Franks announces he’s leaving UF program

Formere Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks. [Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun]

 Quarterback Feleipe Franks’ up-and-down Florida career is over. He is going to explore his options in the NFL draft or transfer to another school for his final year of eligibility, the redshirt junior announced on Instagram on Sunday.

 Franks posted the following on his Instagram account: 

 “Gator Nation, It has been my dream to play at the University of Florida. To play for a top program and contribute to winning games. I have been so fortunate to meet as many amazing people as I have while being here. Coaches, players and fans as well. My heart will always be a part of the Gator family. Coach Mullen, Coach Johnson have meant so much to me and I want to thank both of them for putting their trust in me. I also want to thank Mr. Jeremy Foley and Mr. Scott Stricklin as well, as everybody inside the football facility has always had my back no matter what. My heart is heavy. There will be a lot that is missed. I plan on exploring my options of entering the NFL draft or playing my final year elsewhere. Thank you everybody for believing in me, especially all my teammates I’ve played with here. Once a Gator, always a Gator.”

 Franks became the Gators’ starting quarterback before the 2018 season and led the Gators to a 10-3 record last year. He solidified his hold on the starting role heading into this season, but his year came to an abrupt end in the third game of the season when he dislocated his ankle (with a fracture) against Kentucky.

 Franks was replaced by redshirt junior Kyle Trask, who has gone on to have a huge season, throwing for 2,363 yards and 24 touchdowns with only six interceptions.

 Through the first two-plus games this season, Franks threw for 698 yards and five touchdowns with three interceptions. For his career, he completed 242 of 393 passes for 3,155 yards and 29 touchdowns with nine interceptions. He also rushed for 428 yards and eight touchdowns.

 Franks’ departure clears up what could have been a muddled situation at quarterback. Trask and redshirt freshman Emory Jones will now compete at the position in the spring. Jones, clearly the QB of the future, has seen his playing time increase over the second part of this season, but Trask has solidified his hold on the starting role.

 Trask announced last week that he would be returning for his senior season and is not considering an early departure for the NFL.


  1. Saw this coming as Trask and Jones progressed. Frank is a solo artist, he can not play second fiddle with his ego. Probably best for all since this would be awkward for players and staff. Wish you the best Feleipe in whatever you do and thanks for some good wins while at UF over FSU and LSU. Maybe Mac Daddy the peanut butter and jelly sandwich man needs a new gun slinger at Central Michigan.

  2. I THINK FRANKS would have had a great year but for the injury. Then again, he was always difficult to figure out–if he was a very good QB, going to be a very good QB or just average. I wish him the best. I have not seen enough NFL ability out of him, so I think he will go to a MAC or AAC team.

  3. Thank you Mr. Franks for your contributions to making Gator Football fun and relevant again. You were a great leader and teammate. I’ll always be impressed and overwhelmed by the support I saw from your fellow gator players when you suffered your unfortunate injury. The overflowing support demonstrated how important your leadership and camaraderie were to the rejuvenation of this program. I truly hope you were sincere about always being a Gator because we would love to keep you in the Gator family. I wish you nothing but success in your new endeavors, whatever or wherever they may be. You’ll always hold a special place in my memories. You are a talented young man, and I feel confident you will be successful in your next adventure. Best of Luck.

      • Yep G-6. He wants more playing time and touches. Kyle Pitts upstaged him with Pitt’s ALL SEC and maybe All American status. Krull with be a Grad Transfer shortly and want more of a roll as a receiver instead of just a blocker. Which would be tough with the likes of Pitts and all the other good receivers UF currently has.

          • Maybe this is where Trask gets to exercise his leadership behind the scenes. If he could convince him to stay, I’m sure Ocala is right that he’d be a big time contributor next season.

  4. Wish Franks the best in his future aspirations. Definetely progressed under Mullen and Johnson. Always hustled and enthusiastic. Felt he would have continued to have improved if not injured. Loved playing for Gators!

