. Grade: B.

 Defensive line: This is one of the strengths of this class, led by five-star defensive tackle Gervon Dexter and highly rated defensive end Antwaun Powell, who is already on campus. DT was a huge need, and the Gators filled it. Grade: A.

 Linebacker: The Gators signed probably the top player on their board in four-star prospect Derek Wingo. But he’s the only LB in the class, and linebacker was a significant need. Grade: C+.

 Secondary: Even though UF missed out on safety Avantae Williams, this is clearly the strength of the class. Of the seven signed, four are four-star prospects — Jahari Rogers, Ethan Pouncey, Rashad Torrence II, Avery Helm and Mordecai McDaniel. Grade: A+.

 Special teams: Australian punter Jeremy Crawshaw is an early enrollee who will contend for the starting role in the spring. So, need met here. Grade: B+

 Overall: The Gators finish with a consensus Top-10 class and took care of needs at QB, WR, OL, DL and DB, but they came up way short at running back and linebacker. Grade: B.


  1. So Andreu, a top 10 class is only worth a B now?
    Only 10 teams out of 253 can be in the top ten but that ranks only a B!
    Less than 4% of teams can be in the top 10 but that ranks only a B!
    Its a good thing you went into journalism rather than teaching, sure wouldnt want to be in your class!!!

  2. Linebacker and running back aren’t huge needs. We over signed linebackers last year. Taking the best out there in Wingo was all we needed and getting Lingard meant they only went for a running back if they were a can’t miss back and they were hoping for that with bowman and no one after that. I’d admit we need to bring back seider for RB coach and give Torian gray the safeties position as well bc knox and English aren’t recruiting well but this is an A class. People get too caught up in stars but Clemson built a program on 10th and 12th ranked classes bc they recruited their kind of players. Now they’re caught up in the 5 star guys now bc they can get them but watch their program take a hit with them getting away from what works for them

  3. Right on Daz! This B grade comes from a guy who has criticized Gator fans in the past for being disappointed with 9 or 10-win seasons. At least 10 of 12 equals 83%, which is justifiably a B grade.

    Clemson has managed to make the CFP field 5 years in a row with 247 composite recruiting classes ranked between 9 and 6. Evidently, talent balance, player development and coaching count too. Go ask the Semis how they’ve done with their top-5 recruiting classes the last three seasons.

  4. Until our facilities at least get close to the Taj Mahal’s LSU, UGA, BAMA, Texas A&M, Clemson and Ohio State have built, an 8th ranked class should be an A+.

    Get the darn baseball stadium completed and get started!

    • Totally agree TCG8r! Now that the Gators are back in the Top-10 and getting yearly NY-6 bowl invitations, Taj Mahal facilities and 4-year relationships with HS recruits are what’s needed to raise the average talent level of their recruiting classes into the Top-5.

      CDM now has 3-year relationships going with 2021 recruits and the Gator Football Taj Mahal should be ready to move in by 2022. After that, the NCAA should reserve a spot in the CFP field every season for the Gators!

  5. Great class but the grade is definitely justifiable if they still came away depleted at two major positions of need — RB and LB. Not sure how you can call that an A when two position groups were either mildly or not at all really addressed.

  6. As I recall we landed several linebackers last year, and while we did not land a freshman RB, we did land a top-rated transfer RB. I would rate this recruiting class an “A”. Should we later land an LB and RB, then I would rate it an “A+”. GO GATORS!!!

  7. No way being in the top 3.9% of teams is a B! plus that bit about LB’s and Rb’s is BOGUS. We signed plenty last year so a top ranked Wingo filled any need and we got a top ranked transfer RB so that was filled since we already had a stable!