Gators move up to No. 9 in College Football Playoff rankings

[Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida (10-2) moved up two spots to No. 9 in Tuesday’s College Football Playoff rankings, improving its chances of a second consecutive spot in a New Year’s Six bowl.

The Gators can move up in the rankings following this weekend’s conference championship games.

No. 5 Utah plays No. 13 Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship game at 8 p.m. Friday, while No. 8 Wisconsin plays No. 1 Ohio State at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Big Ten title game and No. 7 Baylor plays No. 6 Oklahoma for the Big 12 title at noon Saturday.

The final rankings that set the pairings for the national semifinals and other bowl match-ups come out Sunday.

1. Ohio St. 12-0
2. LSU 12-0
3. Clemson 12-0
4. Georgia 11-1
5. Utah 11-1
6. Oklahoma 11-1
7. Baylor 11-1
8. Wisconsin 10-2
9. Florida 10-2
10. Penn St. 10-2
11. Auburn 9-3
12. Alabama 10-2
13. Oregon 10-2
14. Michigan 9-3
15. Notre Dame 10-2
16. Iowa 9-3
17. Memphis 11-1
18. Minnesota 10-2
19. Boise St. 11-1
20. Cincinnati 10-2
21. Appalachian St. 11-1
22. Southern Cal 8-4
23. Virginia 9-3
24. Navy 9-2
25. Oklahoma St. 8-4

The playoff semifinals match the No. 1 seed vs. the No. 4 seed, and No. 2 will face No. 3. The semifinals will be hosted at the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 28. The championship game will be played on Jan. 13, 2020 at New Orleans.


  1. Being 3rd in the SEC and at #9 with no opportunity for Auburn and Alabama to jump past us pretty much guarantees us a NY6 bowl doesn’t it (due to bowl affiliations)? I mean, does it even matter if Oregon or other non conference teams jump over us by winning their conference in the final rankings?

  2. How do you’ll think UF would fare against teams 5 thru 8, Utah, Oklahoma, Baylor and Wisconsin if Gators could play them? One out of four, two out of four….? Just curious how we would match up against them?

      • Absolutely, we would beat everyone of those teams! Even Ok. Ive watched several Ok games, they had to win by their QB literally carrying the team, by running like a fool over 30 times, otherwise their offense couldnt move the ball. Well, I guarantee you our defense is way better than the teams i saw hold them back. Sure their QB would get a few runs but no way he would have success like that against us!
        Finally the CFP got their act together and dropped PSU below UF. I think they should have dropped even further cause Aub. & Al would definitely beat them! Orange it is but even if Ga beats LSU Im not sure they have the stomach to put 2 SEC teams in, because of the screaming bloody murder of Ok and Ut, plus all the other conference jealous fans. In years past it wasnt so clear cut regarding the teams just below the 4 but there are 2 with 1 loss and the nation doesnt want to see 2 SEC, much less a rematch of Ga and LSU. Neither do I. They have their NC game this sat, the one that wins moves on. I really dont think Ga has a prayer!

        • You’re right there Daz. That UGA team, with their crippled offense, has about as much chance to beat LSU this Saturday as a snow ball has in Hades! That, and Bama’s drop in the ranking, will help calm down the anti SEC mob this season… at least until LSU wins another NC for the SEC.