Former Penn State receiver Shorter commits to UF on his visit

Former Penn State wide receiver Justin Shorter is looking for a new home. (AP Photo/Steve Luciano)

Former Penn State wide receiver wide receiver Justin Shorter announced on social media Sunday he is transferring to Florida. Shorter entered the transfer portal in November and visited Florida last month and over the weekend.

Shorter (6-foot-4, 230 pounds), a five-star recruit in the 2018 class and the No. 8 overall recruit, was targeted by nearly every major program in the country. Shorter only had three receptions for 20 yards and no touchdowns in 2018 and 12 receptions for 137 yards and no touchdowns in 2019.

Shorter, a native of Monmouth Junction, N.J., would join fellow transfer Jordan Pouncey (Texas) on the UF roster as well as Jaquavion Fraziars from the 2020 signing class. The Gators have verbal commitments from Xzavier Henderson, Marc Britt and Leonard Manuel for the ’20 class and plan to sign letters of intent next month. They will help replace the four seniors (Van Jefferson, Freddie Swain, Tyrie Cleveland and Josh Hammond).

UF will have five players on its roster who were five-star recruits.


  1. It just keeping getting better and better!! If we can get waivers for these transfer to play early it is going to be a really good class and maybe with another surprise or two in February. CDM is rowing the boat and picking up passengers left and right. Go Gators!!

    • So the Gators have five 5*s on the team now, Dirt. Among the Dan Mullen detractors, who say he can’t recruit, the narrative will of course change to, “Yeah, but he didn’t recruit them”.

      To which I say, “So what? You’ve got all the 5*s you could possibly want now, some of them already partially developed when they arrive — stop whining”.

      What I’m looking forward to is how Mullen in particular develops them, and if they truly separate from the 3*s and 4*s already in the Mullen Machine. Any way you slice it tho, CDM must be doing something right, and it sure is a helluva great day to be a Gator! Huah?

      • You have to look at this from the CDM detractors’ point of view 6. FORMER 5* recruits that transfer to UF “don’t count” because transferring means they didn’t make it at their original schools. That means they’re failures at the college level (for now) and therefore no longer considered 5* talent.

        To convince detractors that the Gators belong in the recruiting conversation with the likes of Alabama, Clemson and UGA, CDM will have to start landing some 5* recruits in every high school class he signs going forward. Until that happens, the sniping will continue.

        In truth, this commitment is more good news for the Gators. Top level talent is beginning to look at UF as a top level program for developing their potential and having a chance to play for championships every season they’re in college. 5* high school recruits will follow the 5* transfers there… in time.

      • BTW, based on breaking news, CDM now has his first “official” 5* high school recruit. Gervon Dexter, who signed his LOI with the Gators in December has just been upgraded to a 5* rating by 247Sports. So, the sniping can now stop!

        • But of course it won’t.

          There are only 32 of these jokers to go around each year, which is fairly ridiculous even on the face of it. So a kid grades out at 98-100 and becomes a 5*, while another youngster grades out between 95-97 and is called a 4* — somehow, somewhere in N-dimensional space where vectors of chance intersect, where so called “truth” theoretically exists in the universe, the probability of that being a significant difference is about p<0.25. Put differently, while I'd bet Gator65's money on it, I sure wouldn't bet my life on it.

          And that's before the guy even takes a set of downs against college level competition? Give me a break.

          I said for years that the only thing worse than over-reliance on the star rating system is ignoring it all together. We've created a monster if a coach like Dan Mullen is thought of as lessor by way of the number of stars associated with his name.

          • If I were a detractor, I’d argue he is Just Shorter, not “I’m not” Shorter. That’s a shoulda, coulda, woulda missed opportunity. We don’t want no short receivers or should I say we don’t want no tall ones?

          • 😂 — I got you the first time around, Sly (but then, I know your clever sense of humor pretty well by now). Al’s not slow on the uptake so much as he’s just in a different time zone out there in California……hopefully he’ll correct that once he gets a taste of Florida again later this year.

            By the way, nice use of the double negatives there, buddy!

          • You are too smart my friend. I could never pull one over you. I do get a kick out of word play and double entendres. It’s a strange sense of humor I know.

  2. I get your point, BUT if the goal every year is to realistically compete for a NC, then an 85 scholarship squad ranked well inside the Top 10 on 247’s Composite Recruiting Ranking is a definite must. The Gators ranked 15th in 2019 and we all saw how they came up short BOTH TIMES they played teams ranked in the Top 10.

    I really don’t care how many 5*, 4* and 3* players are signed in each class, so long as the overall class ranking EVERY YEAR lands inside the 247 Top 10.

    For 2018 (9th) and 2020 (8th), mission accomplished. We now need for 2021 and 2022 to be as good, or better!

  3. Florida has become the national transfer choice destination – a most excellent addition to our receiver corps! Now let’s sign a few more top-notch recruits and this recruiting class could finish in the top five – GO GATORS!!!

  4. If transfers do not count or reflect positively towards the coach’s recruiting ability then maybe LSU should forfeit their National Championship and fire Coach O. Likewise, Auburn with Cam Newton, Ohio State with Justin Fields and Oklahoma with Jalen Hurts. Frankly, I could care less if CDM gets 5 stars from the Human Society, just as long as he keeps our roster full. Until you become a elite program and have the 5 stars seeking you, you build it any way you can to get to the top. Good job CDM!! You build it and they will come despite what the Chicken Little crow about.