5 Questions With … Florida’s Van Jefferson

Florida wide receiver Van Jefferson runs with the ball during practice Thursday in Miami Shores. (AP Photo/Mario Houben)

Florida senior wide receiver: 

Q: Has it sunk in that this is your last game as a Gator?

A: A little bit, man. Last time I get to play with a lot of guys, and I’m going to miss them a lot. We had a little senior tackle the last week at practice, that was the last time practicing and the game. It’s going to be emotional, because I’m not going to see these guys for a long time. We’re going on to the next chapter of our lives. We’ll see each other again.

Q: What is your impression of those three freshmen that redshirted, Ja’Markis Weston, Dionte Marks and Trent Whittemore?

A: I like them a lot. I think Trent does really well in practice. Dionte and Ja’Markis are two of the fast guys, they make plays, so I think they’re going to be good next year and have a really big impact. I think you’ll be talking about Trent, Ja’Markis and Dionte (next season). I think those are going to be three guys that really have a big impact next year.

 Q: Did you talk to your dad (former NFL wide receiver Shawn Jefferson) about the possibility of you skipping the bowl game to get ready for the draft?

 A: No, I didn’t have a discussion with my dad. I was going to play regardless. I know some guys do it for other reasons and that’s them and I wish the best for them, but I came in with these guys, they accepted me, and so I can’t just wait to get out there one last time, man, that’s pretty much it.

 Q: What have you seen from Virginia’s defense?

 A: They’re a physical defense. They’ve got a lot of athletic guys. We’ve just got to be sound in what we do and execute. Just be technically sound. I think they pose a great challenge for us, and we like challenges, so we’ve just got to play.

 Q: You’ve made so many big catches. How do you get excited for a four-yard reception?

 A: Personally, I like the short stuff. I like the slants, the digs and the out cuts and things like that. The reason I like it is because I’m kinda quick twitch, so I like to work my moves and things like that. I think guys like Tre (Grimes) and Tyrie (Cleveland), they like the deep stuff, so it’s a different game. But I think you’ve just got to get prepared for it every day. No matter what the game plan is, you’ve just got to execute it at a high level. Of course you like the long stuff, but we’ve just got to go with the game plan that they give us.