Florida facility to be named James W. “Bill” Heavener Football Training Center


Construction of Florida’s new stand-alone football facility isn’t scheduled to get underway until possibly next July, but it already has a name — the James W. “Bill” Heavener Football Training Center, after the longtime UF supporter who has made a generous gift toward the $85 million project.

 “It’s an important investment for our present and also our future,” UF athletic director Scott Stricklin said. “To have a guy like Bill be associated with it, you are talking about one of our more devoted and generous fans, but also one of the most positive. Part of the reason he is a great leader and a great success is that he is always looking for the good in things and people and programs.”

 The gift to the Football Training Center follows his commitments to the Heavener School of Business, Heavener Hall, the Heavener Football Complex, support of the Athletic Department’s video division (GatorVision) and a scholarship endowment for the athletics department.

 “We’ve got a great coach in Coach Mullen and in order to be competitive, we need a great facility like some of the other schools in the SEC,” Heavener said. “We’re certain that with the right resources, Coach will bring us another national championship. I’m excited to be a part of that.”

 The estimated start of construction for the 140,000-square foot football facility is next July, with a completion goal of December 2021.

More on UF’s master plan can be found here.


  1. Thank you Bill Heavener and also to everyone else who were able to contribute even small donations. This will give us a huge boost in recruiting that has been lacking for a long time. Glad to see we have an athletic director committed to winning big in football again. Someone willing to go get a good coach “who wanted to come here since 2010 but was not allowed to thinks to our old AD having a never ending cat fight with him over litter box territory” as well as helping organize upgrades in football facilities that will help recruit at a big time lev “again something our prior AD was not a fan of.” Fin slot gator football is fun again !

  2. The puzzle pieces are coming together rather nicely thanks to an AD that REALLY cares about the Gator football program and generous boosters, such as Bill Heavener, who bleed orange and blue!

    Taken together with the hard work of CDM, his staff, the players who bought into his program and some good fortune in the timing of football downturns at Tally and Miami, this new facility should elevate the Gator football recruiting program into the top 5 in the country every year beginning in 2021. Annual CFP rankings will follow as surely as day follows night!

    GO GATORS!!!