  5. Goodbye Mr. Franks. Good luck to you and good riddance. CDM handled the looming QB summer circus marvelously!

    BTW, I hear the Semis are looking for a QB. With that ego, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Franks lands there. It’ll be much easier for him to look good against those miserable ACC defenses (except Clemson’s) and he’ll be a lot closer to home.

    • Aw come on, bud…….you’re too good a man to take that type of shot at the kid on his way out! Some things are better left unsaid, and it’s not like he didn’t produce at all here, just not consistently.

      Now to the point of him going to FSU, I hope not. It is my opinion, humble as it may be, that FSU is really going to screw the pooch on their next coach. Well, that’s OK with me, but the irony is that while they’re out looking for the sexiest hire they can find, they have one of the brightest young Offensive Coordinators in the country already in place. That’s just Crimin-nole stupid.

      • You know 6, here on earth, we’re all imperfect. One of my failings is being unable to let go of insults to fans from players and coaches who should be grateful every day of their lives for the privilege of being splendidly compensated and treated like celebrities for playing what amounts to a silly game.

        That’s the reason I no longer watch NFL games and also the reason I have no respect for Jim MacElwayne and Feleipe Franks. I wish them no ill, but forgive me for being glad they’re no longer around to insult Gator Nation.

        BTW, I was very glad to see Ole Miss lose that game on Saturday and fire their whole coaching staff for creating the locker room environment that allowed that stupid player if theirs to insult the whole MSU crowd the way he did. That’s the sort of zero-class behavior that separates college football from the NFL, where it’s not only tolerated, it’s encouraged! 😡

        • You and I are on the same exact page when it comes to the NFL, buddy — bunch of damn mercenaries with big salaries and big senses of entitlement. It’s been years since I’ve mustered enough motivation to even tune in or know who’s who. Same for Major League baseball, unfortunately, which is not only slower than paint drying, with ridiculous salaries for, say, a .177 batting average. I miss the days of Stan Musial, Earnie Banks, and guys like Al Kaline or old Paw Paw, Charley Maxwell when love of the game got them somewhere.

          As far as that stunt at Ol Miss, on National TV of all places — it takes something to really offend me, and that sure qualifies!

          • I’m just glad to see the whole Ole Miss coaching staff pay with their jobs for THAT stunt! I’m fairly sure the message delivered was not lost on the rest of CFB, “This is NOT the NFL!”

      • Doc – Wish I was as smooth as you. All these years, and there have been many, I’ve been arguing with logic. You, on the other hand, appeal to their egos while getting your point across. Wish someone had taught me those soft skills long ago. Thanks for the lesson bud!

        • Me? If I had your natural fluency with logic and words, I probably wouldn’t have been rejected for Pope so many times. Something about not being a Roman Catholic, I suppose ….. but the truth is I have a lot of respect for StL anyway.

          • Man, Curling? I haven’t thought of that crazy, mixed up “sport” since spending two dreadful winters up in Chicago since my parents thought it was inappropriate for a 16 year old to stay in Florida by himself when they moved.

            Insane what people will do up there for entertainment during those long, cold and dark nights…..but actually curling was kind of fun to watch after you finally figured out what they were trying to do. 😕

  6. Why not go and hold a clip board and make millions Frank. Good Move! I’m sure all of you would have never thought Jeff Driskel would be NFL QB. Look at him now. Trask will never be the athlete Franks is. Baseball and Football. Come on you doubters! Someone must have gotten to Dan, because Jones was not going to sit back any longer without playing

  7. As far as I know (which is not much), Jones had accepted his role as a 5-10 plays per game QB before Franks’ departure. Note he will still have 2 years of eligibility even after the 2020 season. He has been impressive and has always said he accepts the situaition. Why Franks left i have no idea. Maybe he felt Mullen should have promised him the starting job when he returned from injury. Maybe some agent got to him that he would be a 2-3 round NFL pick. He is projected as a late 5-6 round or FA if he declares for the draft because few teams will waste a draft pick on an average QB. I thought he should have stayed and won the job outright, but c’est la vie. My friend at IMG says their scouting reports list him as 5th round material–at best.
    Well, good luck. I think you are going to need it,