Florida’s Steve Spurrier takes a look back at the Gators in the Orange Bowl


The legendary HBC talks with Pat Dooley about the Orange Bowl performances he had as a player and as a coach with the Gators


  1. Thanks for all you do and all you have done Coach Spurrier. Big fan since I was a kid, way back waiting for my Mom to come out of your gym/spa on NE 23 Ave. And, BANDIT BALL!
    And “the 90’s” …’nuff said! I saw your new restaurant from the outside at Celebration Point, too. We can’t wait!
    Florida Gators forever! Chomp-chomp!

  2. I recently had the pleasure of finally meeting Steve Spurrier at the Space Coast Gator Club annual event at Kennedy Space Center. He actually answered the question that I asked him (duh – I don’t remember what I asked – LMAO!!!). He was and still is the Old Ball Coach – he was the greatest coach at UF ever, and I have morally and spiritually supported him all my life. It was an honor to meet him in the way I did, even though I did not get to shake his hand. GO GATORS!!!

    • I had the pleasure early in his career as HBC. It was ’92 or ’93 maybe. I got on a plane in Atlanta coming back from I don’t know where. I was getting ready to sit when I looked up and there he was in the aisle. I still think it is funny, Coach was flying coach. Anyway, we landed in Raleigh and were waiting for our bags. I don’t think anyone else knew who he was. My wife approached him and told him I was a fan and he came over and introduced himself. He was in town for Steve Jr’s graduation from Duke. We chatted a bit. Nicest guy, I remember the interaction to this day. Steve, like Ed, is one of the good guys. Not to rub it in but I did get to shake his hand. Steve will always be my favorite Gator.