Dooley Grades The Gators: 10-2 is pretty good

Florida wide receiver Van Jefferson (12) scores a touchdown Saturday against Florida State at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Matt Pendleton/Correspondent]


First half: Kyle Trask had a special half, much of his yardage coming on bubble screens (and a pop pass to Kadarius Toney that went for 47 yards), but 239 yards and three touchdowns in a half is nothing to sneeze at. Florida scored on all but one of six possessions in the half.

Second half: It was more of the same except not quite as efficient. The Gators took their first drive after an FSU field goal and went 75 yards to score a touchdown, then took their next drive for a field goal to answer FSU’s touchdown.

For the game: The running game is still what it is, as Florida couldn’t punch one in from the six-inch line. But the short passing game has become the running game and Florida turned so many of them into big plays. 


First half: Florida got smoked on the first drive, but still made it tough for FSU to punch it in. After that, the UF defense held FSU to 15 yards and sacked the quarterbacks three times. UF had two other tackles for losses in the half.

Second half: Florida gave up a field goal drive to start the half and then a 50-yard TD run against Cam Akers. It wasn’t a dominant effort by the defense, but it played well enough.

For the game: The defense struggled at the start of both halves and for the fourth time this year allowed a receiver to get five yards behind the defense (overthrown again). But against a team that has some talent on offense, Florida made some plays and finished with eight sacks.


First half: Certainly, the muffed punt by Freddie Swain could have been a game changer but FSU was doing FSU things and it was nullified by a penalty. Evan McPherson missed his first ever PAT, but nailed a 50-yard field goal at the end of the half.

Second half: It’s been so long since we’ve seen a kickoff return you almost forgot what they look like. Florida covered them adequately and Tyrie Cleveland’s 40-yard return set up a field goal.

For the game: The fake punt was an effort to reward a senior but not a good decision. Florida seemed close to blocking a punt several times without going hard after one. 


This team has its flaws, but it also has 10 wins, ended the streak of losing to the Semis in The Swamp and put itself in position for a nice bowl game. The Gators handled FSU for the second straight year and there’s no other way to put it.  


  1. 10-2 is excellent considering. Consider this: Alabama, LSU, and Georgia will not trade any football player on their roster straight up for one of ours. Their QB, OL, DL, LB, RB, WR, and DB are all better athletes than what we have at Florida. But, Dan Mullen has done more with less than any other coach I have seen at UF. Spurrier may have an argument with his 1992 squad, because they played for the SEC Championship.
    The next step is to recruit and sign the caliber of athletes that Georgia, LSU, and Alabama have. That is a work in progress, but the new facility that will be complete in 2021 (15 years too late thank you Jeremy Foley) will help immensely.
    Coach Mullen has a great point that the Seniors he did not recruit have bought in and helped him out. Now it’s time to go out and get the players that will make UF an elite program.
    His play calling, clock management, and overall game planning needs to be tweaked. This year, Florida has won every game they should, and lost the two games they should have lost. To be more specific, Dan Mullen needs to be more aggressive with play calling, and for next year must put an emphasis on running the football.
    All in all, this has been a year of fulfilled expectations. What will next year bring UF?

    • Grump, I disagree a bit. It is unfair to make the comparison but Trask is a Danny Wurffeul kind of talent. It is a damn shame he won’t get more time than just next year because I think he has the ability. It his his ability to learn from mistakes, like Danny, that sets him apart. It will be a tough situation in the Spring. We will have three QBs each capable of leading the team. I hope the best man wins.

      As for the DL and Wide Receivers, I like ours just fine thanks.

    • Gatas don’t have a single player better, have you lost your mind??? Greenard is the best D-end in the SEC perhaps the NCAA, only Derrick Brown a DT, has played as well as Greenard this season. He 3 SEC. linemen of the week awards. I could give you some more but you could have an argument. However, there is no argument to be made that JG, is not the best DE in the SEC.

    • And a Jeremy Foley stab? You’re a numb numb nutz. There was no extravagant athletic facilities like this in all of college football. Even Notre Dame and USC didn’t have gigantic facilities like only a few top programs have. These kinds of enormous athletic budgets is a very recent trend in college athletics. You must have got hammered last night. Take a long nap today. P.S. The Gator boosters pay for insane budgets like these Jermey Foley doesn’t.

      • Hey Sam — good to hear from you again, but take it easy on Ol’ Grump. He’s been around the block here a few times, has his own grumpy way of seeing things, and is an A-1 Gator regardless. Besides, you just made him grumpier! 🤨

      • Yes the entire lost decade was 100% Jeremy Foley’s fault. From the mot hiring of dan Mullen back in 2010 or 2014 to the not constructing state of the art facilities that clemson, Alabama , and Georgia were building back in 2010. The boosters have been WANTING to build all this but that idiot Foley who in addition to running spurrier , Donovan and Meyer off refused to build nice recruiting buildings to keep up with the college football arms race and Stubbornly stick with Will muschamp a year too long a guy who should’ve never been hired in the first place ; only cause he had a personal grudge against Mullen. There is no reason we should be recruiting in the top 7 every year honestly it’s a joke we are only ranked #13 right now and it’s because of facilities literally….. facilities that should’ve already been build 10 years ago still being post pines because we ran out of room building up a bunch of women’s sports complexes around our football stadium. JG is a great d lineman one of sec best but what I think the original poster was getting that which you obviously were not intelligent to pick up on us as a unit we are undersized. One guy isn’t enough u must be 2 deep AS A UNIT in this league to be dominant on defense. Georgia’s big o line pushed them around between the tackles . As for our offensive line I think there’s nothing that needs to be covered we all know what that is, our skill positions and qb depth provides Jones stays is very good honestly it’s the trenches we lack and that’s based on recruiting. Am area in which our former AD Foley “aka the GREATEST ad ever according to you Cub Scout Pom Pom waivers “ didn’t prioritize much placing it below women’s badminton and water polo. It sucks we are still way behind in that area compared to the Clemson’s “who continues to steal our states best prospects , bama Ohio State Georgia ect . Will you Foley lovers please shut up and give it up already

    • I disagree. Greenard, Reese, Henderson, Toney, McPherson, Pitts, a couple of WR’s, a healthy Zuniga, and maybe even Townsend could start for those three teams and you can include Ohio State in that group.

      • I don’t agree with all those but easily Pitts (due to his production you have to have him there,) Henderson is still predicted to be a first round pick. He has the highest PB per game avg., in the SEC. also only %17 passes are completed when on his man/area. Does he have the picks this year no but almost every time he blitzes he gets there. A few of the times there were passes caught he was supposed to have underneath help, (our safeties (Taylor a bunch) are not in the correct place at minimum a few times a game) CJ is in trail coverage (I am willing to bet my regular season tickets some here don’t know what that means) often the passes are caught “near” him. During the GA game we played a lot of zone and J Greenard wasn’t fully recovered from the ankle so there was almost zero pressure on the QB and at least 1 of those “catches” should have been overturned and one was against CJ.

        P.S. (I don’t have any season tickets hahahahahahahah

      • Love it Joe, also their D gave up how many points to Auburn? Someone must not be good on their D. How many points did LSU give up this year? Their O was the top 3 in the country but the D was mediocre.

        Injuries are a part of the game but if we have Zu, we get pressure on LSU and GA QBs.

        The LSU game Trask could have fell forward on the pick in the end zone and it would have been first and 10 with a chance to go up 7 ( I think I can’t remember the score at that point)

  2. A few observations from the game.
    1. A solid group of seniors that we are going to miss greatly.
    2. A very disciplined Oline, that I don’t recall had a procedural penalty all night, who unfortunately 12 games into the season still can’t run block.
    3. Overall, the difference in the game was the Gators are a well coached and disciplined team, who play together, while the Noles were undisciplined, with arguments between coaches, players, players and coaches the entire game. Total disarray.
    4. Quarterback play for the Gators was outstanding, regardless who was behind center.
    5. Gators have the best group of receivers in the nation.

  3. Weirdest situation for us around Freeport, Walton County, FL last night. Just as the Holes scored their first TD, our area power went out!!! A car hit the wrong power pole: over 1400 out of power. Had to watch the game on our iphones until the wi fi battery went out. Didn’t want to mess with my generator in the garage. Plus, we have one bar Verizon service. Will of course watch the replay today. CRAZY Situation!!!

    Watch all the games, except Gators, LOL…our player talent is better than we thought and nearly as good as GA, Bama. Our coaching staff may need a tweak or two. This type of exciting game should lead to better recruiting. Preach “Bama and GA have their players, UF needs/wants you, 4/5 stars”.

    SAM: Foley hired Zook (fired by OHBC), then Moosechamp and Maclwain, the numbers speak for themselves!

  4. I give the Gators high marks in all areas except maybe special teams. Overall the Swamp was rockin’ like it should be for EVERY game and anytime we beat the ‘Noles it is a good day. The future certainly looks bright and the younger guys certainly have a real good feel for Gatornation and how tight we all are. Thank you seniors and thank you Gators for a great regular season. Go Gators!

  5. Once again UF is not run by a single voice.

    They are in the top 10 almost every year in the All Sports rankings. New AD I Love but he has only been here a couple years. Explain that.

    Baseball coach, the one that brought us are only NC.

    Once again he doesn’t get all the credit and he doesn’t get all the blame.